Parents Choose the Best Diaper Pails

No one likes a smelly nursery room reeking of tons and tons of baby diapers. That’s why diaper pails were invented to contain the stink with its advanced odor-absorbing technology. Parents know that a nursery is never complete without one.

If you’re new to the parenting world, and wanting to find out more which pail is perfect for your house, here we have mommies and daddies talk about the best diaper pails to keep their little angel's room smelling fresh and clean like heaven.


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Why Do You Need A Diaper Pail?

As a new parent, you would be asking questions like, “Why can’t we just use a regular trash can?” The answer is yes. You can. That is if you’re willing to breathe through the mouth and hold up your nose all through the baby years.

The smell can even bring migraines to you and can make your baby uncomfortable. Don’t even mention about germs and all. Given that a garbage bin is where mostly bacteria build up its nest, don’t you think it made matters worse already?

And that's where you need a diaper pail. They were designed to absorb and lock in the terrible stench of already-pooped diapers.​

When Should You Start Looking For A Diaper Pail?

The need for diaper pails outweighs the cost of buying one. If you want to know, diaper pails can be pretty expensive. But it’s something you’ll have to use for a long time as long as your child is still wearing diapers.

In average, the total estimated number of stinky diapers you’ll be throwing is around 3,000 during your first year with the baby, and it will double during the years to come. That’s roughly eight to nine times in a day and 16 to 18 when your kid is growing up.

But poop and pee are poop and pee. Its stench will only get worse when your baby is eating solid foods. So, when you have a baby, put in mind that you have to set a budget for the best diaper pail already for your home.

How To Choose The Right Pail For You?

Although some adults have chosen beauty over functionality, at the end of the day it’s never about how pretty diaper disposals are, especially a few months later you get to associate the design and color with your baby’s poop.

There are five factors found to have influenced parents to buy a diaper pail:

1. Quality


You have to know whether the quality is good and think that the diaper pail can survive up to three years when your baby finishes his diapers years.

2. How Much The Pail Can Handle Diapers


In continuation to the above-mentioned issue, a diaper can hold around 30 to 60 baby diapers. It’s equivalent to 4 days to a week.

And if your pail can have a powerful stench-absorbing feature, you can survive that long. Some pails have a common odor-holding feature that within a couple of days you can already smell the stench.

3. Disposal Issues With Diaper Pails

Sometimes you still have to open the lid of the bin, and sometimes it’ll only take a step-and-throw, and you’re good.

Yes, parents don’t want to touch the top especially when that bin is for baby’s pee and poo. Hygiene is the number one reason why people would like to have ease of disposal.

Other issues most parents face when it comes to disposal are that the lid got stuck, the cover comes off and hands-off feature for the children not to touch (or play) with the pail.

4. Bag-friendly Diaper Pails

Some bags are too big for the pail, and you need to adjust to having it fit in, while others are too small and you wonder why that happened. There are, however, good diaper pails with bags cut to their size and shape.

Other than that, the pails have certain features like teeth, open-hole or edges around the pail. These features sadly hamper the throwing of bags. Most bags even get caught on the edges and teeth of the bin.

While the best solution to these issues is not to have the bag get heavy with tons of diapers, it defeats the purposes of holding enough diapers against the average capacity of the bag.

5. Controlling Odor


The odor is the reason why the diaper pails exist in the first place. However, there are bins out there that can only offer a standard odor control feature and will stink up the whole place within days.

If you can’t handle the stench, you need to invest in a high-quality filter bag that gives off a sweet scent to mask the stink.

Still wondering what the best diaper pail is for you? Here are parents shouting out their choice of bins.

The 5 Best Diaper Pail Choices On The Market​

1. Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

The Dekor Classic is a step and drops container that won’t let you squish, twist or cram diapers just to fill in the pail. It also features a childproof lock to keep the young ones from playing with their diapers poo.

The bin also features a continuously refillable bag for ease of disposing of the diapers. The Dekor Classic can be filled up to 45 newborn diapers or 15 to 20 for year-olds.


  • Best feature is the bag replacement. Continuous refillable of bags can ease you in knowing when to throw and replace new ones.
  • It’s easy and doesn’t take up much space in the room. Dekor is not that small. Nonetheless, it can hold enough diapers but not to the extent that it will accumulate too many to the point of generating stink.
  • Scented bags. Sweet-smelling bags help the bad smelling diapers.


  • Will let out smell after a few days. The pail is average in locking the smell; it will give out the odor after days of using it.
  • Biodegradables give out a strong smell. You can handle non-bios rotting, but biodegradables will hit you hard.
  • The lid gets stuck or won’t shut properly. Users have to close the lid with their hands manually.

If parents want an ease of changing the bags in the pails, this is one product to try.

2. Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

Another step and drop diaper pail, the Munchkin Step Diaper has a self-sealing system that twists your refillable bag upon closing the lid. Promising to end stink, it also comes with lavender scented bags and puck baking soda for additional odor protection system.

Moreover, it has a childproof button to keep toddlers away from the bin.


  • Foot pedal gives easy access. The lid doesn’t budge an automatically opens when you step on it.
  • Active odor-controlling features. The product did keep its promise of absorbing the stench of the diapers. The self-sealing works well, and with the combination of the lavender-scented bags and baking soda, it controlled the stink.
  • Storage capacity is significant. The pail can hold 45 to 55 newborn diapers and 20 to 25 for growing children.


  • Squishing the diapers. You have to squish and push the diapers down to the bottom of the can. If not, the lid won’t closely, and the bin would let out some weird sounds.
  • There are no rubber grips at the bottom of the can. The pail tends to slide on the floorings whenever you step on the paddle.
  • The gears that twist the bag have limited features. It’s best not to keep the bag filled with diapers since the gears would have a hard time closing them. It defeats the purpose of holding so many diapers, and it’s a waste of bags.

For the parents out there who have concerns about the stench of diapers and would like to fill up the bags before throwing them entirely.

3. The Diaper One N Done

Though some people would like to cram all diapers in the canister for days, the Diaper One N Done lets you take out a few soiled diapers in one bag. Disposal is easy. Just knot the bag and take it out. The bags are inexpensive, just $3 for a refill of 50 bags. The Diaper One N Done is also a childproof bin.


  • Natural change and disposal. The pail comes with a roll of bags through the hole in the bottom. You can just drop the diaper in the bag and then tie it and pull a new bag. It’s hands-free, stepper-free, yet easy to do. It’s also hygienic.
  • For a simple design, it masks odor efficiently. The bin has no frou-frous, and no customized scented bags are available yet, but it can control odor better.
  • Quality made and worth an investment. It’s highly durable and can last for more than three years when your baby grows.


  • It’s too simple. It screams dullness according to some parents.
  • It’s short. It can save space in your room, but it’s more of a problem to taller people.
  • Roll bags are sensitive. If one pulls up the bag quickly, you get to tear the next one.

If you’re a parent who would like to invest in a simple diaper pail yet shouts high-quality features, the Diaper One N Done is a good start. It’s not that expensive, gives you ease in changing and disposing of diapers, while masking the stench formidably.

4. Bundle Tumble Diaper Dropper Disposal

Bundle Tumble is another step-and-drop feature to dispose of diapers. It’s safe for children as it is free of lead toxins and phthalate materials. It’s very sturdy and has easy disposal feature.

It features a child-proof lid opening so kids can’t just play around with it. It’s aesthetically nice and holds up to 40 or even 60 diapers.


  • Two opening and closing lids. There is a locked and unlocked button for the covers so that your child won’t go exploring the diaper pail.
  • Easy step lever. There are no qualms upon opening the lid.
  • Right size for tall and short people. The Bundle Tumble fits in your room without taking up too much space.


  • Odor-absorbing features. Odor control is a bit average as some parents can smell the stench after buying.
  • Using cloth diapers is an issue. The smell would be noticeable. It doesn’t have any issues when putting wet diapers in, though.
  • You have to squish and squash diapers. It can be a little hassle to get messy diapers down there.

If you’re a parent who would like to invest in a simple diaper pail yet shouts high-quality features, the Diaper One N Done is a good start. It’s not that expensive, gives you ease in changing and disposing of diapers, while masking the stench formidably.

5. Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail

The Bubula JR Steel Diaper Pail is metal-made and does not absorb odors like plastic pails. It keeps odors locked in when the lid is closed. Best of all, no specialized trash bags needed, use your standard kitchen bags. It’s hassle free since most diaper pails only use their bags.


  • Saves you costs by using regular garbage bags. You can use an ordinary trash bag without special filters and can still keep odors in when it's closed.
  • The grip on its base. Won't let the bin slide around the floor.
  • Active smell-absorbing feature. It doesn't seem to bother everyone with the smell using a regular kitchen garbage bag. It can also hold around 40 diapers.


  • The pail has no foot pedal. You have to open it by hand, which can be a bit inconvenient. Not to mention it gives you hygiene issues.
  • Moisture problems happen. Especially when the baby pees a lot, the liquid substance from the diapers will stick to the bin.
  • The lid is hard to open. It’ll take you a few tries until the thing opens up.

The product is for parents who wanted the convenience of using a regular trash bag. It saves them the hassle of shelling out money for specialized refillable bags.

Taking Home The Best Diaper Pail Award Is

The Munchkin Step Diaper Pail!

The pedal proves easy access on diaper disposal. The storage capacity is great, especially when the pail can hold 45 to 55 newborn diapers and 20 to 25 for growing children.

It masks odor perfectly with its three-peat stench-control features: self-sealing system, lavender-scented bags, and its puck baking soda. Long after your baby is out in his diapers, you can still use the bin for other disposal reasons. A user claimed she still has her Munchkin Pail for two years.

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