Best Changing Pad For Babies: Know The Safety And Comfort

Worrisome parents will have a peace of mind once they have the best changing pad in their possession. We all know that changing diapers is not an easy chore. Moreover, a fussy baby will make it all harder. When buying a changing pad, you have to take in mind the comfort and safety of the baby.

What are your needs? With that, you can easily filter different changing pads in the market and choose the best one. If you’re a family who loves to travel or someone who just wants to change in tabletops, we have listed the best changing pads for your needs here.


The Best Changing Pads - Top 5

 Quickchange Portable Changing Pad

BABY LOOVI Portable Changing Mat

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

Waterproof 4 Sided Cocoon Changing Pad

Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad


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Best Changing Pads Reviews For 2017

#1. Summer Infant Quickchange Portable Changing Pad


This travel changing pad is ideal for families who want a quick diaper change while on the road. It compacts easily in one of your travel bags even though it’s fully padded for baby’s comfort. It is made with waterproof material that mommies can easily wipe the dirt and grime out of it.

Though some parents find it too narrow or a bit slippery, the pad supports your baby’s weight upon lying down. This would be a bit challenging for taller babies.


  • Fits in most diaper bags when gone traveling
  • Easy wipe with rags or Clorox cleaning
  • The changing pad is really cushiony and supports baby’s back
  • It fits most stroller bassinets or car seat when mothers change their baby’s diapers upon traveling


  • It’s too small and might only fit children up to five months old
  • The sides are slippery
  • A bit challenging to use when dealt with a wriggling baby
  • Baby’s dirt seeps into the pad
  • Best for: Overall, the Summer Infant is ideal for families with a baby under six months. It is great when the family is traveling by the countryside. A quick change at the backseat will make the trip more bearable.

#2. BABY LOOVI Changing Mat


This compact mat is another travel or portable changing pad where mothers can take it out when needed. It is rather big at 25.5"x31.5" and can fit most children. The mat is waterproof and reusable – which means you can throw it away in the laundry for cleaning.

Some parents find the changing pad thin though, with only a little millimeter of the spongy fill inside the mat. Though it really makes up for the convenience of stashing in a duffle bag and how big it is for diaper changes.


  • Parents can wipe the mat clean easily
  • It’s lightweight and easy to carry around
  • The pad is even waterproof to prevent leakage seeping in
  • The changing pad is big enough for diaper changing
  • It’s durable and will surely last longer


  • The sewing on the sides needs a little boost
  • Need to clean it thoroughly lest you want the stink to stay
  • The material is too thin and does not have enough padding
  • Best for: Parents who are in need of space when cleaning the mat. Mothers can carry BABY LOOVI around without any hassle and can change seamlessly when baby calls for it.

#3. Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad


This curvy changing pad consists of walls and Velcro straps for the ever wriggling baby. It sees to the comfort and safety of the child, and the product has integrated a quilted double-layered foam on it. Parents will be happy to know that one can clean easily this changing pad.

Though the bottom part of the changing pad is slippery, parents find that when you position your child rightly in the pad, it’ll be okay. This version of Summer Infant has extra cushioning for baby’s support.


  • Safety belt proves to be great for bigger and fussy children
  • Added foam makes baby comfortable and aids his or her back gently
  • The curved walls serve as extra precaution for a wriggling baby
  • The pad is waterproof and easy to clean
  • It fits most countertops and dressers for changing diapers


  • The plastic cover of the pad does not fit well the product
  • It comes with a smell when you open it for the first time
  • If parents can’t clean it well in all its nooks and corners, molds will happen
  • Best for: Parents who want a seamless diaper change at home with a fussy baby. It provides children comfort and safety with its extra padded foam and Velcro straps. Moreover, it is considered waterproof and easy to clean when parents are done changing their kid’s diaper.

#4. LA Baby Waterproof 4 Sided Cocoon Changing Pad


Unlike most changing pads that has sides which are slippery, the LA Baby has four sides being walled up for extra safety precautions. It is made with waterproof covers that are non-allergenic and stain resistant. It has a safety belt for extra protection of the baby.

At 32" x 16" x 4", it can fit most tabletops and dressers when placed atop on it. It can be easily cleaned or wiped to make it soft and cushy again.


  • The size fits most dressers and changing tables
  • The waterproof cover holds the stain very well and reduces the chance of leakage
  • It is light and portable despite having a well-padded foam
  • If one needs to have a padded cover, the LA Baby fits most of them
  • Parents can easily wipe or clean the changing pad


  • The cover does not hug the sides pretty well
  • The bottom part of the changing pad is a bit slippery and will move once the baby wriggles
  • Best for: Parents who wanted enough walls and support their fussy child will have a seamless diaper change with LA baby. The walls plus the Velcro straps will hold your baby down momentarily for the change.

#5. Munchkin Secure Grip Changing Pad


If you want your baby secure at all costs, Munchkin’s product has extra grips in its changing pad for the ultra-fussy baby! It makes your kid secure and comfortable with its padded foam too. And since it fits most dressers and countertops, a parent can also tie the additional grips to the post for the pad not to move.

Leakage sometimes happens, but parents give a thumbs up for how it secures your baby when changing diapers.


  • It provides more security to the baby
  • The Munchkin provides stabilization on top of dressers and countertops
  • The bottom part of the changing pad adds additional inertia for it not to slip
  • Munchkin’s surfaces are smooth and therefore, would be much easier to clean


  • The padded material makes the product feel flimsy
  • Leakage happens when the cover does not add up to the pad
  • Best for: Parents who want an extra security grip for the dresser or to the baby will find it here with Munchkin. Anti slip pads makes changing easier by reducing the movement of the pad itself.

Why Do You Need A Changing Pad?

changing pad

A changing pad helps things in order and unspoiled. Once your baby pees or poops, items around where you change will be spoiled by his or her droppings. To avoid that, you need a section, a space where you can change your baby’s diapers. In addition, it lets parents use their own pads instead or public changing pads full of germs and bacteria!


  • Personal changing pads reduce the use of public pads full of dirt and germs
  • Clean changing pads will keep baby from getting sick
  • Protects bed sheets, blankets, or other items from getting soiled, stained, and smelly
  • Easy change when family is traveling
  • Comfort for baby when changing in tabletops or countertops

The best changing pad will offer you all of these, together with being durable, portables, versatile, and more. But first, you must know the different kinds of pads and decide whether which among them fits your needs. What do you think?

Kinds Of Changing Pads For Babies



There are four kinds of changing pads being classified in the market. Each of them has their own unique style and functionality that brings out their unique identity. From travel to disposable pads, know why parents would love to hanker one of these.

Changing kits

Changing kits compromise of baby essentials like diapers, pads, wipes, towels, and more. They come in a bag that contains different compartments for the convenience of carrying baby items around. Its appeal to parents makes it a lot easier for them to carry their need in one lift.

Regular changing pad

As expected, this changing pad is just really your standard changing pad found in all stores. It can be placed in any tabletops or bed when mom has to change her baby’s diaper. Most standard pads would require a cover to prevent leakage or dirt from seeping in the paddings.

Travel changing pad



These changing pads are reusable and folded up like a towel. It’s pretty handy once the family is gone traveling to Granny’s house or somewhere far like the Grand Canyon. They’re usually light and easy to carry. A roll of the changing pad saves enough space in your travel bag.

Disposable changing diaper​

These pads are ergonomically created for parents to throw away after using. It saves a baby from getting germs and diseases with the regular use of most standard changing pads. Disposable changing pads are lightweight and can easily be stashed in travel or infant bags. They often come in packs of ten or more.​

And now that you know what the different kinds of changing pads are, you have to sync it in with your lifestyle and know what’s best for baby. Plus, you have to know which features that may benefit you upon buying it.

Features To Look For In The Best Changing Pad

Best Changing Pad for Babies

Changing baby’s diaper should not be a hassle for parents. Guaranteeing the safety and comfort of your kid can reduce the chances of having a fussy baby. Not to mention, less soiled items and sheets. When buying one, keep these handy features to look for the best changing pad for your child.


Comfort features could mean the softness of the padded material. Babies will wail on a hard surface and would fuss around – making diaper changing a horrible experience! Babies on a soft cushion will calm down and be more relaxed.


Does your changing pad have walls at the side? Is it flat or curvy? Will it add extra protection whenever your child moves? Some changing pads have safety belts so that parents can limit the fussiness of the baby whenever they change diapers.


Changing pads come in either flat or curved. Those with curvy pads will have lesser movement because of the space it’s blocking the baby from. It’s really for those who have uncompromising babies who tried to fight their way out of diaper change. It’s also great for families who are in a car or are traveling.

Fits most tables

Most parents place their changing pads on tabletops and dressers. A certain size of the pad shows whether it is conducive to be placed anywhere for baby’s changing. A changing table is needed at home for those families who want the convenience of storing baby items in one dresser.


Can the changing pad be rolled up and stow away easily? Is it a hassle carrying around when traveling? The functionality of weight and depth plays a huge role for families who are always on the go. Either it can fit the bag or car, or otherwise.

Easy cleaning​

No matter what you do, your child’s poop and pee will always spill on the changing pads. The best thing you can do is seek the best changing pad that can minimize the issue. Either you have to throw away the pad or wipe it clean.​

Now that you know the basics of buying, you’ll probably be scouting for your changing pad right now. If you’ve scoured the internet for it, you’ll be surprised to see plenty of them lining up, review after review. To ease your mind, here, we have listed the top five best changing pads on the market today.

Some Reminders Before Using The Changing Pad

Poop explosions and unexplainable pees happen. Therefore, you’ll be needing lots of handy items like tissue, alcohol, cotton, or rags if you do need to carry a changing pad with you all the time. Remember to take note of your lifestyle and see if it’s conducive to your situation.

Often, public changing pads are dirty and contain germs that can make your child sick. So, it’s definitely handy for you to have the best changing pad in your possession.

The Best Changing Pad For Babies

best choice


After given so much consideration, the reviews have led us to say that the Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad has given parents less than a headache to have their children’s diaper changing moments. The walls have given much security to the fussy baby and will hold him or her down for the moment.

The foam is well-padded and would provide more comfort and support to your kid’s back. The pad is easy to clean and would save parents the time to hustle for it. Additionally, it fits most dressers, especially when parents want to have it on countertops.

What do you say? Do you agree that the Summer Infant is the best changing pad?

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