Best Baby Scale: Top Monitoring Device For Remarkable Results

Checking your child’s weight is vital to let you know if your child is healthy or not. With tons of mothers out there giving birth to low weight babies, it’s essential to have the best baby scale on hand to regularly check your kid’s “heaviness.”

Babies tend to lose around five to ten percent of their mass after birth. It’s in that stage where parents need to check their child’s weight to ensure his or her weight will be back on track. If going to the doctor puts your finances on hold, then it’s best to invest in a baby scale for a while. But which is the finest one when it comes to functionality? Get a load of our baby scale reviews to know that answer.


The Best Baby Scale - Top 5

Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby Toddler Scale

Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby  Scale

HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale 

Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital 

My Weigh UltraBaby     Scale


NUK Seal N Go

Philips AVENT



Review Of 5 Best Baby Scale 2017

#1. Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR Baby Toddler Scale


Taylor Salter is a cured baby scale that has a hold function to keep weight displayed on screen despite any fussy movements your baby makes. It’s ideal for parents who have a newborn and toddler around the house because this scale can hold both!

The Taylor Salter can weigh up to 45 pounds of your kid. So, if parents want to start looking for a long-term investment of baby sales, they might find this one ideal for their needs.


  • Gives accurate readings of weight
  • If calibrated correctly, the Taylor Salter can perform even after a year of purchase
  • Easy to use and read the results
  • It has a zero feature which means it will only read the body mass instead of adding the clothes and diapers
  • Curvy and hold button makes readings easier even with a fidgety baby


  • Weight inconsistency may happen if the baby is unloaded improperly
  • Placing the baby on the scale is hard to do. You have to find the center and calm baby down to get the best results.
  • Best for: Parents who want a long-term investment with their baby scale for years and years of utilizing it.

#2. Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale


If you want a long-lasting scale in your home up to toddlers of about 60 pounds, then the Health o meter might be perfect for you. The scale is curvy and has an infant lock to reduce any fussy movements from your kid. It has a rather large display box of the results which makes the readings easier to look at.

The baby scale comes with a chart and a Growth Book for parents to learn about babies and their healthy weight.


  • Easy to use, prepare, and clean
  • Give reliable results of weighing the baby
  • Babies will roll or wiggle, but the Health o meter helps parents reduce their kid’s wriggling
  • It has a removable basket that can be made way for toddlers to stand on
  • Readability can be on pound or kilograms
  • Material of tray is comfortable for babies
  • Large display of baby’s weight on screen


  • Weight fluctuates greatly if done improperly
  • Best for: Families who would want to use this accurate baby scale until their newborn became a toddler. Easy use and cleaning of the baby scale would prove to be an advantage for most parents who weigh their child.

#3. HOMEIMAGE- Digital Baby/Pet Scale with Hold Function


This flat baby scale has a hold button as well in case your child, or pet is squirming for freedom. Even if you don’t have a child, owners with small pet animals like dogs or cats can use HOMEIMAGE for their favorite animal’s health weight.

Its versatility proves that this baby scale can hold and read weights from a fidgety baby or animal. It comes with an auto-off protective system in a case weighing your child becomes overloaded.


  • It’s versatile and can offer many ways to utilize the equipment
  • Great locking features to steady the child and read measures despite being fussy and all
  • Consistent readings from the baby scale
  • Auto off if weight is beyond maximum limit


  • Hard to switch from pounds to kilograms
  • Opening or placing the batteries can be challenging as well
  • Best for: People who don't even have babies, but treat their lovable pets the same as kids! It has great lock feature and auto off if the baby is beyond the max limit.

#4. Smart Weigh Smart Tare Digital Body Weight Bathroom Scale with Baby or Pet Tare Weighing Technology


This digital scale looks sleek and has enough sensors that can give accurate readings. The Smart Weigh Scale can cover up to 440 pounds worth of weight – which means you can keep this techy device even if your child has all grown up.

Its backlit display shows numbers in a much more easy way and has an auto off system that can save energy. This scale can give readings with its faultless technology.


  • It makes nighttime readings better and a lot easier
  • It gives credible results upon weighing your baby
  • Once your child has grown, you can use the scale even for your tiniest pets!
  • Weighs up even for toddlers


  • Readings can sometimes falter
  • Constant use results to burn out
  • Best for: Parents who want to keep their weighing scale ‘til their child grows bigger. As it can monitor up to 400 pounds, the SMART WEIGH will let you know your kid’s weight from birth to toddler days.

#5. My Weigh UltraBaby Scale


The curved or cradle-shaped tray is ideal for newborns and infants who are moving non-stop. This fussiness can be lessened due to its lock feature. It has a zero function so that it will only deliver real results of the initial weigh in.

It has an auto feature off in case the child has gone beyond the max limits of the scale. When not in use, it can be turned into a baby basket or file holder.


  • It has a big platform which is ideal for big babies
  • Provides accurate results of reading
  • Have backlights which can be turned on and off
  • Can hold down a fussy baby
  • Has a hold button to capture weight despite the fidgeting movements


  • Some say the measurement is not accurate
  • The configuration is a bit challenging to understand
  • Best for: Parents who have children overgrown the max limit of weighing scale can turn the UltraBaby Scale into something else because of its multi-function purposes!

Baby’s Weight And Development


One month

By the time her weight is back, your child will grow to five to seven ounces a week. This growth induces an inch taller for your kid.

Three months

Your child’s weight gain will slowly grow from four to six ounces every week. Again of no more than two pounds will occur every month.

Six months

Your baby is getting taller every month about half an inch and will be gaining weight around three to five ounces per week. By six months, your child’s weight should have doubled by now.

Nine months

A baby’s weight tripled when they reached their ninth month. Afterward, it will slowly grow when your kid turns a year old.

At this rate, it’s best to feed your baby with healthy formula or solid foods. It’s not good to overfeed your kid because that will lead to child obesity. A good weight is a sure sign that your kid is healthy and active. It will be handy if you have the best baby scale around to tell you that. If needed, you can visit your doctor so that they can advise you about your child.

Factors That Affect Baby’s Weight


Pregnancy is the number one critical factor in determining a child’s weight. Was the mother taking enough nutrients? Was she eating well? Was there any external activity that can lead to her child being overweight or underweight? Know the different factors that may affect your kid’s body mass.

Pregnancy of the mother

How did the mother take care of herself during pregnancy? If she was taking alcohol, cigarettes, and unhealthy vices, the child would be born with lower birth weight due to the toxins he has digested while in the womb. Diet is another factor where kids tend to be overweight or otherwise. Too much sugar can spike a child’s weight while eating food rich in high cholesterol and calories will sometimes lead to preeclampsia – a condition that induces lower birth weight.


Due to popular belief, boys tend to be bigger and heavier than girls. While that may ring some truth in it, no one can really believe that because of each baby, gender aside, is different.

Genetic hereditary

If the parents are big, one can also expect a big baby. Meanwhile, if the parents are small, the baby goes just the same.

Multiple births

Babies like twins or triplets have to share space in their mother’s womb. Therefore, their weight will be a bit smaller. Often, mothers who have multiple births will go into labor early.

The baby’s health

If the baby is ill, he or she will be born light in weight or overweight.

Length of pregnancy

Babies born earlier are lighter than those who are born close to their due date or later.

There are other ways on how external and internal conditions can alter your baby’s body mass. That’s why it’s important for mothers to take care of themselves. Now, let’s see what weighing scales should be used for children with our own baby scale reviews written here.

Types Of Baby Scales

When there are so many baby scales to choose from, how would you know the best from the rest? Technically, the perfect weighing scale will be conducive for your everyday needs and how old the child will be when you bought it. The most common scales in the market can be found below:

Traditional baby scale

Professional baby scales may reach a couple of hundred dollars, but the results will be more accurate. Weighing devices worth $12 to $30 may be deemed to produce inaccurate if parents don’t know how to utilize it properly. Other than that, it’s prone to breakage. You have to calibrate it often, too.

Digital weighing scales

They are more accurate and would require an outlet or battery for it to charge and work. Like traditional baby sales, they also need to be often calibrated to continue its performance.

Countertop scale

These scales are dependent on a surface for it to work. They are often used by parents who have a rather fidgety child. That way, they can hold their baby down for a while and get an accurate reading of his weight.

Hanging scale​

This one is attached in a sling and would be best for newborns or babies who do not move as much as they do. If space is an issue in your home, this type of weighing scale might be ideal for your needs.

Either you’re a traveling family or an OCD mom, weighing your child’s body mass is a critical thing to do. You may not do it every day, but just a couple of days past like every five days. We find it very effective to check your child’s weight every week, lest he is sick with the flu.​

How To Choose A Baby Scale

baby scale reviews

Searching for the best baby scale is not that hard if you’re equipped with the knowledge for it. If you need baby scale reviews, we’ve got one for you below.

  • Look for a tray that can support your child. Some weighing scales have a curved tray while others have the usual flat balance
  • What kind of measurement readings do you want? Kilos, pounds, or ounces? Choose which is easier for you to know and report to your doctor
  • Having an accurate reading of your baby’s weight is important
  • How heavy the baby scale can take is important to know so that you can enhance the device you have at home
  • If your scale has any extras that hold down a wriggling child, then it would be betterA weighing scale that does not add clothing to the pounds will be a great help too.

Importantly, if the weighing scale gives precise results of your baby’s weight, and he or she is comfortable being on it, then you’re fine. Some scales also have wifi or sing-alongs to entertain your child or minimize his fidgeting.

The Best Baby Scale​

best choice

From our baby scale reviews, it would seem that there’s one product that stood out from the rest. And that’s no other than the Health o meter Grow with Me 2-in-1 Baby to Toddler Scale! Despite others saying that the measurement fluctuates, it’s mainly because of improper placement of the child in the tray.

Families can monitor their child’s weight because it gives proven results of their body masses. Even though babies will fidget around, the scale’s lock feature will reduce that and hold own the displayed weight on the screen with its hold button. And speaking of LCD screen, the display is big enough for everyone to see the findings as well.

It can hold toddlers up to 60 pounds and its removable basket can be taken off for young ones to stand on. It’s pretty much easier to read because parents can go back and forth reading in pounds and kilograms.

We think it’s the best baby scale in the market today, don’t you?

Baby’s Weight And Health​

Weight is almost equivalent to baby’s health, and it’s often the physical sign to know whether your child is sick or not. While low birth rates are common, don’t let you and your baby become a part of that group. And neither does your kid has to overweight too.

Though each child is different, some factors can affect their body mass. And everything starts with a mother’s pregnancy. If the mother is healthy, you betcha the child is one too.

What do you think? Have you checked you and your baby’s weight today?

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