Can You Take Melatonin While Pregnant? How To Sleep Better

While it’s true that mothers often found themselves sleepy during their first semester, they secretly suffer from insomnia. Not to mention that when you’re pregnant, you’ll have tons of backaches, leg cramps, constipation, and the urge to pee, enough to bother your zzz’s.

So, how to sleep better at night if can’t just get some good shut eyes? Some pregnant ladies take melatonin so that they can sleep better at night. But the problem is – can you take melatonin while pregnant? Would you consider the supplement safe?


What Is Melatonin?


Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. The gland is responsible for your body’s sleep cycles. Though it can be found in your everyday diet, most pregnant ladies take the tablets.

Higher melatonin levels will make people sleepy, and lower production levels of the gland will keep people awake. Melatonin production differs according to the food a person eats, the weather, and age of the individual. The supplements are taken to fight jet lag or insomnia. It can control sleep patterns of the body so as to regulate their daily habits.

Some uses of the medication are:​

  • Fight seasonal affective disorders
  • Lessen chronic headaches
  • Reduce confusion after surgery
  • Control body clock of graveyard employees

If a mommy-to-be plans on taking the supplement, she has to talk it first with her doctor. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that much good for her lifestyle.

Is Melatonin Safe For Pregnant Ladies?

Yes. But any thoughts on how much can you take melatonin while pregnant? Melatonin is relatively safe if taken in small dosage. While it has shown no significant harmful effects on the body or development of the baby, melatonin is merely a supplement and should not be treated as a medication. And because of that, the Food and Drug Administration of America does not regulate the tablets.

While some doctors are against it, there are those who believe it to be useful especially for women who suffer severe insomnia to the point that it affects the growth of the baby. The bottom line here is that if you want to take melatonin supplements, you got to talk to your doctors first.

Possible Side Effects Of Melatonin


Just because you’ve taken the right amount of dosage, that does not mean you’re free from any side effects. The supplement might be safe but here are possible outcomes of it.

Blood pressure

There’s the probability that melatonin might affect your blood pressure; therefore, if you take the supplements, you have to enlist yourself on regular check-ups and screenings. Blood clotting and high sugar levels can also happen.

Drowsiness and nausea

Melatonin will definitely make you sleepy and would wake up groggy by the next day. So, if you’re a working woman, it’ll affect your mornings with it. Other side effects will result in mood changes, palpitation, hot or cold flushes, dizziness, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

Lower body temperatures

For the human body to function properly, we have to have an average body temperature of 37.5° degree Celsius. Less than that will cause protein damage, fatigue, lack of body coordination, difficulty in mental execution, and more.

Counteract hormonal changes

When you’re pregnant, your hormones are acting up to prepare you for your child. Nonetheless, melatonin supplements might mess up what hormonal changes would do for you when you’re pregnant.

All in all, mothers are advised to sleep naturally and all the better. If they have a hard time sleeping, we have to know why and help them if we can. Can you take melatonin while pregnant? Sure, but you have to know the possible side effects of it first.

Why Is Sleeping Hard For Pregnant Women?


Pregnant ladies should have enough sleep for them to stay healthy, but it’s quite difficult to follow through. See why it’s that hard to be a mama.

Frequent urination

Your progesterone hormone level is high, and because of your baby pushing your bladder, you would feel the need to pee all the time. All the blood rushing in your kidneys and your growing child shoving and moving down there, would put you on endless nights of getting up and urinate.

Body aches


Your fidgety baby is in your tummy, your breasts and pelvis hurt, and you’ll be having more back aches in the future. Why? Blame it on the hormones. During pregnancy, it will try to loosen up your joints and ligaments. That’s why pregnant ladies are prone to accidents (yikes!). The excruciating pain will keep mommy awake at night!

Heartburn and morning sickness

If your morning sickness is making you awake at night (yes, it’s possible), it’ll have you rushing to the bathroom and vomit. Reflux would be common during the first half of your pregnancy because your baby moves and pushes against your stomach or intestines.

Weight gain


It’s a serious matter for most women because it’ll make them snore. And snoring means a route to sleep apnea – where people stop breathing for as much as 10 seconds. It can affect your kid’s development as it can lead to low-birth-weight children. The primary cause of this problem is weight gain or obesity of pregnant women.

Tingling nerves or Restless Leg Syndrome

A particular population of women felt some tingling nerves on their legs. Similarly to an ant crawling, it’ll have women wake up in the middle of the night and have a hard time falling asleep. The culprit? Low folic acid and iron intake.


It’s often the common cause of insomnia in most people, and so it’ll be with a pregnant woman too. Mothers-to-be will have jitters thinking all about their babies.

A lot of times, insomnia is just an underlying symptom of a possible illness. We cannot emphasize enough to tell you that you should go and see a doctor now and often.

Eight Tips To Have A Nice Sleep

Whatever is keeping you awake, you might want to follow some doctor’s advice on how to reset your body clock. But here’s what you can do in the meantime:

  • If you want to nap in the afternoon, keep it short! That way, you can fully sleep during nighttime. Have an alarm propped on with you if you must have some shut eye
  • Feel hot? Your body temperature goes down if you’re pregnant. Switch on the fans and AC to make you feel comfortable
  • If you must chug down caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea, do it in the morning or early afternoon so that the caffeine would not disturb your sleep
  • Don’t do any strenuous activity before bedtime
  • Read, do yoga, or drink warm milk or water before your shut eye
  • Sleep on your left where it’s more comfortable for you and your baby. Not only that, sleeping on your side, preferably your left, will increase the blood flow and nutrients reaching your placenta
  • No late night snacks! You may be pregnant, but the general rule still applies: eat like a pauper for dinner. Or, in your case, eat like a pregnant pauper. So, no midnight snacks for you! If you must, you can have bland tidbits like crackers
  • Break yourself away from technology. The blue screen you get from your smartphone and television will keep you awake at night.

So, how about that? You can try doing these tips for you to have that sleep you want. No need for melatonin, right? If you see that works for you, you can stop asking like: can you take melatonin while pregnant? Because it’s a lot better to reset your body clock all by yourself with no supplements to take.

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Get Some Sleep!


Make melatonin as your last resort with doctor’s consent if you suffer from severe insomnia. And if whether you’re at your wit’s end for that matter. Gradually, change your sleeping time. It might be hard at first, but on the following days, you’ll get the hang of it. Get your husband to help you too!

But, what about you? How’s your sleep going on?

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