The Best Cough Drops for Safely Treating Sick Children

Your baby’s cough can mean three things – he or she is down with the flu, has respiratory illnesses, or because of the position your kid finds himself in. When it’s the former, you’ll try giving him the best cough drops to shoo away the cold.

However, for his or her age, will they be okay taking cough drops? Are their coughs severe enough to get you worried? A parent should know whether a baby’s cough is because of the flu or something serious that can harm them. Here, we’ll tell you all about kids coughing, how severe is it, and the best drops accordingly to your child’s needs.


Are Cough Drops Safe For Children?

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Children under two years old should not be given cough drops because that may induce detrimental effects. The decongestant properties will tighten their respiratory system (which is still developing) and may bring on severe palpitations, convulsions, or even death.

Some brands insist that only children two years old and above can take the medicines, while others prefer kids at four years old. No matter what, when your child is feeling sick, it’s best to call the doctor. Although if that's not a big deal, parents will watch over their children in case anything bad happens.


According to the Food and Drug Administration, almost 2,000 infants died sometime in 2007 because of cough drops overdose. Pharmacies and manufacturers removed the over-the-counter medicines for safety purposes.

When giving medications like these, it’s best to consult with your doctor first. Only give the cough drops as prescribed on the label. Never attempt to give a medicine that is made for an adult.​

Coughing In Babies

Coughing In Babies

It’s unnatural for children around four months old to cough rapidly consistently without any pause. It could mean that the child is suffering from cold, or whooping cough. Anyways, at that age, your child should go and see a doctor now.

There are two kinds of cough:

  • Wet cough – a cough accompanied by a bacterial infection. Mucus and phlegm often clogged up in your child’s airways
  • Dry cough – it’s the most common cough babies experience due to the cold or flu.

The best cough drops for children are often geared for two or four year olds. They help relieve nasal and lung decongestion. Coughs in children below three months old are often severe since it’s unnatural for them to be coughing continuously.

Listening To Babies Cough

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There are numerous reasons why children cough. Some are due to the common cold while others have risen from respiratory illnesses while the mother was pregnant with the child. Other causes are listed below accordingly to how the cough sounds like:

Common cold and flu

Your child will have a stuffy nose and, depending on the severity of the flu, phlegm or mucus will clog his airways. Medications, however, will have fatal effects on children younger than two years old. If the symptoms are not upsetting your child, you can leave it alone and do some homemade tricks.

Barking cough or croup

It’s so called like that because the baby’s cough sounds like a bark in the middle of the night. It usually happens after your child caught a cold in the morning. It’s common for kids below four years old.

Whooping cough

This one is a bit tricky – the baby does not have any symptoms of a cold or flu, he or she just coughs continuously. Usually, it’s loud and sounds like a fast whooping noise. Severe whooping cough has your baby’s tongue out and skin changing color.


Children usually choke because they eat more than they can chew. Small toys and parts around the house will be mouthed by a small child too. When kids choke, a cough will follow, but the kid can barely talk. They will be in distress, and their skin will change color as well.

Underlying illnesses

Though quite uncommon, asthma attacks or pneumonia itself may happen because of a viral infection. Asthma has your child wheezing or breathing quite heavily, while the latter is more of a wet cough. Visit your doctor if your child is sick. We can’t stress that enough.

When babies cough, parents have to know whether it’s serious or not. A mild flu often passes by without interrupting your baby’s daily routine. If it’s upsetting him or her, then you can tell that he or she needs to see a doctor.

Know When To Call The Doctor


Coughing is bad enough when it wouldn’t stop. But, how what are the signs that get you rushing to the ER? Here’s when to call for a doctor:

  • Has trouble breathing
  • Skin or lips change to color blue, gray, black, or violet
  • Has high fever
  • Makes wheezing or whooping sounds
  • Coughs up blood
  • Vomiting after coughing
  • Bulging or sunken eyes

If you think it’s beyond your control, and your baby’s cough is not going to pass through the night, call your doctor. He will listen to the sound of your child’s cough and act to treat it. These treatments may vary depending on your child’s needs. These are the best cough drops known in the market and their alternatives.

Cough Drops And Their Alternatives In The Markets

Little Remedies Honey Pops Lollipop

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These lollipops are honey-flavored because the ingredient is best known as germs and bacteria reducing power food. It soothes sore throats in children and will minimize their coughs. It does not have any additional flavors aside from the honey it is made of. Also, the lollipop had no artificial colorings, and the hue is from what honey is made of.

It’s convenient and looks fun for kids to eat. Little Remedies does not contain any alcohol, parabens, and glutens. However, it is only safe to eat for children three years old and above to avoid choking concerns.​

The taste may be is honey but the but kids, being kids, either like it or not. Some children find the product’s taste unpleasant while others just love it. So, it varies. Also, it has a cooling effect that soothes the throat of most children.

Since it’s made of candy, kids take them in just like your regular lollipop. Parents give them to their kids who are above four or five years old. Parents should also store the pops out of the hands of kids who love them. They may get some more, and it’ll hurt their tummies.

Boogie Mist Sterile Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids

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This saline spray is for babies kids who have congested noses because of the mucus stored in there. Those who get stuffy nose because of the flu or allergies can feel relieved as Boogie Mist clears the nasal passages. The nozzle is considered kid friendly so that it won’t hurt them.

Boogie mist can be used alternatively as a saline spray or drop. It’s hypoallergenic and does not contain any preservatives to hurt and injure your baby’s nose. Boogie Mist considers itself as a nasal spray that highly recommended by physicians.

The Boogie Mist is gentle to your little ones and won’t squirm as much as they would do. It’s neither powerful nor too weak when taking away your child’s congested nose. The nozzle is comfortable and does not upset children when sticking it to their noses.

It has a grape-scented smell which many people love. It’s a natural saline spray with purified water and less than a percent of sodium chloride. This means it’s alright to use for babies too. In fact, some mothers have used it on their newborns, infants, and toddlers. The spray shoots out strong and fast which may surprise the kid. Just hold on to your little one, though.​

Ayr Baby Saline Nasal Spray/Drops

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Ayr Baby is a gentle nose spray which can clear up your child’s sinuses. It does not burn or sting your kid’s nose when spraying the medication. Ayr Baby is hypoallergenic and contains no alcohol. Therefore, it won’t hurt or damage your child’s nasal passages.

The product is recommended by physicians and can be used for small babies. Though there will be fussiness with the babies, still, the product does them no harm and clears their stuffy noses right away.

Ayr Baby is ideal for parents who want a gentler medication to clear their babies’ noses. And since it’s been recommended by physicians to use it, moms and dads will be delighted to buy the product and use on their child.

Though it may be gentle, the spraying is quite rapid and strong – especially when you turn the bottle upside down when your child is lying on his bed.​

Boogie Mist Sterile Saline Nasal Spray for Baby and Kids

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Ludens give infants and children alike a soothing throat to reduce their coughs and fight bacteria lingering there. It comes in different berry flavors so that children can enjoy taking it as prescribed. It does not contain any menthol as an ingredient, yet, it’s considered effective in refreshing baby’s throat.

Also, this throat drops are rich in pectin, a compound in plants and fruits that is rich in fiber. Not only it clears up baby’s throats; it eases the stomach as well.​

The taste of the throat drops differs from one child to another. Some say they like it and others don’t. It does not hurt the stomach of the baby because it contains compounds that can fight tummy aches. The absence of menthol in the throat drops makes it more convenient for younger children.

The price is pretty economical, and it’s more like a soothing candy that one can always carry on his or her bag.​

Little Remedies Noses Saline Spray/Drops

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Another product from Little Remedies moisturizes and removes mucus from the nasal passages. It has no alcohol or parabens that can have side effects on infants and babies alike. The alcohol-free spray or drops will not burn or sting your child’s nose.

It works on parents as well, and though it says it can be used anytime, it’s best to drop as often as your doctor says so. Dry nose passages, at least, will be moisturized.​

Little Remedies has plenty of ingredients in its bottles which most parents are wary of. However, if used as doctors have prescribed, it can clear out your child’s nasal passageways quite quickly as most parents have observed. The spray is easy to use because it is aerosolized – just hold the button, then spew the product.

Many people though are still wary with the ingredients of the spray. They also wish that the tip of the bottle was transparent so that they can see if they have to add drops.​

Can You Treat Children’s Cough At Home?

Absolutely. If you assess your child’s situation whether the coughing is serious or not, maybe you can help with soothing the pain for a little while. Here are ways you can help your child to feel better.

  • Bring the steam in your bathroom by heating up the shower. Try sitting with your child there in the bathroom for 20 minutes with the steam up so that he or she can breathe smoothly. Another option is to have a bowl of boiling water nearby and let the steam roll in. Be careful that your child won’t harm himself near the water
  • Have a cool mist humidifier at home. Use it when your child is sleeping or resting. It might help in clearing his or her lungs or simply put his easiness aside
  • Dress your child properly. Like if it’s too chilly outside, have him don on his sweater
  • Have your child drink lots of water or liquids
  • If you want to give your child some medicines, have a talk first with your doctor
  • For children a year old or over, you can give them a little teaspoon of honey. Their digestive tracts can handle it by then.

If you’re unsure of what you are doing – stop. It’s best to call the doctor to take action for your child.

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What’s The Best Cough Drop?

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The answer? No one knows for sure what the best cough drops are. Because each child is distinctive and reacts differently to these medications, there are no cough drops that we can say is best for the general public. However, market wise, Little Remedies Noses Saline Spray/Drops is a best seller in today’s shelves. But don’t buy it on your own! Talk it out with your doctor first.

What about you? Has your baby been coughing as of recently? What did you do about it?

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