The Best Natural Foods For Happier Living After Pregnancy

Holding your newborn will make you physically oblivious to almost everything but don’t forget your health amidst falling in love with your baby. Look after yourself; pampering yourself like you do your newborn is equally important. Pregnancy and childbirth certainly take a toll on mother’s body. To counter this, eating right is the best practice to regain energy and strength to help with changing diapers and breastfeeding.

Moms who breastfeed typically need extra calories. High-calorie foods that are traditionally recommended for a post-delivery diet include dried fruits, full cream milk, butter, and ghee. Don’t worry, consuming vital nutrients can save you from piling on extra fat.

Here is a list of foods rich in minerals and vitamins that should be eaten after childbirth. Read on!



Sounds like an obvious choice, but nursing moms are vulnerable to dehydration and keeping your body well hydrated is necessary. Drink plenty of water through the day and try to avoid caffeinated drinks such as tea or coffee.

Protein-Rich Foods



Oats are loaded with fiber, calcium, iron, carbohydrates, and proteins. The fiber in oats will help prevent constipation and keep you feeling fuller. You can have the oats cooked with milk, dried fruits, and nuts. Adding chopped fruits like apples, bananas or mango with a bit of cinnamon or Manuka honey will make it your new favorite breakfast food

Lean Beef

Lean beef rich in iron is an energy booster. Being deficient in iron can lower your energy levels and make you feel exhausted. Lack of energy and passiveness is a luxury a new mom can’t afford. Nursing moms require additional vitamin B12 and proteins, and lean beef is going to be a rich source of these essential elements.

Dairy Products​

Dairy products must be on your diet plan, for healthy nursing. Dairy products are some of the best sources of calcium and vitamin D. Both vitamin D and calcium strengthen bones. Consume enough of dairy to meet yours and baby’s needsat least three cups of dairy on a daily basis should be in your diet plan.

Fruits and Vegetables​

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Citrus Fruits​

Oranges are a quick way to boost energy. Citrus fruits and oranges are rich sources of vitamin C something nursing moms need a lot of. Orange juice can be quick snack when you are busy, just sip on some juice and get on with your day.​


Breastfeeding moms should be eating more fruits and drinking juice can help. Keeping yourself hydrated cleanses the body and keeps health issues at bay. Luscious berries are full of vitamins and minerals and provide a good dose of carbohydrates. Eating berries also helps to keep your energy levels up.

Nuts, Seeds, and Legumes​


Sesame Seeds​

Sesame seeds are full of copper, iron, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. The nutrient rich seeds help the body to replenish the essential minerals. Sesame seeds also help keep bowel movements in order. Add a spoonful of sesame seeds to each meal.


Dark colored beans like kidney beans and black beans are an excellent source of iron. Vegetarian moms can add legumes to their diets in place of meat. Beans are not only excellent breastfeeding food but are also a cheaper source of non-animal protein.​

Brown Rice​

Don’t be too quick to lose the baby weight by cutting back on carbs. Losing weight too early can cause less milk production and leaves you indolent. Add grain carbs such as brown rice to your diet. Carbohydrates keep the energy levels up and brown rice provides essential calories to your body that helps produce good quality milk.


Almonds are a rich source of fiber, carbohydrates, and vitamin E. The minerals provided by almonds include zinc, manganese, copper, magnesium, and calcium. Almonds obviously provide a vast variety of essential minerals and vitamins. As an ideal item to have on your diet list, almonds can be a good nutritious snack for munching.

Green Vegetables​

Leafy green vegetables are full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. The fiber in green vegetables keeps the digestive system healthy and running smoothly. The nutrient rich broccoli, spinach, kale, and arugula provide calcium and minerals. Green vegetables keep the moms’ energy levels steady and taste great in a salad.

Other Food Items​

Maitake Mushrooms

Real Dark Chocolate​

Dark real chocolate that is not processed has higher antioxidants than red wine and berries. It is highly loaded with minerals like copper, potassium, manganese, selenium, magnesium, copper, and magnesium. All these minerals will keep you energized and delighteddark chocolate can be a perfect solution to your sweet cravings. Being a good source of fiber, dark chocolate also promises good digestion.


Mushrooms are mostly ignored for their nutritional values. They have essential minerals and vitamins packed within. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B and vitamin D. Vitamin D strengthens the immune system and bones and makes the body less susceptible to infections. Vitamin B boosts up the energy levels and reduces morning sickness.

These, easily and widely available items are a must haves for a new mom to regain her strength. Add these items to your diet for better health because you and your baby deserve to be healthy and happy.

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