Best Baby Gates To Protect Your Baby

Once your child starts crawling, standing and walking, they can get curious about their surroundings and may venture around the house on their own. But is your house safe? You know, those tiny little feet of your child might either get him to the kitchen, workshop, or garden! That’s why you need the best baby gates to protect your child from any harm that might befall him.

Baby gates are tricky, though. You have to measure and choose which product is ideal for your home. You need to have lots of research to do and have to scrutinize each nook and turn of your house. We know how you feel. That’s why we have this article to help you with your worries. This is a little guide we have for parents out there who are looking for the best baby gates.


The Best Baby Gates - Top 5

Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate



Step Walk

Thru Gate

The North States Supergate


Gate Metal

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru

Top Of Stairs Gate

Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door

Multi-Use Deco


North States



What Giant Mommy Says About The Best Baby Gates In The Market

#1. Summer Infant Multi-Use Deco Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate


This chic-looking metal gate just needs a little pressure mounting to protect your baby! The max height of the product reaches 36 inches and has a dual locking system for enhanced child-proofing. What do you think? Parents need not to bend over the gate to close the door because it swings and shuts automatically for you!


  • Strong and durable enough to hold a child
  • It has a doorway stopper to prevent your little munchkin in going out of the gated area
  • The door is easy to open even with one hand
  • Secure mounting even – you can either pursue a pressure-mounted gate or a hard-mounted one
  • The latch mechanism is quite easy to handle


  • It’s noisy when the door of the gate shuts
  • The doorway is too narrow that even some parents must turn diagonally just to get out of the gated area
  • Not the ideal baby gates for staircases
  • Why we love them: Its classic look and convenient walk-through features make it perfect for parents to come and pick up their child. Also, it’s quite durable and safely keeps away your child from wandering to rooms that he shouldn’t be.

#2. Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate


The pressure-mounted gate’s lock features a lock system with lever handle styles and safety characteristics. Need extra protection for your kiddo? Here it is! Additionally, it’s quite easy to open with just one hand, especially if you’re a mom or a parent that calls on a phone, carry the laundry or you kid out the gated area. It’s useful in any place like doorways, hallways, on top or bottom of the stairs too!


  • Locking mechanisms works well and efficiently prevents children to go roaming around the house
  • Can be swung in both directions
  • Easy to install around the house – it makes use of Velcro straps
  • Adjustable height and width for you growing kid
  • Strong and sturdy – really lasts long
  • No threshold to trip on


  • Just take care of your Velcro straps!
  • It doesn’t have an automatic closing system
  • No auto close features
  • Why we love them: It has an easy locking and swinging systems for adults and a harder one for children so that they won’t go running the house amok. It makes great baby gates for stairs because of its features. Technically, it can be placed anywhere!

#3. The North States Supergate Easy-Close Gate Metal


No assembly required! This piece comes out of the box as it is. All you have to do is mount the gate to child-proof some area in your house! Highly versatile, parents can swing the gates on either side and experience locking for extra security. Moreover, if you have a wide doorway path, North States has extensions for you. All in all, it can reach 38.5 inches.


  • Strong and durable, North States’ frames are made of metal
  • Easy installation of the gate
  • Parents can swing the door of the gate in both ways – with opening and close it by just one hand
  • Can be extended for wide doorways
  • It can be locked up to 90 degrees for household members to pass by easily
  • The height of the gate is 29 inches, whether that be a good or bad thing


  • Can’t be placed in stairs because of the 2-inch threshold it has
  • The gate is a bit loud when it closes
  • Gate door is a bit narrow
  • Why we love them: Its above-average features with locking systems, door swings, and extensions made parents fell all over their heels for North States. At 29 inches high, adults can just step over the gate if they don’t want to use the door. Its 90-degree lock system makes it ideal for household members to just walk directly into a room.

#4. Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate


Want a baby gate that works greatly for stairs? Evenflo’s baby gate can be used for doorways, hallways, and both ends of the stairs. It can swing on both sides, but it has a stopper that prevents the gate from swinging out towards the stair steps.

It’s ergonomically designed locks like a one-hand release proved to be easy for parents and hard for children to open. It also has a lock indicator that shows whether you have closed the door properly.


  • It stands 30 inches in height to better prevent tall children from toppling the gate or opening it by themselves
  • No threshold that adults or children might trip into
  • Wide doorway openings of up to 42 inches can take advantage of the gate
  • Strong and durable baby gates
  • Great lock mechanism and indicator
  • Ease of use and walking to and from top or bottom of the stairs


  • People who don’t want to screw their baby gates will have to know that you need to drill the walls for this. Actually, it’s both pro and con depending on the user
  • Takes time to assemble
  • Does not allow full door openings
  • Why we love them: Its extra security features makes it the ideal baby gates for stairs or anywhere around the room. For people who lives in a two or three-storey house will find this useful especially if they have children whose rooms are located upstairs.

#5. Carlson Extra Wide Walk-Through Gate with Pet Door


Parents who have pets at home will love this! It makes a great baby gate with pet door and stands at 30 inches high and 44 inches wide. It has a sturdy frame that won’t be easily toppled by big dogs in the house.

It confines them away from babies and toddlers who still can’t handle the pets’ sizes. However, it has a small door where cats or puppies can go through.


  • Really divides the space for children and animals needs
  • Easy installation as it is pressure-mounted
  • Its one-handle lock system makes it easy for adults to open and shut the door while it proved to be difficult for kids to open
  • It has extensions if the house’s doorway is too wide
  • Secured latch if parents want to lock the pet door


  • The door hasn’t that auto shut most busy parents would like to have
  • You have to close the gate yourself
  • It has a threshold, so…be careful!
  • Why we love them: This is the perfect for parents who have children and furkids living in the house. It’s the best baby gate with pet door for animal owners who want to adjust and organize their life especially when the mother has recently given birth to her kid.

Know The Two Major Kinds Of Gates

Never leave your child attended in a room, right? So, there are two types of gates parents have to know so that they can watch their child from afar knowing that he is safe. These gates make mommies and daddies decide whether they want to have their walls get drilled, bolted or pressure mounted. They are being considered accordingly to what parents need for their child.

Here are the major types of child-proofing systems. One of them is the best baby gates for your kid. Which do you think is it?

  • Hardware-Mounted
  • Pressure-Mounted

The baby gates’ caps are screwed on each side of the walls for stronger mounting. With that, your baby will have a hard time knocking it down and wander around your house unprotected from any injury.

What most parents do not like about hardware-mounted gates is that the entrances leave holes on the walls. However, it has been proved to be the most efficient in limiting your child’s little moseys on your home.


  • Offers the best protection
  • Can not be easily toppled over by children
  • Adults and children won’t trip when passing the gates thresholds
  • Safe to place anywhere in the house


  • Leaves holes on the walls
  • Can’t easily be dismantled and stored away

Extended Baby Gates

Baby Gates For Stairs


These mounts are specially designed so that your kid won’t be able to climb or go down the stairs in a way that he will hurt himself. Some of these mechanisms include proper swinging, latch open, lock feature and more.

Baby Gate With Pet Door

Via Amazon

Most parents opt to buy the pet gates because, well… they have pets inside the house, and they really don’t want to limit their wanderings. The pet doors are often smaller than the babies so that small animals can freely pass by.

Bigger animals like dogs often posed a huge problem when there are kids around the house. The gate is best used in the kitchen when you want to shield your child but wants to let the cat in because it’s feeding time.

Step Over Baby Gates


These gates do not have any door handles or latches you need to open. Instead, you have to “step over” them to go to the next room. One advantage of the gate is that no child can cross or pinch any locks and handles for them to break free. For parents, though, it’s a hassle to climb and unclimbed the gate.

Swinging Baby Gates


The gates quickly swing to one side or both sides while adding extra strong foot against your child. It has a locking mechanism that prevents the baby in breaking out from the gated area. Some of these gates have stoppers only allowing a certain limit of the opening so that you child won’t run away.

Take note of these different gates if you want to look for the best baby gates for your house. You must assess your home before buying one of these gates to keep out unwanted accidents when your kid is rampaging almost all parts of the house. More importantly, you have to know the features and buying guides when purchasing the product. Here’s our take on it.

Features To Look When Buying Baby Gates

Looking for the perfect baby gates for your home? Here’s what you need to consider buying the product. That way you’re sure to know that the gate offers convenience, enhanced safety mechanisms, and more.

Frame Construction Must Be Durable

Whether the frames are made from wood, plastic or steel, they need to be strong enough to bar your kid from toppling them over. Also, you have to check whether how long they can be around because you might need the items for years.

Installation Aspects

Do they really need to be screwed to a wall? Will pressure-mount gates be enough for your active four-year-old child? You need to match how the installation works to the environment, temperament, and growth of your kid. Moreover, yes, it would help if the gate is assembled and quickly ready to install.

The Height Of The Baby Gate

Is your kid tall enough for his age? Anyway, you must have a gate that stands at least 21 inches tall. A shorter gate allows your child to pinch through the strands and open the latch for him to go out and venture the house. Once your child reaches over three feet tall and weighs about 30 pounds, it’s time to do away with the gate.

Latch Features

There are many lock features on a baby gate. Some brands created a double-latch protection where parents can slide, press and release the handle before the door of the gate opens. Some would only require a foot pedal to have the door open. But, most importantly, you would like to have something child-proof.

Gate Distance

Number one – you have to measure the distance of the doorway before buying what you ought to think the best baby gates for you. It’s dreadful if you get yourself a gate which proved to be shorter than your doorway’s length.

Certification Of The Product And Other Labels

A high-grade baby gate is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. This would let parents know that the product is safe and has met industry standards. Also, the baby gates need to be labeled with its information like height, mechanics, chemical used in making it, and more.

These are some of the features you might want to consider when you want to purchase the item. Unbelievably, some Houdini-like children can climb and do funny, desperate feats just to get out of the gate! Stop them!

Some Handy Tips For You To Consider

We just want to add some little advice if you plan to buy the best baby gates on the weekends. These are the things you have to keep in mind, yeah?

  • Where you place the gate matters – stairs, patio, rooms, free-standing, and much more
  • You must have little pet doors
  • The doorway shouldn’t be too wide, lest you might need an extension gate
  • You need a baby gate that you can step over, open or move with ease
  • Take note of your kid’s height. If he’s a fast grower, you might buy a gate conducive to his growth
  • Do you want to let small pets wander in the gated area or not?
  • Do you want to buy extended features of baby gates like baby gates for stairs or baby gate with pet door?

There are many things to consider when purchasing what ought to be the best baby gates for your home. May these little guides help you in searching what you need. Below are the baby gates we observed to be top performers and best in keeping out kids in unwanted places.

What Baby Gate Should You Buy?

If you want to have extra protection around the house for your baby, we really suggest the Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate! Why? It’s the handiest baby gate there is. You can pace them on the top of the stairs, the bottom of the stairs, doorway, hallways or freely-standing on its own. See, handy?

It really has a good hand-release locking system which proved to be convenient for both adults and children. What makes it different from other baby gates is that it uses Velcro straps for mounting. Either that would be a good thing or something problematic, but it makes installation better and easier.

Anyhow -- the best baby gates? It’s Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate. That’s what Giant Mommy believes in.

Fun, Not Prison

Baby gates are there to protect your child from harm or bar them from big animals, but it shouldn’t act as a prison cell for them. For Pete’s sake, you just want to ensure their safety not limiting their movements at all.

With the best baby gates, there is, which we believe is Regalo, it would help curb your munchkin’s little wanderings around the house. Would you agree with that? Or is there another baby gate to your liking? Tell us in the comments below!

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