Adopting A Child? What Adoptive Parents Should Prepare For

Adoption can be a long experience filled with uncertainty and, at times, hardship. However, the strong emotions you feel the day you get to bring home an adopted child can go beyond extraordinary. You’ll want to be prepared for the little one as soon as the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Here is a brief look into a few of the essentials you’ll need to have taken care of before arrival.

First, there are certain matters to handle outside of the home. You’ll need to have health insurance lined up, establish a pediatrician for your child and acquire leave from work. You may also want to consider purchasing biological insurance by banking the youngster’s stem cells.

Along the same health care lines is getting certified in CPR and first aid. Doing so means you’re equipped to handle those inevitable cuts and bruises as well as in the event of an emergency. You’ll also need to make reliable childcare arrangements with professionals who have these certifications.

Then you can focus on what’s needed at home. Prepare the kiddo’s room with furnishings that are appropriate for age and development — toys, books, clothes and other necessities. Settling in may take some time and having these supplies on hand can help the process go easier. After you have a sense of what your child enjoys and clothing size, you can make more specific purchases.

​For more information on adoption and preparing for it, please see the accompanying resource.

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