Best Bottles For Colic: Banish Baby Gas Immediately!

Does your baby cry at night? It may look normal, but if your child has been crying straight for three hours, then you know something is wrong. The culprit may be colic or gas, either way; it’ll prevent your little one from sleeping soundly at night. If it’s because of bottle feeding, then you have to change it with the best bottles for colic.

When babies go bottle feeding, chances are, they’ll be sucking air and will cause gas in their tummies. A gassy baby is a fussy baby at night and thwarts your child’s sleeping habits. A baby fighting sleep will hamper his or her growth and development. If you need any help in searching for the best baby bottles for gas and colic, we’re here to assist you with that.


Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn

Playtex Baby Nurser Drop-Ins Baby Bottle

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Philips Avent Natural Newborn Bottle

Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle 4 oz

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What Is Colic And How To Treat It?

Colic is an inconsolable crying of a child for three hours and lasts around three days to three weeks for heavy ones. The baby suffers painful gas or excessive bloating that leads to stomach aches and spasms. This will make the baby irritable and experience flatulence, hiccups, burping, or vomiting.

Signs of a colicky baby may include:​

  • Crying of up to three hours
  • Large abdomen which is painful to the baby
  • Excessive flatulence
  • Burping or lengthy hiccups
  • Vomiting for severe cases
  • Stiff legs and clenched fists

Mothers should carry out proper feeding techniques so that it’ll lessen the chances of having a colicky baby at night. Some treatments of this occurrence include baby massage, upright feeding, change in diet formula, gripe water and more.

See "14 Ways How To Banish Baby Hiccups" in here.

However, if you intend to continue bottle feeding your baby, it’s paramount to purchase the best anti colic bottles in the market today. Remember, a happy baby is a happy family.

What Are The Types Of Baby Bottles?

From standard to wide-necked bottles, these little jugs can have an impact on your child’s feeding time. Add on how you nourish your child; you can prevent colic and have a good night’s sleep!

Regular bottle

The classic bottle is a straight container designed for simplicity. It’s the most conventional baby bottle in the market and can fit most warmers and sterilizers too. It’s easy to prepare and clean it for baby’s feeding time. However, it’ll cause children to suffer colic if parents don’t hold their baby in the right feeding position.

Natural flow bottle or vented bottle

These containers consist of straws or valves at the center for their vents. When babies drink from these types, the air will automatically go down through the vents. Therefore, it reduces the chance of getting your child some stomach issues.

Bent-necked or angle-necked bottle

This bottle has a neck that bends accordingly so that the milk will fill up the nipple. It allows no air to pass by when the child is drinking his or her milk. Babies tend to swallow lesser air with this type of bottle.

Traveling bottle

A traveling bottle has a small container where you place your milk. As the baby sucks his drink, this container will become small and tight, until the container collapse. It’s often made like a biodegradable cup where parents get to dispose it after use.

Wide-necked bottle

It’s a short bottle that has a wide neck and nipple for bottle-fed baby. It’s often the best introductory bottle for children who are transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle feeding.

Each one has its own unique features and capability of feeding a child. But there are specially-made bottles that are capable of reducing air bubbles that can lead to colicky children. To find the best bottles for colic, we have guidelines for you to see and know about.

Features Of An Anti-Colic Bottle To Look For

best baby bottles

If you want to buy the best anti colic bottles, you have to know its features. Will it help reduce air bubbles that produce gas? Will it succumb to reheating of the milk? What’s the material made of?

Type of bottle

Some bottles can reduce air bubbles quite astonishingly because they were ergonomically designed like that. While some bottles were created classically, some were formed to have vents or mouths that lead the milk to fill the nipple while charging down air at the bottom of the container.

Size of bottle and its mouth

The size plays a significant role in controlling the amount of milk will a baby suck. If your child has consumed too much milk way too fast, he will stiffen, bulge his eyes, or choke for that matter. Looking at the size of the bottle and mouth, plus executing proper paced bottle feeding, would reduce this chance of happening.

Material of the bottle

Bottles come in plastic, glass, or steel. The best baby bottles for gas and colic would be made of high-quality made materials that can withstand heat of bottle warmers and reduce air bubbles.

Nipple material

For newborns who will be transitioned to bottle feeding will need proper introduction of using baby bottles. If these little ones consume too much milk, they will suffer from bloating, gas or worse – choking and vomiting. To avoid that, a mother must use narrow nipples of high-quality grade like silicone. Nipples that will tear tend to pour more milk. Thus, the baby is overflowed with his drink.

Easy cleaning and assembling

You don’t want any more hassle in your life, therefore, bottles that can be cleaned spotless that quick is good to find. Leaving some moist milk will stain your new drink and would bring problems to the child’s tummy.

And with that in mind, you can choose among the shelves which do you think the best bottles for colic are. To make the selection much easier, we have listed the top five bottles that can banish air bubbles immediately.

Review Of The Best Anti Colic Bottles For 2017

#1. Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set


Dr. Brown has a full-vented bottle design that maximizes milk drinking with little to no air bubbles on your baby’s drink. The flow of milk simulates breastfeeding and is ideal for those mothers who would wish to train their children to latch on a bottle.

It has a narrow nipple that allows baby to drink from his container at his own leisurely pace. What’s more, Dr. Brown does not dissolve the nutrients but rather, help contain them in the milk.

So, for moms who would want a nutrient-filled bottle that reduces colic, Dr. Brown might be the one to help solve your problems.


  • Reduces colic with its patented vent design
  • Assembly of parts is easy to do
  • Prevents leaks when warming up milk
  • There are silicone two-sized nipples tailored for your child’s needs of up to 6 months
  • Silicone nipple is quality grade and wouldn’t break when baby is teething


  • Parts are hard to clean and would require you to go through them for a long time
  • The mouth is hard to pour milk into it

  • Best for: Mothers who would like to ensure the proper nutritional value in their kid’s diet without making their babies quite colicky. Also, those who want to introduce their children to bottle feeding would like to try Dr. Brown’s.

#2. Playtex Baby Nurser Drop-Ins Baby Bottle Disposable Liners


To avoid anxiety with being overfed with bottle feeding; Playtex designed their product to mimic natural breastfeeding so that baby can suck at his own pace. It has a sterilized and disposable liner that collapses so as to avoid air bubbles forming on the drink.

It helps baby to latch properly at the nipple so that he can have his drink. The shape of the nipple was created like mom’s own so that babies can have the comfort of drinking it.


  • Lessens the chances of baby getting colic from bottle feedings
  • Easy for baby to latch on the nipple
  • Ease of assembling and cleaning of bottles and parts
  • Convenience of disposable liners makes preparation time easier
  • Gets mothers and babies to bond significantly with its nipples mimicking a mother’s own breasts
  • Ideal for the traveling family


  • Sometimes it leaks
  • Needs to push up the liners for maximized use

  • Best for: Mothers who want the ease of preparation and cleaning up of bottles while lessening the chances of gas and colic. Moreover, if you’re one of those families who love to travel, Playtex might be convenient for your situation.

#3. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles


Ergonomically designed like a mother’s flex and stretch of the breast, Tommee Tippee makes it easier for moms and babies alike to have an easy feeding time. It’s a wide necked bottle with slow flow nipple and vent valve to reduce bubbles that can make a colicky and gassy baby.

Its design also allows baby to hold the bottle on his own – gradually, that is. Nipples are made with high-quality materials and won’t wear or collapse that easily.


  • Reduces gas and colic for babies
  • It doesn’t leak when baby is drinking or when moms heat it up in the warmer
  • Nipples don’t tear or collapse
  • Ease of cleaning and assembling of parts
  • A small bottle but still fits lots of milk contents


  • Sadly it’s not a slow flow nipple
  • Some parents have noticed an unusual whistling sound when baby drinks because of the nipples

  • Best for: Mothers who wouldn’t want to scare their kids from the abrupt change of bottle feeding. Tommee Tippee naturally mimics breastfeeding in bottle feeding giving parents and their children to bond.

#4. Philips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set


If you’re a new mom, it would be easier to have a new set full of bottles that can reduce air and prevent colic. It has a wide-shaped nipple that can be easily latched on by babies especially when they have been just introduced in the world of bottle feeding.

Philips Avent makes it easier for families to travel especially when it is designed to have compartments where moms keep their water or milk powder. It also comes with a brush for easier cleaning on nooks and curves that are hard to reach.


  • Easy to clean bottles makes the container clean and safe from spoilage
  • Glass and plastic version of Philips Avent can handle bottle warmers and won’t cause air bubbles
  • Strong anti-colic properties
  • Easy to hold by babies
  • Compartmentalized spaces are perfect for storage and organization support


  • Milk will sometimes get stuck on the ridges of the nipples
  • Nipples will tear especially when babies enter the teething phase

  • Best for: Moms who would want something special in their bottles like compartmentalized spaces for powdered milk. An easy cleaning of the bottle would surely make moms happy. This is a whole set you’re talking about.

#5. Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle 4 oz


For parents who are too busy preparing for their child’s milk, here comes Mixie, where you can just scoop a powder and place it on the inside compartment of the bottle. When the times that your child will be asking for his milk, just add water, shake, and you’re ready to go.

Not only that, the Mixie bottle is microwave-safe if you want to warm up the container. It’s proven to be airtight so that there won’t be any leaks or air bubbles getting inside the drink. That will reduce the gas building up your kid’s tummy.


  • Wide neck nipples are geared towards easy latch and drink by the baby
  • Best for advanced preparation
  • Great for the traveling family
  • Easy assembly of the bottle
  • Microwave-safe which is great for heating milk or sterilizing them


  • The rubber region of the bottle will swell and crack when warm water is used
  • Need to replace the nipples fast to avoid clogs and defects

  • Best for: For a hassle-less way of preparing the milk, the Mixie formula would assist parents in making baby’s drink. When it’s in the middle of night that your child is looking for his nighttime milk, just grab the bottle and fill it water. Shake well, and you’re done.

Happy Tummy Is A Happy Baby

best choice

Your child is sensitive to all food changes or the way he eats his food. Improper feeding practices can let your child develop stomach aches due to colic and gas. To avoid it, one needs to buy the best anti colic bottles. And we see that in Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set.

For parents, what would be more delightful than a bottle that can reduce colic and gas, while at the same time preserves the nutritional value of the drink. Dr. Brown’s bottles are quality grade to prevent air bubbles ruin your baby’s tummy.​

While assembly is easy to do, cleaning the parts would be quite challenging. However, when it is well-cleaned, having this bottle around will do wonders for your colicky baby. Also, only a few users have experienced leaks, but mainly it’s because of how they set the bottle up.

The silicone nipples available are in different sizes. They are built well and won’t easily tear when your child is teething. So, overall, we believe that the Dr. Brown's Original Bottle Newborn Feeding Set is the best for anti-colic.

What do you think? Are there any bottles we missed that should be on the top five. Tell us below!

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