Best Bottle Warmer: How To Choose The Spectacular One For Mommies

Has your milk gotten col when you baby cried for it? Nighttime nursery is quite common and is frequently happening as most mothers see it. Therefore, what mothers need is the best bottle warmer for her child. After storing your milk bags in the refrigerator, you need to thaw and heat them.

Are you still searching for the best baby bottle warmer? We know you’ve been through a lot of bottle warmer reviews, so we’re going to wrap up what’s the best one in the market today. This guide will give you information of the rather important product.


The Best Bottle Warmer In 2017 - Top 5

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

Kiinde Kozii Bottle - Breast Milk Warmer

Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer

Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

Dr. Brown's Bottle


The First Years

Kiinde Kozii


Tommee Tippee

Dr. Brown's

Review Of 5 Best Bottle Warmer In 2017

#1. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer


The Quick Serve Bottle Warmer instantly heats your bottle of milk if your baby wants his nightly food. It can fit any bottles like wide-necked or disposable ones. Its auto-off feature makes you want to do your laundry even more. You don’t have to worry a thing. What’s more?


  • Easy and efficient usage
  • Various sizes and shapes of bottle may be used for heating
  • It has a measuring vial for you to know how much water you should place
  • It’s not only for baby bottles, this warmer can heat baby food and more!
  • Talk about sterilization? It has a lid to cover more the items for better protection
  • Auto-off feature for a great milk warmth


  • Parents have to refill the water every time they use the item
  • It takes time to heat your milk
  • Clean the warmer well. It sometimes stains after a few use
  • Best for: Mothers who simply want a hassle-free experience in warming the milk for their kids! The Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is simple and efficient to use.

#2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer


Want a safer bottle warmer? A warm water bath will clearly heat your baby’s milk evenly and gently at its shorten time. Also, it has an auto-shut feature where you can just leave it while you change your baby’s diaper. Let’s see how this one fares:


  • The timer settings is really flexible. It’s not advisable to greatly heat up your frozen milk that fast, so it warms up accordingly to your needs
  • Very easy to clean
  • Its reservoir or water collection feature makes things easier. It’s always a hassle to measure and refill for every use. The item does not make you do this all the time
  • Easy to use and has simple labels to follow
  • Auto-off feature makes warming even and safe


  • Most users complain of having a broken item
  • Have to wait a couple of minutes for milk to become warm
  • Best for: Mommies who want a safer and convenient bottle warmer. It has people over its reservoir, which is really useful when turning the product on for usage.

#3. Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer


Are you a traveling mommy? You can just plug the Munchkin Travel Car Baby Bottle Warmer in your car and have your milk warmed up in no time. It came with a digital tag that displays the temperature for you to know how hot your baby’s drink is.


  • Heating band is equivalent to the warmness of the bottle
  • Great display lights for nighttime usage
  • Display lets you know how hot the milk is
  • Easy to carry and use
  • Not hotspots when using the travel bottle warmer
  • Fits in cup holders!


  • More or less, it will be around 10 to 15 minutes to heat up the milk
  • Only a certain bottle shapes and sizes will be able to fit the warmer
  • Best for: A travel mommy or both parents who are out on a ride with their child on the great outdoors! If it’s for longer rides, most parents just pre-heat and cool off their milk on certain times.

#4. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer


This handy travel bottle warmer can heat up bottles, milk storage bags, baby food, and more! Since it’s made with stainless steel, it keeps your milk hot for a very long time. It doesn’t even require a warming source to do just that.


  • Easy to use and clean
  • Good for travel or those little short day breaks out in the park
  • Keeps heated milk for a longer time
  • No need for an outlet – no chords, no problems
  • For a traveling bottle warmer, it’s really quick to heat the milk
  • It’s quite roomy inside of its chambers


  • Some users find it too big
  • Measure your milk well to avoid leakage
  • Best for: Parents who want longer, lukewarm milk. It’s easier to heat the milk and pretty much quicker too. Not only you get to use this in your travel trip, but parents would also want to have it on their bedside table.

#5. Dr. Brown's Bottle Warmer


The generously spacious bottle warmer doesn’t need any refills all the time because of it water reservoir properties. What’s more is that Dr. Brown can hold up large baby bottles for the big kids! And, hey, it has LCD lights for those night nurseries you give to your child.


  • It sets off an alarm when it has reached the limit you placed
  • It has great digital display and LCD lights
  • Don’t you know your preferred heating degrees can be saved foe future uses?
  • Alarm goes on when it has finished
  • And to avoid a total burn off, the bottle warmer will turn itself off after 10 minutes of nit being in use


  • Be careful of leakage
  • A bit challenging to clean
  • Though it’s really spacious, it has a narrow opening
  • Best for: Mothers who are in need of nighttime nurseries might see Dr. Brown as helpful especially when they do bottle feeding in the dark. Let’s just say, it puts mothers at ease with its digital mechanism.

What Is A Bottle Warmer?


A bottle warmer is a small equipment that that heats your bottle of milk for feeding. Bottle warmers are those necessities mothers should not overlook because it standards are really made for infant feeding. Rather than microwave usage, the equipment warms up evenly your milk and does not leave any hot spots.

Want to warm up the milk you have in your fridge? No problem. It’s better to have one of these bottle warmers and let it do the heating up for you.​

Why Buy A Bottle Warmer?

Why don’t we just microwave or heat the milk up in a cooking pot? We’ll tell you why. You never boil, microwave or overheat a baby’s food. With the best baby bottle warmer, instead of SWELTERING your stored breast milk, it’ll bring it at the right temperature. Here are more reasons why you should consider buying a bottle warmer.

  • Breast milk can be warmed up quickly and evenly
  • Brings milk to the right temperature for babies
  • It will not damage the nutritional value of his drink
  • It’s convenient for mothers who are traveling or co-sleeping with their child
  • The baby bottle warmer would heat the milk quite faster than a microwave can!

Bottle warmers offer convenience. It saves time and so much hassle that you’ll have to thank yourself over and over again for buying it. This is no salesy-talk. Giant Mommy experienced it herself!​

What Are The Kinds Of Bottle Warmers?

In order to cater to the different needs of a mother, the market has created various prototypes of the product. Yep. You heard that one right. So, basically, there are three major kinds of the product. You’ve probably bumped into some of the words when reading loads of bottle warmer reviews.

Countertop bottle warmers


Its name says it all! Countertop warmers are bottle heaters that, well, sit on a countertop. It’s the most used bottle warmer because it’s really efficient. It’s not huge and fits just right in your kitchen or bed table.

So, if you’re room sharing or co-sleeping with your child, evening nurse feedings are a breeze if you have a countertop bottle warmer beside you.

You think, this, maybe the best bottle warmer? Check out the other one.

Portable and travel bottle warmers


While many people often differentiate the two, we really opt to have it as the same. Both items can be carried, turned on with batteries and can be plugged into a car.

These bottle warmers can be taken anywhere with or without the need of an outlet. For example, if you have a long trip to go, and your baby is hungry, you can pop your cold bottled milk in the warmer and heat it up. Simple and efficient, we say.

Now that we have rounded up the two types of bottles, we’ll help you distinguish the factors and features you need to look when buying the best baby bottle warmer.

Features Of A Baby Bottle Warmer To Look For

Before looking for the best bottle warmer, there are a few things to know about before swiping your card or handing out the moolah to the cashier. So, what do you want in a bottle warmer? Does it suit your lifestyle? After figuring out your needs, it’s time know the features you want to see in the item. We’ve listed them here for you.


Yes, it’s a baby bottle warmer, but don’t you know you can heat up milk storage bags or glass containers of your baby’s food? The size of the warmer space should meet your needs, but if you want a bigger space to heat up your bags and glasses, then you have to look for the perfect bottle warmer that says it all. It’s all available in the market.

Warming levels

A baby bottle warmer has different warming levels depending on how hot the milk will be. Either you want a quick reheat or a longer warming session, a bottle warmer will keep that certain temperature you choose for a long time.

Water collection

You need water to heat or steam your milk, and with that, some bottle warmers offer a “reservoir.” These warmers keep your water levels in check and don’t let you refill every time you use them.

Auto shut-off mechanics

In order not to burn or overheat your milk, bottle warmers have an automatic timer according to your adjusted minutes, temperature, or available water.

Ease of usage

Why would you want to buy something that’s hard to use or clean? Look for a bottle warmer that has easy-to-read labels when warming or sterilizing your milk and other baby items.


Do you want your bottle to be clean and germ-free? Or your child’s pacifiers and bottle nipples? You may want a bottle warmer that can do all of these!

There are plenty of features you have to look for. We’ve placed the most needed ones for you to stay watch in the market. And with that, we present to you the five best baby bottle warmer for your child.

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Do you know what the best bottle warmer is for your kid? Giant Mommy has tried and even sourced out some mommies for their bottle warmer reviews. And do you know what we’ve found?

Basing from our metrics like safety, ease of use, and interviews from our mommies, they said that they love the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer. And we can say why!

Perhaps its versatility is what makes parents love them so much because it can fit any bottle inside. Its ease and efficiency in use makes it a top choice why they are wanted most in the market today. A plus side of the First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer is that it has a lid to protect it from any dirt and debris while sterilizing.

Though parents have to refill the bottle warmer, it’s not a reason to actually dislike the product. More so, when using the item, just be sure to clean it, so that it won’t stain. It will take time to heat your milk, that’s given. You should have pre-heat already while waiting for your baby to cry.

All in all, it’s a great product with amazing features.

What do you think? Is there a bottle warmer you would like to recommend? Tell us below!

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