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Welcome, dear mothers! Either you’re new to the experience or have years well-off behind your back, we have industry tips and gears for your newborn. If you want to be dosed with lots of handy advice, then you’re in luck, because we’ve got you covered from your child’s nutrition to his daily activities.

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Breast milk provides the best nutrients for babies. It contains vitamins and minerals to help baby grow, antibodies to fight off flu, and proteins for their development. What’s more important is that it creates a magical bond between mothers and children. That’s we have tips for you to ensure that you’ll have ease, comfort, and fun, and when breastfeeding your baby:

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Ensuring your child’s nutrition is no laughing matter. That’s why we broke our guides to something detailed and placed it in our Nutrition section.


We have baby age feeding guide that lets you know which food is best for your child at his or her stage. Also, we may come up with great diet and recipes for your kid when he's colicky, active, or sick. We’ll be expanding to research the newest developments and breakouts in food and health.

This research has been done to provide better care for babies around the world. Seasoned parents, experts, and doctors have shared their knowledge with us, and we’re here to share them with you too.​

Baby Care​

Get help from our community of mothers here in Giantmommy, and find out how to care for your child. We’re talking not only about your kid’s hiccups or crying, but the best baby bears in the market for you to have when caring for your baby.

From baby gates to laundry detergents, find out what and how to take care of your children’s items for them not to get sick or hurt. What’s best for their playtime? Will they be able to sleep well? Find all the information you need right here.

Baby Sleep​

Establishing your child’s sleep habits will boost his or her growth and development to become strong and healthy. Learn about your baby’s sleep cycle, dreams, swaddle, and night items to ensure a nighty-night’s sleep. Pick up tips that will reduce your chances of SIDS or babies fighting sleep all the time.

We’ve detailed some information that may be beneficial for you and your child’s growth. Because we believe motherhood should be enjoyed.​