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The Best Essential Oils To Help Baby Sleep

If you have a fussy baby, especially the ones that have trouble in sleeping, the best way for a mommy to do is whip up some essential oils. The aroma is known for its relaxing effect on people, so, why not babies? A baby fighting sleep might find comfort in essential oils. Mothers can rub it on their kids’ pillows, foreheads, or backs, and poof! It can calm a fidgety, colicky baby.

There are plenty of essential oils to help baby sleep. Which is the best one, you ask? Let’s see then. We have lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and eucalyptus among many others. And each of these essential oils has their own special effects other than sending off your child to his zzz’s.

Baby Fighting Sleep: Why They Do That All The Time

A sleeping baby is angelic to look at, but rocking your kid to sleep will take you a hell of a time. Face it. Sleep is the most important thing a baby needs next to food. However, parents often wrestle with their little one so that they can send him off to dreamland. It’s really exhausting to have a baby fighting sleep all the time. Why do they do that?

Isn’t it ironic that when everybody is young, they all wanted to stay awake and play? Trust us, when you reach older, you will totally ask for more time to sleep. Babies, being babies, won’t get that, until they grow older. Funny, but, true. This article will show you a baby’s sleep cycle, the problems your child encounter, and how to solve them.

What Do Babies Dream About: Are They Magical?

Have you ever watched your baby sleeping and saw him cooed, twitched or grunted while snoozing off to dreamland? Perhaps, you’re thinking that your little munchkin is dreaming. What do you think he’s fantasizing about, something magical, perhaps?

You might be influenced by the media that babies dream about rainbows, castles, fairies and horses, but the truth is – no one really knows for sure. Have you tried guessing what do babies dream about?

You see them fidget in your arms with their eyes fluttering like they saw another world. This brings us to this discussion of children and what they dream about.​


Guide To The 5 Best Co-Sleeper And Bassinets

Where does your baby sleep? One thing is for sure, though; your child has to be near you. In fact, your little munchkin should be within arm's reach. A lot of parents though have debated on how near your child should be - within the room, sharing the bed with them or co-sleep. Some find it convenient while others see it a hassle.

You, however, have found yourself awake and taking care of your child all night long. You start to wonder if finding the best co-sleeper, bed share or room share styles will work wonders for you and your kid. If you're confused, we might be of help to you.