Top 10 Best Types of Clothing for Babies

There are thousands of styles and types of baby clothing, and while almost all of them are undeniably cute, not all of them are practical — and practically matters. Getting a kid into a cute outfit is one thing: getting them to stay in it is another. Baby clothes have to be comfortable to wear for baby, and easy to launder for the parents.

So what types of baby clothes are best? Read on to find out!

1) Onsies


Onsies are not only super cute, emphasizing baby’s adorably rotund shape, but they are wonderful in terms of functionality. Acting like a baby bodysuit, onesies snap up in between the legs, so baby’s shirt doesn’t ride up, exposing their bellies. (As kissable as their tummies are, babies do need to stay warm.) In a onesie, baby’s top will stay firmly in place.

Pro tip: Try to get a onsie with a fold down neckline. Babies really don’t like having things pulled over their heads, so this folding neckline allows you to put the onsie on and take it by pulling it down or up.

2) Sleepers

Contrary to the name, sleepers are for more than sleeping. Characterised as a one-piece article of clothing that zips or buttons up the front and often (though not always) has feet, sleepers keep baby warm even when they kick off their blanket at night. Since sleepers offer a one-stop clothing option and range from simple to super stylish, many parents use sleepers for everyday wear as well.

3) Diaper Shorts

Diaper Shorts

Parents of baby girls know that babies don’t care about dignity or fashion. Even if you put them in the most beautiful dress, chances are the skirt will end up around their heads and their diaper will be exposed.

OK, it’s cute, and while there really is no decorum lost in a baby showcasing their perfectly chubby legs, the exposed diaper does ruin the dressed-up look. This is when diaper shorts come in handy. Available in a range of colours and materials, they cover baby’s diaper, giving a more polished look.

4) The Wetsuit

Baby’s skin lacks the thickness and melatonin to protect it from the sun, which means it is even more prone to sunburn. Baby wetsuit style bathing suits are ideal swimwear since it covers more of baby’s body, and usually has a built-in SPF.

5) Grip Socks​

Photo by Kate Krivanec on Unsplash

Older kids may love sliding across the floor in their socks, but when baby is first mobile, they appreciate a little help. Grip socks have tiny rubber pads on the bottom, helping baby to grip the floor and preventing slipping.

6) Nothing White​

Ah, the purity of white paired with the purity of your wee bairn. Unfortunately, while this duo may look good, it is far from practical. Babies spit up and spill with alarming regularity, and breastmilk and formula can stain.

Baby can be washed and restored to their pristine, smell-free glory, but the same can’t always be said for their clothing. So, whenever possible, steer clear of white. (And steer towards these top 5 cute bath stands for baby!)​

7) Cotton​


Equally breathable, comfortable and cosy, cotton is an ideal fabric for baby clothes. Babies can’t regulate their own temperature until they’re older, so you need to help them get warm when they’re cold, and get cool when they’re warm. Since cotton is a thermoregulating fabric, it can help you do this.

8) Buntings​

Buntings are wonderful for newborns. A bunting bag is like a sleeping bag for baby that has a hood and zips up the front. Since it is warm and cosy, a brand new baby will be comforted by this outerwear, since it mimics the womb. Older babies, however, will likely feel restricted since it confined their arms and legs, so keep buntings for very young babes.

9) Stretchy Pants​

Stretchy Pants

Baby Levis may look adorable, but they can feel a little limiting for babies. Instead, opt for stretchy pants that can easily be pulled on. (Just think about how much you love your stretchy pants!)

10) Side Snap Shirts​

Remember what we said about babies not liking to have things pulled off or on over their heads? That’s the beauty of side snap shirts: you don’t have to annoy baby just to get him or her dressed. These tops simply snap up on the sides.

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Sam - October 31, 2017

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