The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags To Save Your Milk

If you’re a pumping mom, you know you’ll be needing more storage bags for your juice to prolong its shelf life. You, as a mommy, should be aware that storing your breast milk at room temperature will last only 6 to 8 hours. Meanwhile, storing it in the refrigerator can have it last up to 5 or 7 days. The best way to have it stored and preserved is having it freeze over. That way it can last a year or more.

Bottles and containers though will only take up space in your freezer. That’s why you need to have storage bags for easy stacking. But what are the best breast milk storage bags out there in the market? Because you need to find out if it’s leak-proof, durable and material-friendly.


The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags - Top 5

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags

NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Storage Bags

Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags

Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit


NUK Seal N Go

Philips AVENT



Review Of 5 Best Breast Milk Storage Bags 2017

Here are the best breast milk storage bags we have encountered in the market for you to snag.

#1. Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags


This one is BPA-free! What does that mean? BPA means bisphenol A which is a chemical used for making plastics. It’s quite harmful if infused with food or liquids because it may affect the brain development of your kid or their prostate gland.

Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags also has side seams that provide anti-leakage for your breastmilk. It has also proven to be quite efficient in storing your milk in the freezer as it can be laid flat on the surface.​


  • It has a convenient pour sprout
  • BPA-free plastic material – safe for babies!
  • It’s quite durable because it’s thick and sturdy
  • Easy to label and measurements are well
  • The storage bag holds a maximum of 6 o.z. Per plastic bag
  • Great space saver in the freezer especially when you lay them flat


  • A bit challenging especially with pumping and pouring it into the bag
  • It does leak if you didn’t thaw it while lying flat
  • Bags don’t stand well on their own
  • Why we want them: They’re perfect in size, and they lay flat in the freezer making it roomier. We really like that it’s durable and how thick the material is.

#2. NUK Seal N Go Breast Milk Bags


BPA-free and pre-Sterilized, the item would like to place their best foot forward by putting babies’ health and safety first. These bags are sanitary and are ready to dispose of after use to avoid contamination. Also, it has a unique oxygen barrier to preserve the nutrients of your milk.

If you’re looking for an ultra-durable storage bag, then look no further, because this may be the thickest bag you’ll ever see!


  • Highly durable and strong, perhaps the thickest bag you’ll ever find in the market
  • Can also hold up to 6 o.z. of your breast milk
  • Our NUK did not leak; perhaps we stored bag the right way
  • Stable bottom for better protection of milk
  • It has a unique oxygen barrier that protects the nutrients of our milk


  • If you want them to be stored upright, it’ll be a lot bulky
  • Hard to pour without spilling and also because it can’t stand on its own. Need to use two hands for it.
  • Why we want them: If you want a thick, quality made bag, then here it is. It puts forward the importance of the health of your baby by greatly preserving the milk you have.

#3. Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Bags


Leakage has always been a problem among many mothers, but with Philips, you’re sure to protect your milk with its because of its anti-leakage features. It has reinforced side seams and double zipper enough to hold all the milk from seeping out.

Also, it’s pretty strong and has a wider neck for easy pour and storing.​


  • Really big and strong seams to protect milk inside
  • They can hold six o.z. as well of your milk
  • Anti-leakage features are great
  • The bags make labeling a lot easier because it’s really big
  • Easy pouring because of the neck of the bag


  • Just be careful o storing them long in the freezer, it’ll spoil the milk. Sadly, that’s one of the flaws.
  • Why we want them: It’s best for women who rarely go out during their first year of pregnancy and a mom who stays near with her baby. Philips makes a great emergency storage bag in the long run. Also, so far, in all of our tests, it’s the anti-leakage of them all.

#4. Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution


Medela is perhaps one of the most common household names in the baby industry especially when it comes to breastfeeding and pumping. The Medela Breastmilk Storage Solution comes in a set where mothers can start collecting, storing and feeding their children with breast milk.

Highly compatible with their brand products, Medela is convenient for most parents as it pumps directly to the storage bags. You can lay them flat in the freezer and save tons of space in there.​ Refer to "How To Clean Medela Tubing Meticulously" in here.


  • You can pump directly and store it easily in your bag
  • It comes with a set of proper storage items like bottles, container, and the pumps also
  • Can hold up to 5 o.z. Worth of milk in the freezer
  • Small enough to fit the freezer
  • Can be laid flat on the surface


  • Sadly, it leaks
  • For those mothers who are away most of the time, it’ll be hard to use this because it can only fit a couple of ounces of milk
  • Hard to pour
  • Why we want them: The efficiency and convenience of having it transferred and stored directly from the pump make it highly ideal for some mothers. Moreover, the set already includes other Medela products like bottles and all.

#5. Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Starter Kit


Want to have another leak-proof storage bag? The Kiinde storage bags make it easier to collect milk, store it, and feed your child using one pouch. Protects all forms of leaks from storing or transferring from the pump.

It’s a lot convenient because Kiinde can fit into other pumping equipment and baby bottles, making it a one-stop baby food supply. Also, you only have to clean the nipple it comes along with. Easy, hassle-free, less cleaning to do. Done.


  • Direct storage from the pump, easy right?
  • Pop the latch nipple for your baby to use
  • Uses free flow nipple to avoid colic of baby
  • Offers complete feeding system
  • Kiinde has a breast milk storage twist system for a leak-free experience of milking
  • Easy to pour and quite clean


  • Measurements are not exact
  • Pouches are disposable rather than reusable
  • The nipples are prone to splitting
  • Why we want them: It’s a one-stop equipment for collecting, storing and feeding your child! Their storage bags are highly innovative and flexible in all other cases. It can be attached to the pump, stored on its own or served as a baby bottle already. See? Convenient.

Why Should You Use Storage Bags Instead Of Bottles?


While having bottles and containers is a clear advantage itself, there’s one thing you should know you need to have a bigger freezer area to store those kinds of stuff. That’s why, storage bags are the ideal option for mothers out there, especially those who pump too many breast milk. You can refer to the warming methods in here.

  • Buying the best breast milk storage bags? Here are more reasons why you should buy them.​

Long-term storage

You can quickly pack the storage bags in the freezer as they save more space compare to containers and bottles; therefore, you can store it better than other breast milk stock supplies.​

Stored directly with the pump

Of course, when you pump, the tubes direct your milk to the storage bags. It’s already attached to the machinery or equipment, making it more convenient for you to collect and store properly.​

​Clean and germ-free

As stated above, breast milk storage bags are connected to a breast pump through the tubing. So, as the milk went straight to the bag, it saves you from open air contamination and all. Once you collect your excess milk, you can just simply zip the storage bag and stow it away in the freezer.

Cheaper than bottles

We’re not saying that bottles are extensively expensive, but with breast milk storage bags, a pack of the product already contains 100 of these bags. For a mother who pumps so much and stays away for longer hours from her baby, you’ll be needing loads of the storage bags for your nanny to use.

Easy storage in your bag

Need to pump your milk outside the house? It’s hard enough to carry your pumping equipment, and thus it’ll be harder for you to pack those bottles in your bag. Carrying the bag is ideal if you want to pump outside the house.

  • Technically, there are many reasons why you should opt to buy storage bags instead. We have rated the best breast milk storage bags according to its convenience and durability.

Buying Guide For Your Breast Milk Storage Bags

Overwhelmed with the number of brands out there? When you’re looking for the best breast milk storage bags, you have to watch out for the following features to ensure you picked the perfect one for your usage.

Check if they’re durable​

It’s important to have thick bags that will last long. This can be particularly significant in the event you’re traveling, or you're looking to have a longer freeze with storage bags that can handle the chill. What I meant is that sometimes the cold will have your bag stick to the freezer. When that happens, chances are your storage bags will tear and leak.

How much milk they can collect​

Some bags can four o.z. to 8 o.z. You need to choose which bags can cater to your needs. You also have to check whether you leak too many boob juice or you whether you go to work way too much. How important are the bags to you anyway is a significant determination factor when bags out there. That being said, you’ll know how much breast milk you’re planning to collect.

How you get your milk

Does your storage bag respond to only the same brand as your pumper? You need your bags to be handy and convenient. It should work with any pump unless you’re okay with the brand the, why not?

Tight seal

You want to avoid leaks, right? While most storage bags just consist of the average zipper lock, some bags also offer a double sealer for better protection of your milk. What’s more, you need to a good seal that avoids air coming in and spoil your breast milk. You have to think about the shelf life of your juice and see if it’s fresh and healthy for your baby.

Convenience and ease of use

What features you want to see? Thickness. Check. Space-saver. Check. Great pouring tip. Check. See? What can you say about it? If you’re gone most of the time to work in the office, you’ll have to check whether the storage bag is user-friendly for your baby’s caretaker as well. If your nanny can prepare your child’s milk efficiently, then, you’re A-okay.

Material of the storage bag

What material does the bag make of? Is it recyclable? Biodegradable? Does it meet industry standards? Because even the bags can spoil your milk fast because of the chemicals from what it’s made of. It may sound scientific to the ears, but you have to check them out from and make sure it’s safe. Buy brands that there guaranteed by safety standards.

If it comes with a package

For example, some storage bags come with a pumper or tubing that can easily help you start with. Meanwhile, other bags like Medela come in a set. Some milk bags contain a set of breast milk bottles, labeling lids, pump and storage bags.

What do you think? Will you be able to find the best breast milk storage bags with these features to watch out for? Trust us, if you become more conscious in the search for the perfect ones for your breast milk, then ideal storage bag will be found in a shorter time.

  • The attributes stated above might be long and plenty, but it will help you find what you’re looking for.​

Some Issues You Have To Know Before Buying

breast milk storage bags

What are the common problems most mothers complain about? We found two things that annoy them most and so might you.

Bad bags

Manufacturers may cross their hearts and tell consumers that their storage bags are leak-proof. The truth is, not every product is perfect, and from time to time, leaks do happen. You shouldn’t rely only on the product. You need to have a double protector to ensure that your milk won’t seep out.

The right amount of liters or ounces

All storage bags come with a label. But here’s what we found: it’s not the exact amount. Those are just simply the estimation of your breast milk. Just a little reminder, though. Never fill up your storage bag to its max limit always allow some space for sealing and storing it in the freezer. Why? Simple. It may burst.

Tip of the bag

How do you pour your milk? Some have holes near the opening, making it a lot difficult to pour into the bottle, don’t you think?

  • Many women out there encounter plenty of issued when buying their breast milk storage bags. It may happen to you, but once you equip yourself with the knowledge on how to counter them, then perfect for you!​

At The End Of The Day

If we’re going to rank our choices for the best breast milk storage bags, it would still have to be the Lansinoh Breastmilk Storage Bags. It’s durable, less “leaky” and fulfills the need of our child best when it comes to storing them in the freezer. More importantly, they came with the perfect size for an average lifestyle of a mom after giving birth to her child.

​It may leak, but perhaps, we always believe that it’s how you place them in the freezer. If you set it correctly, there shouldn’t be any leaks coming out from the bag. We say, prepare them properly and it can stand on its own. Prepare both hands if you must pour your juice properly.

​Overall, it’s a great bag. In fact, it’s Amazon’s best lister and one of the commonest names forged in the baby industry.

What do you think? Were we right in proclaiming Lansinoh as the best breast milk storage bags? Comment below!

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