The Best Baby Bibs Perfect For Mommies And Kiddies

Bibs are considered necessities in child care. We all know that children can get messy during dinner time! When they start pincer grasping everything they see, boy, mommy dearest, you’re in for a chaotic ride! They can throw their food around, play with it, or regurgitate it if they don’t like it. That’s why, you need the best baby bib to protect yourself and your baby from a lot of icky stuff.

Additionally speaking, babies drool. A lot. Now, if your little tyke excessively drools on you or his or her shirt, you would definitely be needing a bib for that. No, a towel wouldn’t suffice for this experience. You will need a bib made of excellent quality to protect you and your baby from food stuff and drool. Some parents created their DIY bibs so that they have loads of stock ups!


The Best Baby Bibs 

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib

Green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs

Kiddy Star Bandana Bibs

Bandana Bibs

For Toddlers

For Spit Up

For Drooling

Best Bandana Bibs

Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set


Bandana bibs are rather small and great for babies who drool excessively. Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set is the hot stuff in the market today. It has thick polyester fleece to absorb high capacity of grime and drool while staying dry all the time.

They also are great for teething babies and the material is hypoallergenic in nature. It has two snaps to close the bib quite fitly on your baby. Overall, it’s adjustable so that babies can wear it from month three up to two years old. The cute and comfortable design is perfect for both girls and boys!


  • The back of the bib is quite thick and prevents drooling from getting to your baby’s clothes
  • The adjustable snaps work well and can be used until your kid grows out of it
  • The design of the bib is unisex and looks super cute!
  • Matimati absorbs the drool quite well
  • Perfect for kids who drool a lot and are experiencing teething


  • The design side of the bib does not absorb the drool quite well. Parents need to flip the fleece side for drools to be absorbed well
  • Since the fabric is thick, children might squirm because it’s too hot. Perfect for locations with cooler climate.
  • In the end, Matimati Baby Bandana Bib Set delivers its functions well for over drooling babies. Most parents use the back side of the bib, however, for maximum absorbent effect. There are some parents who say the drying takes time, while others find the drying fast for their taste. So, it really depends.

Best Bibs For Toddlers

Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib


Messy play is not only for babies. Toddlers can get down to business and throw food around the house! We’ve found that the Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib might be ideal for the bigger kids. It has a pocket that can catch falling food off from your child’s feeding time. Moreover, since it’s made of silicone, parents can simply wipe or soap the bib to make it clean.

It has an adjustable neckband that can fit children up to six years old. It’s light and comfy, and wouldn’t bother the kids when they’re eating. For a silicone bib, it’s travel-friendly and can roll and contain the mess until it’s been washed at home.


  • Easy cleaning of baby bibs. Parents can simply wipe or wash it with soap
  • Soft and comfortable for babies and toddlers to wear. The material is not even heavy for them to wear
  • Can be used for children up to six years old, so kids who play messy can get to save their clothes from getting it soiled
  • Adjustable neckband for children growing up
  • It’s good for travel too because it can be easily rolled up and stash on your baby bag


  • Too soft for most children because they can take it off by themselves
  • Sometimes, it comes out with a strong plastic smell
  • For the big kids, the Happy Healthy Parent Waterproof Silicone Bib might be great for them since the bib can catch their excess food stuffs when eating. It’s ideal for parents who have children growing up in the house that still likes to do play time. If you want to go and travel to places, the Happy Healthy Parent can be rolled up and placed inside the baby bag.

Best Bibs For Spit Up

Green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs


Babies spit in addition to drooling. You need a bib that can absorb their drool, fast and good, in order to waterproof the clothes he or she is wearing for the day. Green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs absorb drools fast with its knitted terry. The hook and loop closure makes it easy to take off and on your baby.

The bib is soft, comfortable, and stretchy for babies. The materials were tested safe for baby’s skin and for the environment as well. When buying the bib, it comes in 10 pieces per pack in simple colors.


  • The bib can hold spits and drool and absorbs the matter quite well
  • It has three waterproof layers for maximum protection of your baby’s clothing
  • The material is machine washable
  • The bib is hypoallergenic free and won’t cause any skin irritations to your baby
  • The hook and loop closure is adjustable and can be used for babies up to a year old


  • The Velcro may scratch other clothes when washing with other items
  • You have to wash them immediately because the stain or drool will stay and get moldy
  • The Green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs are absorbent and water-resistant. The sized are just right for infants and babies of up to 12 months. If that’s not going to make mommy believe, then its stretchiness will have people believe in its adjustability. It does not have those design patterns that can ruin the absorbent of the bib.

Best Baby Bibs For Drooling

Kiddy Star Bandana Bibs


Babies who teeth and excessively drool can be a huge headache for parents. It has been proven that the bandana-shaped bib effectively stops the drooling from soiling your babies’ clothes. For the bib that absorbs drooling quite well, we chose the Kiddy Star Bandana Bibs.

It has smart moisture management that absorbs baby’s drool and dry it overtime. The double-layered design keeps the moisture and wetness from baby’s body and clothing. Moreover, the material is soft and hypoallergenic that it wouldn’t cause any skin irritations. Its snap closure allows you to adjust the neck width of the bandana itself too.


  • The bandanas are quite absorbent and would dry the drool easily
  • The snaps for the bibs are strong yet easy for parents to take off
  • Kiddy Star Bandana Bibs are lightweight and comfortable and wouldn’t bother our baby with carrying it
  • Easy to clean since they are machine washable
  • Well, they are stylish, indeed!


  • The design part of the bibs can’t hold much drooling, parents have to flip the bib for it to absorb well
  • Cleaning the bandana bibs would mean wrinkling of the designs
  • The Kiddy Star Bandana Bibs hold and absorb drool quite good. However, if you flip the bib to its simple design, parents can get the maximum effect of the absorption. The designs of the bib are great for both boys and girls, and let your baby drool in style!

How Messy Babies Can Be?

Once they have a good grasp of their body coordination, babies will play with everything they see! Food, mud, or paint, they’ll dirty their and mommy’s clothes, dirty the wall or floor, and even poor little Fido! Oh, my! Babies can be really messy, but messy play is also essential for their growth and development.

How Messy Babies Can Be

Babies who play messy tend to be happier and smarter. Though parents will have a hard time cleaning the good and grime off ‘em, they can’t deny the fact that kids get to learn physical, mental, or emotional conditions through messy play.

Since messy play is linked with a child’s curiosity, kids will get to explore, design, and speak what they think is happening with the mess. Most parents let their children play without clothes because it will be troublesome to wash all the grime from their shirts. However, many parents buy the best baby bibs for their needs.​

Different Types Of Baby Bibs

Different Types Of Baby Bibs

There are different types of bibs that cater to the needs of the parents and child. Mainly, there are three known types of bibs in the market today. It can be classified to feeding, drooling, or a body bib like smock and long-sleeved ones.

Feeding bibs

These overalls are used during feeding time. They are often long, thick, and carry special features like pockets to better catch food and grime during meals.

Drooling bibs

Bibs mainly for drooling are often short and gives babies more freedom to roam around and play. It’s mostly for babies who excessively drool all day. Drooling bibs may or may not be used for feeding time because of the material or length desired.

Body bibs

The bibs cover most of the body like arms, stomach, and legs. It can be used for feeding or playing with paint and other items that mean more dirt for mom and dad.

Now that you know the different kinds of bibs available for your baby, you need to choose the one that can serve you both well. Is your child a drooler? Or someone who throws away his or her food during meal time? Or both? If you assess your situation well, you might land on finding the perfect bib for you and your child.

What To Look For In Bibs?

If you’re planning to buy baby bibs, then make sure you take note of its multiple features. There are many great looking bibs out there, but if it’s not suitable for your kid, stuff like that can go to waste. And so does your money. So, what to look for in a bib? Here are some aspects you have to check.

Neck fit​

You don’t want your baby to choke, right? You also don’t want it to be too loose that food and drool will stain your baby’s clothes. A good fit will be closely fit on your baby’s neck under the chin. Be careful though! Make sure if that is really your child’s chin because babies have tons of neck fat to begin with.

Ease of washing​

Bibs come in different materials – plastic, cloth, silicone, and more. Cleaning the bib easily may depend upon the material of the item. For plastic covers, parents can simple wipe the overalls. For cloth and silicone one might wash it with a washing machine.

Baby’s comfort​

The number one thing you have to look for is baby’s comfort. Babies might squirm when it comes to being “locked in” by a bib. Some children are quite uncomfortable with a bib because it restricts their movements, slow them down with weight, or is tied too fit on their necks.

Space saver​

Are you going on a trip? Will you be bringing your baby to your best friend’s wedding? You need to pack it in your baby bag, then. If it won’t fit, then it’s a huge bummer. You need a bib that can save you enough space for more baby necessities like diapers and emergency bottles.


How do you strap your baby bib? Some brands do it with Velcro, while others require you to tie it. Which is better? If your baby develops itchiness with the straps, then you know it’s a big problem.

Other parents also consider the design aspects of a bib. If it looks cute on your baby, you’ll buy it, right? But does your child need it? Know what to look for in bibs when you decide to buy one later on. And we highly suggest that you have to buy plenty of them. Because you seriously need it for your active child.​

Our Favorite Bib

best choice

One bib took our fancy because of its simplicity and effectiveness for absorbing food and drool. While most bibs have designs to make your baby look cute, the Green sprouts Stay-dry Infant Bibs has simply its colors, but does its functions well. Designs often reduce the quality of absorbing grime and good stuff, that parents mostly flip their bibs to the backside.

The Velcro might be a minor issue when washing. You have to close it during laundry time so as not to tangle with other clothing materials. The bib absorbs well and that’s why it has a lot of soiled dirt. It is imperative to have your bib washed so as not to grow molds.

Messy Play Is Rather Important

Parents allow their children to play messily so that kids can develop better body coordination, empathy, physical and mental knowledge, and more. Mom and dad would be hysterical to see the house or their baby all dirtied up, but messy play is considered as an essential aspect in childhood.

What about you? Do let your kid play messy? How do you let your kids stay clean?

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