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How To Help Your Bullied Child

Bullying is an all-too-common experience for children. They may have seen a peer become a victim, been the target themselves or might even be the aggressor. As a parent, it can be difficult to know when to step in and what to do. To help, here is a quick look into the potential impacts of bullying along with steps parents can take to address the situation.

Adopting A Child? What Adoptive Parents Should Prepare For

Adoption can be a long experience filled with uncertainty and, at times, hardship. However, the strong emotions you feel the day you get to bring home an adopted child can go beyond extraordinary. You’ll want to be prepared for the little one as soon as the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Here is a brief look into a few of the essentials you’ll need to have taken care of before arrival.

First, there are certain matters to handle outside of the home. You’ll need to have health insurance lined up, establish a pediatrician for your child and acquire leave from work. You may also want to consider purchasing biological insurance by banking the youngster’s stem cells.

Along the same health care lines is getting certified in CPR and first aid. Doing so means you’re equipped to handle those inevitable cuts and bruises as well as in the event of an emergency. You’ll also need to make reliable childcare arrangements with professionals who have these certifications.

Then you can focus on what’s needed at home. Prepare the kiddo’s room with furnishings that are appropriate for age and development — toys, books, clothes and other necessities. Settling in may take some time and having these supplies on hand can help the process go easier. After you have a sense of what your child enjoys and clothing size, you can make more specific purchases.

​For more information on adoption and preparing for it, please see the accompanying resource.

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Key Signs That Your Kids Need Glasses

Sometimes it can be difficult to find out that your kid has vision problems. However, undetected vision problems can make a huge impact on your kid’s life. This is why it is important for you to find out if your kid has vision problems or not, and plan a trip to the optometrist if you have any concerns about your child’s vision.

The Best Teething Solutions For Babies

The teething stage of babyhood can be a nightmare. The fussiness, screaming, crying, and fever can make most mommies want to join in on the tantrums. Teething isn’t anything to scoff at though, it’s a truly painful experience. Remember times when you’ve accidentally bit into something sharp and it pierced your gum – that pain, sourness, and swelling is just a small taste of what baby goes through as those first few teeth erupt.

Since teething can last a year or more, you’re probably wondering how both of you will ever get through it. The good news is that many medical professionals have come together to provide effective solutions for reducing the pain and discomfort of teething. The following are some of the best teething solutions for babies.​

Tips for Creating a Child-Safe Garden for a Young Family

Time is the one thing we as parents never seem to have enough of. Children grow up too fast and soon we are left with nothing but fond memories of our young families. The more time you spend together as a family, the more chance you have of sharing wonderful experiences.

One sure-fire way to ensure quality time with your family is to spend time in nature. While not everyone is fortunate enough to live in the countryside or able to afford vacations to retreats in the wild, designing a garden for the entire family to relax and bond in, is much more easily attainable.

Free Your Child’s Mind With Playtime

With the steady encroachment of technology into the average home and the emphasis on academics in school early on, most children these days lose out on valuable playtime at home and in school.

This is especially in terms of unstructured play where children are free to initiate their own play without being dependent on instructions.​

And while the value of play in child development has long been recognized, today’s lifestyles and priorities continue to reduce or deprive the children’s exposure to this essential element of their growth.​

Look To The Future: Planning Your Family Life

Whether you’ve just had a beautiful new arrival or have got one on the way, you’ll be in no doubt that your life is undergoing a huge change. Your family is growing and you now have a new member whom your life is largely going to center around for many, many years to come.

Over the years, the needs of you and your kids will change and grow, altering the family dynamic and putting different pressures on your time and finances. It sounds a bit scary, but planning ahead can help to make it easier.

How to Buy Shoes for Kids

We all love our kids, and we want those precious toes to be in the nicest, sturdiest, but also most fashionable kicks possible. We want style and comfort for them, and we’d also not like to spend a ton of money. This is usually because, kids tend to grow out of their shoes pretty quickly.

So we all face the dilemma of how to get our kids good shoes at a good price. We have to balance price and quality, along with style and affordability. As our kids get bigger, we also have to find a way to make them happy–in style and trendiness.

But of course, we need to prepare our kids to be wise consumers themselves. We do not help our kids by buying them the most expensive thing that catches their eye every time.So does this seem impossible? It’s really not. Here are some tips on how to get some great shoes for a great price:​

Early Signs of Autism in Infants

As moms, it seems we have that seventh sense. I don’t even like to call it a sixth sense because quite frankly, a lot of people have a sixth sense about something. But, the one we have as moms is even different from that – it is a unique maternal instinct.

The maternal instinct of a woman is unlike that of any other, and it is one that can truly pick up on things most people would miss…

But, sometimes, we can also find ourselves feeling as though we are receiving mixed signals. Especially when mom mode kicks in, we can easily wonder if what we are perceiving as a sign that something is wrong is in fact just a normal aspect of our child that we are overthinking.​

Children’s Dentistry

Children are a challenge! Even as the best of times, from giggles and hugs all day long to tantrums and meltdowns when it comes to brushing! Even at such an early age, it is essential for Children to have a good cleaning routine and keep up to date with regular check-ups from the dentist.

But this alone is not enough. Nutrition is just as important; a child’s teeth is affected by what they eat and drink. The results of not following good practice can be shocking!

This is why Bhandal Dentistry have put together the below infographic, to help highlight the importance of healthy teeth with a balanced diet. The Children’s dental health infographic also provides helpful tips.​

Childrens Dental Heath