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What Is The Best Smelling Laundry Detergent In The Market Today?

best smelling laundry detergent

Washing clothes are not just simply to remove stains, but also to leave the clothing soft, brighter, and pleasant to smell. That’s why most mothers resort to buying the best smelling laundry detergent to get rid of baby poop smell, barf, and more. Yep, babies do expel icky stuff at times. And since they have sensitive skin, laundry detergents should be supple enough to be hypoallergenic as well.

While there’s a hot debate on whether the item is needed at home or not, no one can say no to the fact that clothes should smell good. That being said, the smell on our clothes affects our mood and perspective. The added scent and fabric softening properties of laundry detergent makes it a necessity in most households.

Best Forehead Thermometer To Check Your Sick Baby Quickly

best forehead thermometer

Have you noticed a change in your baby’s behavior? Is your kid more passive but would cry like crazy because he feels uncomfortable? If there’s anything strange going on, held out your hand and checked your child’s temple. Does he feel hot? If you want to know for sure, you better use the best forehead thermometer in town to ensure you’re thinking just that.

Once you see your baby being feverish and all, you have to run to the store and buy a specially-made thermometer for them. It’s pretty tragic seeing your child feeling uncomfortable. So, don’t just stand there, do something! Here’s our guide on showing you which is the best forehead thermometer to use.

Best Baby Gates To Protect Your Baby


Once your child starts crawling, standing and walking, they can get curious about their surroundings and may venture around the house on their own. But is your house safe? You know, those tiny little feet of your child might either get him to the kitchen, workshop, or garden! That’s why you need the best baby gates to protect your child from any harm that might befall him.

Baby gates are tricky, though. You have to measure and choose which product is ideal for your home. You need to have lots of research to do and have to scrutinize each nook and turn of your house. We know how you feel. That’s why we have this article to help you with your worries. This is a little guide we have for parents out there who are looking for the best baby gates.

Best Baby Wipes, A Mom’s Review Of The Top Products In The Market

best baby wipes

Baby wipes are essential items that every mother needs to have. Don’t you know that an average of 10 diapers is changed every day, especially in the first six months? In a year, you’ll be wiping your baby’s bum about 3,000 times. How can you deal with your entire baby’s poop or pee and keep the two of you clean? You need the best baby wipes for that.

Most mothers will use up to four wipes per diaper change. Whoa, that’s about 50 in a day! Experience with my baby says I seconded that notion myself. You need to clean your child off from those wet and dirty diapers and ensure their health and comfort. Here’s what we’re going to discuss about – the best baby wipes.

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Best Baby Jumper: No Questions Asked

best baby jumper

Isn’t it wonderful to see and hear a child playing and laughing in his baby jumper? If you’re bound to buy one and find it daunting to have many jumpers, you’ll become more frantic to know which the best baby jumper is. Luckily, we brought this topic for you find out more about baby jumpers.

Even as a baby, your child needs to be active as much as he can handle. You might spend some fun time with your child, but you can’t be there at his side all time. That would be exhausting, wouldn’t it? You have to cook, get the laundry done, and sweep the floor.

How can you manage your baby? With a baby jumper, of course! There are plenty of baby jumpers out there, but you just want to buy the very best baby jumper in town.

Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

Evenflo ExerSaucer Door Jumper, Bumbly

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

Jolly Jumper on a Stand for Rockers

Activity Jumper

Door Jumper

Door Jumper

Activity Jumper

Stationary Jumper

** Below, you'll find more detailed reviews, but you can click links above to see current prices and read customer's review on Amazon

Parents Choose the Best Diaper Pails

best diaper pails

No one likes a smelly nursery room reeking of tons and tons of baby diapers. That’s why diaper pails were invented to contain the stink with its advanced odor-absorbing technology. Parents know that a nursery is never complete without one.

If you’re new to the parenting world, and wanting to find out more which pail is perfect for your house, here we have mommies and daddies talk about the best diaper pails to keep their little angel's room smelling fresh and clean like heaven.

When can babies eat Cheerios? 8 ways to tell it’s time


Little munchkins at the age of 6 to 12 months can now relish a variety of food and try to discover what they love and what they don’t love to eat. Once their pincer grips are “activated” these little munchkins would grab anything they like to see and put it in their mouths.

And the best food to give him is Cheerios! Let them be, but with caution. This phase will not only help your kid develop his taste buds but also for the whole family to enjoy.

14 Ways How To Banish Baby Hiccups

how to get rid of baby hiccups

One morning you wake up and see that your little munchkin have those little spasm movements and you ask yourself, “Does my baby has hiccups?”, “how to get rid of baby hiccups?” 

But don’t be alarmed yet, it’s pretty natural for babies to hiccup at their infancy age.

In fact, they have been hiccupping in your tummy during your second semester! Hiccups are normal in babies at ages 12 months and below, and they won’t typically bother them.

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