Best Nursing Pillows: How Mothers Find The Most Amazing Support

Breastfeeding is highly important for a mother and her child. The milk protects your child from unwanted diseases, boost growth and development, and reduce mother and infant anxiety, stress, and depression. However, leaving your arms in one position for minutes can put a strain on your muscles. That’s why you need the best nursing pillows if you’re going to feed your baby.

We get it. Breastfeeding is a chore. What would have happened if you fed twins or triplets? Or nurse them in the wee hours of the morning and your hands are all lazy? If mothers wanted more arm and baby support, nursing pillows in the market are there to help them.


The Best Nursing Pillows - Top 5

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow

Bottle Feeding

Plus-Sized Women



The Best Nursing Pillow For Bottle Feeding

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner


This polyester cushion is ergonomically designed for babies with all kinds of waist. It helps adjust your baby to properly latch on the mother for breastfeeding. What’s more, this pillow is also made for babies to sit, play, propping, or tummy time.

Because of its versatility, it’ll help baby to be more conscious of their actions and assist in developing muscle strength and body coordination. Additionally, mothers would love the fact that the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner is machine washable!


  • The shape wraps baby well and secures your child firmly in place
  • Comfortable for the baby and the material does not cause any skin irritants
  • It’s machine washable. Therefore, moms have an easier time keeping it clean
  • Convenient for mothers who are large-breasted
  • The Boppy provides other support like Tummy Time, propping, and playing with babies


  • You need to buy covers for it especially when things get messy
  • There’s no good back support for babies when you breastfeed them
  • Overall, the Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner is ideal for women who seek convenience and comfort when nursing their child. Its versatility proves that the cushion can be used for many things like playtime, rollovers, tummy time, and more.

The Best Nursing Pillow For Plus-Size Moms

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow


The Luna Lullaby serves as the largest nursing pillow in the market today and is conducive for large women or those mothers who wish to nurse her twins. Its material is made of polyester and won’t cause any irritants to the skin.

Luna’s cover material is removable and washable which is highly convenient for mothers who want to keep their pillows clean and fluff free. It assists mothers to train their babies on how to latch properly on the nipple for proper feeding. Luna does not have any straps, but rather rely on their v-shaped design for babies to be secured.


  • Its large size can fit most women of proportions
  • Luna’s V-shaped pillow makes it comfortable for women to nurse their child
  • It’s very flexible because mothers can nurse their children in various positions with the pillow
  • It can be used for mothers with twin babies
  • When baby is asleep in his crib, mom can use the pillow as her maternity sleeping pillow too


  • Some women may find it daunting because of its large size
  • It has little support because there are no belts where moms can strap their fussy baby
  • The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is great for versatility and usage. More and more women may also want to use the pillow for their own personal use when it comes to sleeping. Large women and those who have twins can find comfort and ease when using the pillow.

The Best Nursing Pillow For Twins

My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow


The Brest Friend Twins allow you to nurse both of your babies while it wraps around your body and latch the twins around your nipples. The paddings are firm and thick and offer great back support to mothers.

The back cushion is adjustable according to height and would even be modified for baby’s latch on needs. It also makes a great arm rest while your twins are being fed. That can actually lessen the load an strain on your back and arms.


  • Mothers can remove the back support pillow
  • The height is ideal for breastfeeding as the pillow helps twins latch on her breasts properly
  • Great support for mother’s arms and back
  • The pillow is big enough for large-sized mothers
  • Great head support for babies


  • Some mothers find the back cushion uncomfortable and remove it if they can
  • Also, mothers find the pillow too big and bulky for them
  • My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow offers great breastfeeding moments between mother and twins and lessened the burden of carrying two babies. The back support might be an issue for some, but thankfully, you can just remove it. Large women may find the product comfortable for their size.

The Best Travel Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow


Another product from My Brest Friend and this one deflates and inflates if you wish to use it. It can fit in your purse or baby bag when you go out and travel. Just like the original Brest Friend, it wraps around moms and caters to baby’s proper latching when breastfeeding.

The travel pillow is incredibly light and won’t cause any hassle when packing it. When one blows air to it, there’s an automatic hold feature that prevents air leakage. The pillow does not have any Velcro straps, but instead, it has the clip-on like the original Brest Friend.


  • Can fit all kinds of bags when you pack them
  • Dual plug that prevents air leaking out of the pillow
  • Have pockets for you to store important baby items
  • Provides back support and better positioning of mothers and babies
  • It has straps where it can better protect your child


  • It’s not as cushy like other travel pillows
  • Air leaks sometimes. Especially when you overblow the product
  • You don’t need to worry about carrying a heavy nursing pillow with Brest Friend’s inflatable cushion. Like all Brest Friend nursing pillows, it offers great back support and arm rest for the mother, while the baby is latched well on the mother’s nipples. Many users say not to overblow the item because it might leak and deflate especially on an aircraft.

How Can A Nursing Pillow Help You?

Breastfeeding is hard. That’s why there are nursing pillows made for that problem. The continuous holding of your child on that position has created enough pain on your arms that you just want to rest. Late night nursing might be an issue as well, especially if the mother is groggy and super tired that her arms become droopy and weak.


Nursing pillows aren’t considered as necessities in baby care. However, it’ll assist the mother when nursing her baby. It’ll make the moment easier and more comfortable for both of them.​

Helps maintain position

Since the mother’s arms shift position time and time again to find a comfortable position, the baby’s feeding might be interrupted. When the mom adjusts, the baby goes with the position as well. For a hassle-free experience, many parents have opted to buy a nursing pillow for their worries.

Allows more movement for mom

Now that mom’s arms are free, she can move one or both of them to do other things like wiping, answering the phone, checking baby’s schedule for the day, and more. Multitasking is possible with the best nursing pillows around the house. It makes mothers move around and complete their set of tasks for the day.

Takes away the excessive strain on mother’s arms

Holding a baby can be pretty tiring. You may love your little angel, but carrying him around like that can make your muscles sore. Some nursing pillows offer a two-fold cushion where mothers can rest their arms beneath the upper pillow where the baby is lying down.

Comforts the baby even more

The right pillow will make your child comfortable because of the cushioning and the reduced movement the mother makes. From there on, the baby can take his milk peacefully without any stirrings to disturb him. Mothers have to find the perfect pillow that can make her child be a little bit snug.

Nursing pillows may not be deemed vital for most families, but it can be pretty handy to have one when mom has a hard time keeping her arm up when feeding her child. And after that’s been settled, you should now be looking for a nursing pillow that can help you feed your child. But what kind of pillow should you be looking for?

How To Choose The Best Nursing Pillow?



There are various kinds nursing pillows in the market today. Each of them has a set of unique features that make mothers love them so much. So, with all the nice cushions found in stores, how can you choose the best one for you and your child? We’ve listed down some important notes when buying a nursing pillow.


What’s the perfect size for your kid? Make sure it’s wide enough to hold your baby but fits snuggly that your baby won’t fall to one side. Also, it should fit a mother’s lap when the child is latching and feeding. Also, you have to check its height. The best nursing pillows have to be in line with your nipple. In the end, you’ll be sitting around when you feed your child.


The most common shapes you can find on the market are the Cs, Os, Us, full crescent, and the improved boppy-shaped pillows. The shape lets babies fit comfortably on the pillow for breastfeeding. It also serves to support the arms of the mother when nursing her child.

Comfort and padding

The pillow should be comfortable to both the mother and child. The pad must be thick but not hard. It shouldn’t give more burdens to a mom who’s holding her child, but rather, adds support against the weight of the child.


Is the pillow heavy? Add that to a couple of pounds your child weighs, and you finally find yourself in a very uncomfortable position. Buying a nursing pillow should help alleviate your problems and not add up to it.


Is the material safe for children? Will it not wear down to a couple of years more? Or, more importantly, is it easy to clean? A good pillow should be gentle to baby’s skin and won’t irritate it. Also, when your pillow gets soiled, the material should be easily clean. There is pillow that repels water or liquids, and with an easy wipe, it should be clean enough again.

Added safety

Does the pillow come with a safety belt? This added feature provides security to your child and prevents slipups. Also, it’ll reduce the movements of a fussy child. When a baby is hungry, he’ll be hankering and cry around ‘til he gets what he wants – food.

Other features and necessities a mother should look for in a nursing pillow are, and not limited to the following types:

  • Angle of the nursing pillow should promote proper latching of the baby
  • How long you should nurse your child shall make you want to look at pillows conducive to your situation
  • Should the pillow be portable? If you’re traveling or going to places around the town, the pillow you want may be easy to carry in your baby bag.

So, you see, you should be taking in mind so many things when buying a nursing pillow. You’ll be wasting lots of money when you buy the wrong one. In our review, we’ll talk about the best nursing pillow for mothers who are plus-size, have twins, or those who travel a lot.

The Nursing Pillow We Love The Most

best choice

From what we have reviewed above, it’s clear to say that My Brest Friend’s nursing pillows are our favorites. The brand has an innovative type of pillow developments catering families with specialized cushions accordingly to their needs.

From the My Brest Friend Twins Plus Deluxe Nursing Pillow, that provides support to large women and twins, to the My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Nursing Pillow, that offers mothers a great nursing experience when traveling.

We still Are Going To Advocate For Nursing Pillows

While it’s not a necessity, nursing pillows are often considered to be vital when it comes to feeding your child. The best nursing pillows should be something that is conducive to the mother and baby. While many might argue against My Brest Friend’s back rest, it’s good to know that parents can remove it for their own comfort.

All in all, it is one great product. Don’t you think so? Tell us below in the comments!

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