5 Of The Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap For Mothers

After giving birth to your child, you might want to go back to your initial shape. However, you have to tend to your child and daily work that you have no time to care for yourself. You fancy getting back your body back pre-pregnancy term and wanted to know if there’s a best postpartum girdle for your body.

Postpartum girdles are the easiest thing a mother can grab to reshape her body. Though it provides you a faster way of toning your body down to the shape you want, there are other mamas out there who would rather go for a natural method of slimming down. But it will take them probably months.


In reality, there are many reasons why a mother wants to try out a postpartum abdomen wrap other than getting a fit shape of her body. Upon using, I really believe every mama out there would reap the benefits of wearing one.

Postpartum girdles for shaping are only meant for short term, and not to cause any changes to your body system or organs that wouldn't have occurred on their own.

Rounded up are the best postpartum girdle and belly wraps for you and their price range.​

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What You Need To Know About Your Postpartum Girdles

The girdle and belly wrap is made of an elastic, soft fabric that's delicate on the skin. Light, durable and breathable, the girdle offers excellent support for the tummy. They are often made with nylon or polyester.

What Can You Get From Wearing A Postpartum Girdle?

Postpartum Girdle

A girdle is used after the mother delivered her child and for all of the numerous reasons mentioned below. It is just not nearly as comfortable, and you will have material sticking out under your garments that make it obvious you are wearing something underneath.

Not only is it crazy comfortable to wear, however it gives great back support and makes you feel great in your garments again.

It supports in losing the fat of your stomach, love handles and hips

Like a corset it trains you not to overeat during meals and aids when you exercise. You’ll be sweating more and toxins will be flushed out in your system.

It prevents your skin from sagging

It strengthens and squeezes the cells together, leaving no room for it to sag. The best postpartum girdle for your body will make your skin firm and diminishes stretch marks.

Eases back and pelvis pain while correcting your posture

The belt provides immediate relief for the lower back by providing the correct posture. It keeps your body upright and in place.​

The girdle speeds up postnatal body healing

This is rather the main purpose of the postpartum girdle and why was it created. It heals the body and sends it back to what it was before. Additionally, it eases the pain of having a c-section or natural birth by giving pressure to certain areas.​

Why Would You Buy A Postpartum Girdle?

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It'll immediately get your tummy back to its normal state and let you wear your normal clothes without seen creases that make you feel embarrassed. You might think that wearing a girdle around your abdomen will be uncomfortable, but with buying the best postpartum girdle, it's in fact the opposite and can alleviate pain in that region.

Features You Should Look For When Buying

Now, this is not to say that a postpartum girdle or belly wrap works instantly like magic. You have to wear it for a couple of weeks or months, until you get your desired shape. As you may imagine, these belly wraps are not without their controversy. But, many people declare that wearing a girdle after delivery has helped them recover much faster.

  • Breathability features.
  • Adjustable belt or wrap.
  • Stretchable as it is elastic.
  • Lightweight because of the materials used.
  • Size and how wide it can cover your body.
  • Quality made product.
  • Easy to wear.
  • The effectiveness of its functions.

See here to know size and how wide it can cover your body.

Tips In Wearing Your Postpartum Girdle

Generally, there are not many risks associated with wearing them if you do them correctly. Experts also warn that wearing it too long can have got the reverse effect. Don’t simply rely on your girdle. For you to get back in shape, we recommend you do exercises and diet while using this product.

  • It’s best to wear an undershirt when putting on the girdle. That way you can’t sweat on it. Because if you do, it’ll be hard to take dampness and smell off.
  • Remember to adjust the girdle accordingly. Don’t wear it if you can’t handle how tight it is.
  • Regularly wash it.

How Long Should You Wear It?

Since a postpartum girdle is not like a steel corset, you can get to wear it everyday. Remember to take it off though when you go to sleep or shower. You can keep on wearing your girdle until you get your body results. Just don’t overdo with it.

Review Of The Best Postpartum Girdle For 2017

1. Just Us Store Fajate VS Colombian Post-Surgery Postpartum Body Shaper Girdle

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Just Us has its compression on the abdomen and waist and will be perfect for postpartum usage. It has an open crotch in case you want to go to the loo so you don’t have to take the whole girdle off.

You can have it at ease since the fabric breathes through the materials. Will this be one of your mommy must-haves?

The bin also features a continuously refillable bag for ease of disposing of the diapers. The Dekor Classic can be filled up to 45 newborn diapers or 15 to 20 for year-olds.


  • The material has great compression against the body areas women wanted to reshape.
  • The nylon is thick and strong yet it’s quite comfortable as it brushes against your skin.
  • It really gives you a nice back support to improve your posture.
  • It’s lightweight, so you can move around freely on it.
  • Overall, it lifts your butt, shapes your waist and hides your curves!


  • The short leggings of the girdle would roll up.
  • Too bad for women who have small jugs. The bra portion of the girdle is way too big.
  • It’s uncomfortable to walk if the legs roll up.

Best for: Mommies who wanted their backs to improve and at ease after pregnancy while at the same time smooth their curves and hide flaws.

2. Belly Bandit Original Postpartum Belly Wrap

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The original Belly Bandit wanted to firm, tighten and curtail your belly, waist and hips after giving birth to your child. Its compress core can be adjusted to fit your belly size to have the results you wanted.

What’s more, it aids back, leg and core muscles as it improves your posture and adds pressure to those areas. It also gives you the perfect support when you breastfeed your baby.

Since, it compresses your body a little bit tightly; it keeps your skin firm and minimizes stretch marks.


  • It provides back support and makes it easier to stand up and walk after birth.
  • Helps in contracting the uterus into its normal size.
  • A lot of other mommies have reported that it shrinks their belly quite fast.
  • The band is comfortable to use and easy to adjust.
  • It helps ease the post c-section pain.
  • It compresses nicely to your curvy areas.
  • It helps lessen the bloated feeling you have after childbirth.


  • It’s hard to transition from sitting down to standing up and vice versa.
  • The girdle scrunches your shirt if you sit or bend.
  • The fabric is hard and stiff – a little too similar to a corset.

Best for: Easing the pain in your post natural or surgery pain while supporting your posture. The Belly Bandit is also popular for moms out there who would want a faster belly shrinking girdle.

3. Squeem "Perfect Waist" Firm Compression Waist Cincher Shapewear

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They promised that ‘sophistication meets sensuality’ and Squeem delivers that function as it smoothens your belly and curves while delivering an excellent back support and correcting posture.

The cincher has an internal boning that stops the garment to roll up. The three-filtered lining is thick yet comfortable enough for you to wear.


  • The girdle does a good job in compressing your midsection and waist area.
  • The material is breathable and is of good quality.
  • The pressure is good that it supports your back well to good posture.
  • This waist cincher hides your curves very well and is mildly discreet under your everyday clothes.
  • Squeem is quite stable and doesn't move around and is comfortable to wear.


  • Highly depending on other delivered products, this one comes out with a heavy rubbery smell.
  • The boning structure warps and would get into an awkward position.
  • The steel bones make it harder to sit down and bend.
  • You can’t easily wear this in public, lest you want people to notice that you do.

Best for: Mothers who want to stay at home and do light activities. Even with the little activities you do, the Squeem still assists you in your body reshape goals.

4. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Corset

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The Bellefit Corset is perfect for most body shapes and one can adjust it simply for more compression as you progress. You can wear your Bellefit after birth with your doctor’s supervision to see your body's natural process of recovery.

Not only they are to be used for reshaping the body, they really are considered as medical garments to help mothers with Hysterectomies and Diastasis Recti. They give back support, posture improvement and compression.


  • Bellefit compressed all the loose skin tightly, yet leaving you in comfort.
  • The girdle provides you back and lower abdominal support on the spot where you need it most and highly improves your posture.
  • The material of Bellefit is strong and does not stretch out in a teary way.
  • Opening in the crotch area is convenient and easy.
  • You will feel great and comfortable in any position, either you sit or bend.
  • A high quality product and holds you in better after childbirth, especially when you have a post c-section at the hospital.
  • Lessens the pain and numb feeling of the surgery.
  • Fast in shaping your body.
  • The girdle does not hurt and will support you when you sneeze, cough, or laugh.


  • Knowing your size with this brand is a bit tricky.
  • Highly depending on your size, the girdle can either be a fit or a mess.

Best for: Mothers who starts out using the girdle and wants to progress through the months go by. Mommies who also want some efficiency and comfort when resuming daily routines can have the Bellefit as it goes along your position and won’t bother you when you either sit or bend.

5. TiRain Postpartum Support Shapewear

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TiRain’s shapewear is what you can say skin-friendly as the material is created with high quality. Its lightweight fabric is very comfortable, breathable and easy to wear.

Supports ease in having the uterus shrink down, hold your back and keeps belly flat, while redefining the waist and relieves intense back pain. Tightens and firms the skin, resulting to a more reduced stretch marks.


  • Helps even the most sensitive tummy settle a little more comfortably.
  • Relieves pelvic and back pain after childbirth.
  • The fabric might be soft but it’s thick enough for compressing your curves and loose skin.
  • Noticeable belly reduction function.
  • Suitable for standing and walking for long periods of time.


  • Like Bellefit, you have to know the sizing and spot the differences on the size charts. How small or large it is affects the girdle works with your body.
  • Depends upon the user, TiRain has three belts and receives a mixed review from different mothers with one saying she loves it while the other says she is uncomfortable with it.

Best for: Mommies who want that extra push in compressing loose skin or curves.

Our Choice

best choice

We believe that the best postpartum girdle consists of quality made material and functions, and we have seen that in Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Corset.

The material is light, yet thick for better compression. However, it does not leave you feeling stuffy, but rather quite comfortable with wearing it. Mothers would be so happy to know that the girdle supports back and abdominal muscles and improves your posture.

But the best part is – you can move freely and easily, whether you are sitting or bending. Bellefit offers its adjustment features if the mother would like to step up her waist training.​

Straight from us, we think it’s the best postpartum girdle, don’t you agree? Tell us below of your experiences with girdles or belly wraps.

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I totally agree with you that this girdle had rightfully earned this first position on the list. I really found a great ease with its use. I am highly comfortable wearing it to work even with my off-the-shoulder tops. It’s a great postpartum girdle.


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