7 Tips If Sibling Hates The New Baby – Can I Make Them Bond?

Having a new born is not entirely a blessing if your firstborn hates the new baby. As parents you are worried and want your kids to have a healthy and lovely bond with each other. Well it’s not entirely hard to make your firstborn love the new born. If you plan tactfully since the beginning you have everything sorted out. Here are some tips you can use to make them bond.

1. Develop the Bond From the Beginning


Tell your kid that they are going to have a baby sibling months before the birth of new baby. Make them familiarize with the idea that there will be another kid in the house. Keep talking to them about having a new baby time to time. Talk to them how it will be good and fun and how they will have partner to play with. They will be big brother or sister and how they can help you take care of the baby.

While shopping for the baby ask for their opinion. What do they think of baby boutique clothes for their new sibling? What colour do they think will look nice on them? Make them participate in welcoming the new baby.

2. Buy Same Clothes for Both Kids

A common practice is that parents buy new stuff for the new baby and not everything is new for the older baby. Seeing their younger sibling having all the new dresses and toys make the older siblings jealous. To avoid this sibling jealousy, parents should try to buy new stuff for the older baby as well.

Our expert suggestion is that buy same baby clothes for your kids. You can make them wear same cute unicorn baby outfits for a positive vibe. Twinning in the same dress help them bond and your first born will also not feel being left aside while the new born has all the new things.

3. Give Your Older Baby Special Time

Parents are usually so busy with the new born that they forget to give time to their other kid. They think that it’s normal and the older kid should understand that the new baby needs extra time and care. But they are babies themselves and they are already copping up with the idea that they have to share the attention, love and care of their parents with someone else.

Give them some special time. Be it a 15 minute story time or listening to their stories and answering to their questions. Make them feel important. Don’t ignore them when they try to talk to you. Don’t tell them that you are busy with the new baby and they should understand it.

4. Listen to Older Baby’s feelings


Sometimes out of jealousy kids say things like they hate the new baby, they don’t like them. As parents it’s hard to know that your older kid does not love the younger sibling. They tell the kids to not to say that again. But it’s ok to let them say whatever they feel. Don’t let them develop and hide the negative feelings in their heart. Letting their emotions out will make them feel better. And you can have a better plan to develop the positive energy among your kids.

5. Appreciate Their little Efforts

Involve your older kid in taking care of the younger sibling. Ask them to bring you their milk bottle. Let them hand you over the wipes while you are changing the nappies. Ask them which dress to pick from baby boutique clothes or unicorn baby outfit. Appreciate all their little efforts in helping you. Tell them you are proud of them.

6. Reinforce the Positive Vibes

It is important that you emphasize on the positive things your kid does and minimize the criticism on their bad behaviour. Talk to your new baby aloud praising your older kid. Tell the baby how lucky they are having such a good big sibling, how they can have fun together when the baby gets older. How they play together and support each other. Admire your older kid when the relatives come to visit. Tell them how responsible they are and how good they are in helping you in taking care of the new baby.

7. Balance Your Attention Between Both Kids

Sometimes hearing all the time that the new baby needs mommy and you can’t pay attention right now to your older kid can be a cause of sibling jealousy. To balance your attention between both kids you can sometimes tell the new baby “not now” the big brother or sister need mommy right now. Mommy have to prepare food for the older brother. Say this kind of stuff when your older kid can hear it. You can say it when the new baby is content playing in their cot or busy with dad happily. This way your older kid will feel that they are the centre of your attention. It will make them feel good.

We hope you will get some tips and trick after reading this article to make sure your kids have a good sibling bond. Follow these tips to make sure your first born is as fond of the new baby as you are. Instead of creating a fuss they are helping you in handling the new baby and new routine with love.

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