5 Interesting Announcement Ideas For Your Graduation

Announcing your graduation with an impressive slideshow or collage can do more than inform your friends and family of your upcoming graduation. When done with care, it can also provide hints on areas in which they can support you on your new journey. This means you can use your graduation announcement as the perfect opportunity to thank everyone who helped you through school, to share your goals with them, and to leave them with a lovely memento.

While a single template may not contain every point you may like to pass across, it can contain just the right one. To guide you through this, we’ve put together this list of interesting high school graduation announcement ideas you can personalize and share with your invitees!

1. The Black-tie Announcement


This announcement is quite straightforward but very effective. It includes a skillful and formally worded announcement with a picture of you in a graduation gown and cap. This approach is perfect if you’re going for an overall formal theme.

2. The Name Chip

While your graduation announcement collage or eCard may not be big enough to contain all your goals and aspirations after your graduation, it can definitely contain important names. For this announcement idea, chip some specific details like the name of the job you wish to get, the institution you wish to attend next, the city you intend to move to, and so on. This could connect you to someone who knows someone who could help you realize your dreams!

3. An Unforgettable Design

If you have the time to come up with a remarkable design for your announcement eCard or slideshow, do it. A captivating design will draw more attention to your announcement, causing your invitees to spend more time looking through it. This way if you chip in information on your goals, you can be certain they will read it. So use those captivating colors, texts, and photographs and create a design to remember.

4. The Next Milestone

Your graduation provides the perfect opportunity to share your ambitions and this announcement idea helps you do just that. So besides announcing your upcoming graduation, talk about your plans to get a job in a law firm, in a media house, hospital or whatever your chosen field is. If your next step is to further your education, mention this as well. This will give your friends, family, and acquaintances an idea on how to support you.

5. Stay Connected


While your graduation marks the end of a milestone, it is also a time to say goodbye to your classmates and teachers. To make sure you don’t lose touch with these people who were a big part of your life, include your contact information in your announcement slideshow or eCard. This will show them just how much they mean to you and give them a reason to save your announcement card.

Making a graduation announcement isn’t something you get to do every day so take out a moment to make it special and meaningful!

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