The Birth Of Giant Mommy

When I got pregnant in 2010, you just can imagine all the feelings flooding through me! Excitement, fear, giddy, anxious, prepared, worried. You get the gist. It would be my first pregnancy and, oh boy, I just wanted to see my little munchkin out and about! And what’s more is that I’m a single mom. So, raising a kid on your own could be darn scary.

Since I wanted my child to be healthy and happy, I’ve scoured for some advice from family, friends, doctors, and yeah, even the internet! Hey, that’s what most parents do. Trust me, I know. From pregnancy to newborns, and gears and activities, seriously, I was on my end’s ropes for some tips and guides on what I would do if my little Tyke’s going to be out!

After reading a couple of articles, I shared them a lot with friends and other mothers in my hometown. We even traded advice like what’s the ideal equipment for this and that, what to eat and do, what are the cutest baby names, latest baby trends. LOL. And don’t you know? I even kept some little words of wisdom in my pocketbook.

​I think I amassed lots of information already and would like to share them with the world. At the end of 2016, I started this big-little blog called Giant Mommy to help all mothers out there – single, newly married, widowed – you name it. I want Giant Mommy to be an online community of moms who want to share their own experiences too.

I believe that there are mothers out there who needed some companionship and advice from other mothers around the globe. I want to make that happen. So, here it is. Welcome to Giant Mommy! I’m Sarah, and I hope I have indeed helped you out. Peace.

Why is it called Giant Mommy?

I’m not that big. LOL. But, the idea of being a single mom doing large tasks and playing even both motherly and fatherly roles to my kid seems to be a GIANT work. And given that I cumulated loads of information, honestly, that would be a GIANT thing.

You get the point.

What’s the map of the site?​

We have tips and guides for mothers and babies that range from healthy eating to diapers. We’ve partnered with Amazon, because, you know, we have to the blog going. And I don’t like pop-up ads. That’s just annoying.​

Since this is relatively a new blog, I’ve tried curating the articles in a manner where it can serve as helpful to the readers based on user experience and user interface. Expect loads of 101 articles and personal experiences.

What readers can expect from the site​

Interactive and informative articles! The site talks about labor and childbirth, breastfeeding tips, nutrition, babies, and wellness. These stories compiled are taken in context from all of our motherly conversations, research and doctors’ advice.

Our stories and articles here are genuine with a touch of some personal reviews of parents themselves! Real parents, real advice, for the real problems!​