5 Reasons You Should Teach Your Kids About the Family Budget

If yours is like most families, money is a source of stress in your household. You let your mind drift to the mounting pile of past due bills as your daughter tells you about her day at school. She gets frustrated because she can tell you’re not really listening, and so you snap back.

You were already at your wit's end, so it doesn't take much to push you over the edge. Your daughter knows nothing of bills, and yet she feels the weight they put on your family.

That's one of the blessings of being a child. You can life carefree and not have to worry about bills. No one is suggesting you burden your child with your financial woes, but it can help to give them a feel for what's going on. Even when you have substantial savings and want for nothing, it's important to have a budget.

Here are 5 reasons you should teach your kids about the family budget.​

5 Reasons Why You’ll Love PopYum Baby Bottles

PopYum is so different, most moms who see how it works for the first time say ‘Wow!’ or ‘Where was this when my kid was little!’.

PopYum stores water and formula separately in the bottle until hunger calls. When baby is hungry parents can now comfort baby with one hand while making fresh formula in seconds with the other. With a single hand, simply pop (press the buttons on the PopYum bottle to release powder formula into water), shake a few times and yum!

PopYum is different from any bottle on the market, so PopYum made a handful of helpful videos including this one which does a great job of showing how to load a PopYum bottle.​

The Best USA Getaways for Families

Travel is so important for families. It helps you all bond together, solve problems together, and make beautiful, long-lasting memories together. From active benefits to passive benefits, travel is good for the soul through and through. It can, however, be difficult. There are plenty of challenges that will throw a wrench into your plans, but thankfully being adequately prepared enough can often smooth out these kinks of traveling with ease.

Tips on Staying Positive During Pregnancy

Your body undergoes a huge amount of change during pregnancy. For many women this can be very stressful. Couple that with worries about relationships, finances and general health and it’s no wonder you’ll find yourself feeing down. Worrying and negative feelings can have a significant effect, not just on your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, but the health of your baby as well.

It’s important to go through pregnancy with a positive attitude because this then allows you to concentrate on the important things such as sleeping properly, eating well and exercising. It will also give you the chance to bond with your baby that is developing inside of you. If you’re wondering how you can stay positive with so much going on, here are some tips to help you.

Electric Cars for Kids: Pros and Cons in Buying One

Over the years, children have found different ways to while away their days. Hours they spent playing in the playground and running around the neighborhood with their friends have turned into hours smashing buttons on their newest consoles and swiping across the screen of a tablet.

It may even be said that playing outside has lost its appeal to children. Times have truly changed – children finding easy entertainment in just the palm of their hands, where everything they could ever need is just a swipe away.

In a fast-moving world where everything is quickly turning digital, aided by electronics and modern technology, electric cars for kids have come to shake the market. These small power wheels are fun and cool to play with. But the most critical question parents are asking is if it’s safe.​

Here are some pros and cons of buying an electric car for your kids.​

Terrible Twos – Teaching Twins to Share

Terrible twos can be a troubling time for all parents, but they can be particularly frustrating for those with twins, as this requires parents to navigate the terrible twos, times two! Sharing can be a big problem for parents with twins, and although there will be quick fixes like twin prams which are perfect for dividing twins mid tantrum, this behavioural development phase does require deeper understanding.

It is a crucial development and learning phase for children as the terrible twos are a significant growth period where children are learning to push the boundaries and discover right and wrong. It is a period in a child's development when they learn new skills and abilities and there becomes a struggle between their reliance on their primary caregiver and their want for independence.

How to Prepare a Nursery for Your New Baby

Finding out you’re pregnant is a significant milestone in a parent’s life. You get to experience the incredible changes your body is going through, along with creating a new bundle of joy! When it’s your first baby, however, it can often feel overwhelming to try to work out exactly what you need, both during pregnancy and when you bring your baby home for the first time.

Designing and decorating the nursery is one of the most exciting stages of preparing your home for your baby. Whether you know the gender of your little one or not, there are a few failsafe methods for ensuring your baby’s nursery is relaxing and cozy. Ask yourself the following questions to help you decide:​

baby room
  • What style and color do you love? The color you choose can influence how relaxing the room is for you and the baby. Opt for pastel colors, rather than harsh, bright tones.
  • What’s the focal point? In the nursery, there will be a number of large furniture items, including the crib, so will this be the focal point? If so, you could design a mural or accent wall to draw the eye.
  • How much furniture do you want in the room? There will be certain furniture items within the room, including a crib, but do you also want a nursing chair and a changing table? A nursing chair will allow you to feed the baby while sitting comfortably. If you add a changing table, you will also need a system for disposing of dirty diapers.
  • What storage systems will you use? You may not think it, but babies come with a lot of stuff! From endless clothes and diapers to the beautiful gifts family and friends will buy, you will need somewhere to store it. Choose shelving and cubby holes to ensure you keep their items clean, and tidy, and the nursery clutter-free.
  • How will you light the room? A nightlight is ideal for providing comfort and safety during night feeds. Avoid harsh lighting by choosing a dimmer switch for the overhead light.
  • How will you heat the room? A baby needs to be warm and cozy, especially when winter approaches. However, it’s also essential they do not overheat. It’s a delicate balancing act to ensure your baby’s nursery is kept at the optimal temperature. You may, therefore, need to update the radiators in the room. A vogue radiator offers a contemporary solution to warming the room, while they provide stylish towel radiators, their column radiators also offer a sleek design.
  • What necessities should the nursery contain? It’s essential not to wait until the last minute to stock the nursery with all the items you will need. These include diapers, lotions, ointments, clothing, and so on. You will want them close to hand when you first bring your baby home and you are getting used to feeding, bathing, and clothing your new arrival.
  • What gadgets should you include? Many parents swear by their baby monitor, and there are numerous options available. New parents may decide a monitor with a video camera is the best to keep their mind at rest while their baby is sleeping. You turn it on, and you can watch over your little one from the comfort of the couch.

Bringing your new baby home signifies a massive change in your lifestyle. You are no longer a couple; you are now a family of three (or maybe four!). Preparing the nursery is an exciting task for new parents to undertake together, so take your time, and truly enjoy the run-up to welcoming your new arrival.

How To Protect Your Baby If You Have A Car Accident

Having an accident with your baby in the car can be a unique challenge. Even if it’s a fender-bender, the experience can be shocking and disturbing. A car accident was likely not even a consideration while planning the life of your family, but they are common, with an average of over 12.2 million vehicles involved in crashes each year. And many accidents are simply unavoidable. But early preparation and knowing what to do can help you and your baby minimize the effects of the accident and get back to life as usual.

Bicycles & Phones: A Dangerous Combination

As your child grows, having to drop them off at school on a daily base may interfere with your working schedule. One way that you can circumvent dropping your child off at school every day is to get them a bicycle that they can ride to school.

Children always want to experience fun and adventure while they ride to school. Currently, the average age that a child who lives in Denver that uses a bicycle to get to school is ten years old, which also happens to be the same age a child receives a phone in the U.S.

When you combine riding a bicycle and looking at your phone, riding a bike becomes unsafe. If you end up getting a bike for your child to use to get to school every day, you need to make sure they never ride while they look at their phone.​

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