Can Alcohol Affect A Pregnancy Test? Sick And Tired Of Lies

You missed your period, and now you’re wondering if you’re pregnant as you check the timeframe of your last deed. But last night, it seemed like you binge on your alcohol drink and wonder if it would affect your baby or the results of your test kits. But seriously, can alcohol affect a pregnancy test?

Most women will ponder on this dilemma; however, alcohol will not affect a pregnancy test. Over-the-counter drugs, drinks, or antibiotics, can’t give you that false results either because they don’t have a direct correlation with the pregnancy hormone. Though alcohol does not affect your test, it can affect your baby’s development.


The Relationship Of Alcohol And Pregnancy Hormones


You can detect that you’re pregnant when there’s a high presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine. Alcohol has nothing to do with the pregnancy hormone because it has no compounds that can modify hCG.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean you can freely drink to your heart’s content. If there’s any chance that you are indeed pregnant, you should stop drinking upon knowing it. It’s quite common that many women err in drinking light to heavy amounts of alcohol. That one is understandable if they don’t know that they’re expecting. However, one should stop upon knowing the positive results.

You’re not alone in this world who pondered so much whether can alcohol affect a pregnancy test. It can’t affect your results, but the continuous drinking of liquors can harm your child’s development and may result in premature labor.​

Are There Any Factors That Can Affect Pregnancy Results?

pregnancy test

Yes, there are. Most of these are simple erring ways on taking the test with a pregnancy kit. Other influencers deal with medicines that have compounds that can affect the hCG of the human body. Here are some factors that can affect pregnancy tests:


Perhaps you’ve taken the test too early. More often, pregnancy should be taken around during your period due date. So, even if you are pregnant, the test results will still show negative because you’ve taken them quite early.

Urine sample


Women should take their urine samples at the first waking hour in the morning. This is due to the high concentration of hCG in the urine. Afterward, you may execute a pregnancy test within 15 minutes upon taking the sample. Because when exposing too long, the urine will dilute and hCG will be low. Drinking too much water will also result to lower hCG levels.


Have you missed a step? Did you wait for 10 minutes? How many samples should you use? Not following instructions can clearly sabotage a pregnancy test. Pregnancy kits often come with different labels and guidelines, and therefore, would need of proper execution.

Hormone-induced medication

Some medicines contain amounts of hCG and would, therefore, interfere with the results of your pregnancy test. These hormones can be in antihistamine, tablets for convulsions, and diuretics among many others. Even if you’re not pregnant, a test can result in a positive one.

Underlying illness

Certain diseases like kidney stones, UTI, or bloody urine can affect pregnancy tests because they can alter hCG readings. Also, tumors in the reproductive system might give false readings when a woman seeks pregnancy tests. Other rare cases include hysterical pregnancy when women and even men experience pregnancy symptoms even though it’s not there.

Buying expensive pregnancy kits for you to use or practice homemade pregnancy exams might not really give an accurate result if you can’t take the time or use your resources properly. The best way to know if whether you’re pregnant or not, is to seek medical advice. And don’t think whether can alcohol affect a pregnancy test!

How Alcohol Affects A Fetus’ Development

Alcohol has a known compound called teratogen that can harm physical and mental development. For babies, it can cross the placenta into the bloodstream and would, therefore, harm his or her growth – especially the brain and cells. Here are other ways in which alcohol can induce more harm to your child.

Stunted growth

Children with mothers who drank too much alcohol will be a lot smaller than children around his or her age. Stunted growth happens due to malnutrition of the child during in the womb and because of the destruction of growth cells.

Physical disabilities

Children will be born with facial disabilities as can be seen upon reaching the age of two or three years old. For example, kids will be having a smaller head and large or sunken eyes.

Mental capabilities​

This goes beyond slow learning and low scores at school. Children will have a hard time comprehending their surroundings and might lead to more serious mental disorders.

Heart and spine defects​

Due to poor forming of the organs and bones, your child will easily be ill with congenital heart diseases and osteoporosis.

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome​

It’s the most severe result of alcohol consumption by the mother. Children born with FAS are characterized suffering from heart diseases, birth defects, and damaged mental capabilities which aren’t reparable after birth.

Other results​

Mothers who drank too much liquor will give birth prematurely or to low weight baby. Other severities may cause miscarriage and babies born with hearing or eyesight problems.

Most women drink when they still don’t suspect that they’re pregnant. However, when that is forgivable, one should stop as soon as she learned that she is pregnant. Other women can control their thirst for liquor, while others struggle with alcohol abuse.

Mothers Overcoming Alcohol Addiction​

Alcohol is detrimental to your child’s development. In any case that you’re addicted to it, seek help from a therapist. If you want to start acknowledging or practicing self-recovery on your own, then, do these steps. It might help you on your way to a happy and healthy motherhood.

Acknowledge that you’re addicted to alcohol​

​Knowing that you love to drink alcohol will ultimately lead you to cutting off of it. You know why it’s bad for you and that you south help from recovering away from the drink. With that, you gradually see what you need and aim for in your life – a healthy pregnancy.

Reduce alcohol intake while you can​

It’s a pain for alcoholics to stop drinking wine or beer abruptly. Instead, and if possible, limit the intake. That way, your body can get used to its absence slowly.

Don’t tempt yourself​

Stay away from midnight friends or officemates during a Friday night. If you want to rid yourself of the temptation, then, go home. Remember – out of sight, out of mind.

Have a support buddy​

It can be your parents, siblings, friends, or even your spouse. They can remind you of your drinking ways and help put a stop on it. They can be your crying shoulder when you’re depressed, anxious, or sad. So, instead of turning to alcohol, turn to those you love the most for your problems. It will also reduce the chances of postpartum depression.

Announce your plan to drop drinking alcohol​

Do you know why? Once everybody knows, you have more motivation and pressure to keeping and doing what you said. And when you break off that promise, you’ll feel guilty right?

Go to a rehab center

If you want to start life anew, there’s no shame in going to a rehab center and ask for help. Therapists will give you exercises and training that can alleviate your issue.

These are ways on how to curb the problem because the drink can affect your pregnancy – but never can alcohol affect a pregnancy test, okay?​

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Healthy Mommy, Healthy Baby

When mom has a healthy pregnancy, surely, giving birth to a hearty and hale child will happen. Often, it’s the food and drinks that modify a child’s development. Drinking alcohol won’t affect your pregnancy test but will harm your baby’s growth.

How about you? Do you have an issue with alcohol? Let us know!

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