Chamomile Tea For Babies – Delightful Cup Can Cure The Happy Baby

A cup of tea has always delighted the weary souls of introverts, book lovers, culture vultures, and most adults who dream their way to imagination. While the Brits have established tea time in the lazy afternoon, the East saw potential medical benefits from chugging down a cuppa herbal tea.

We understand that it’s the adults who drink their herbal tea whenever they have they have an upset stomach, migraine, or a sore throat. But children? You gotta be kidding me, right? There are herbs which aren’t suitable for children. But what do you think about chamomile tea for babies? Should children at that age be allowed to sip in some cuppa? The answer is a big YES.


What’s The Deal Behind Chamomile?

Chamomile is part of the daisy family and is usually seen as a de-stressing drink for adults. People take a warm drink of chamomile to have a goodnight’s sleep. But of course, it has other amazing benefits as well. For centuries, the concoction has been a favorite for certain individuals to chillax and lounge all day long in a nook of their own.

It has the oil “bisabolol known for creating a calming effect on a person. But chamomile tea for babies? Is that even safe? Why can kiddos like them be allowed to drink the highly anti-oxidant brew? It seems that its calming properties can safely cure babies of their passing illnesses. Let’s take a look.​

How Chamomile Tea Is Good For Babies


If chamomile can alleviate cramps, insomnia, migration, or skin problems in adults will that have the same effect in children? Studies have shown that chamomile can calm a fussy baby, induce ease of digestion, and soothe gassy babies. Here are more instances where chamomile tea for babies might be a delightful thing.

Teething babies

When your baby reaches four to seven months old, teething can happen. While there are no scientific studies that say teething can bring fever, rashes, or diarrhea, many parents stood by and say their kids experience these symptoms. To cure these manageable illnesses, parents are suggested to give their children a teaspoon to a tablespoon of chamomile tea when the baby is during the teething stage.

Makes babies feel relaxed

Because of “bisabolol” in chamomile, kids feel more relaxed and can help them drift off to sleep. It can also console fussy babies who are fighting to stay awake. Want a sleepy baby? Give them chamomile tea in the right dosage. You and your child will have a rather peaceful night afterward.

Ease stomach of colicky babies

Does your baby wail every time? If you suspect that it’s because of colic, you can have your child sip chamomile tea. It will help soothe your kid’s indigestion issues. A gassy or unease baby will find comfort in drinking chamomile than any other over-the-counter drugs. If your child has cramps, the drink will also lessen the pain.

It has antioxidants

The compounds of the tea are rich in antibacterial properties that can build up your child’s immune system. It will shield your baby from virus and bacteria to keep him safe from the flu. The antibacterial compounds will also help babies who have conjunctivitis. You can dab a little of it with a cotton ball and gently apply it around your child’s eyes.

Blood sugar levels

Babies who are born with high blood sugar levels because of their insulin’s condition might have a sip of chamomile tea. While it can’t cure diabetes, chamomile tea can help regulate their circumstances, while waiting for doctors’ advice.

Gum and skin swelling​

​Does your child have one of those swelling problems? Because chamomile tea has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help reduce the swelling of your kid’s gums and skin. It doesn’t have to hurt so much for your baby.

Skin problems​

Mild skin problems can be solved once chamomile tea is given to children. Rashes can be lessened if you give the drink to your baby, either to chug down or dab it on the skin. Now, if your baby has that dry, flaky, yellowish skin on his head, it might be cradle cap. You can dab cotton with oil on the head, or you can also use chamomile tea.​

See? Chamomile tea for babies is a good idea and quite highly recommended to cure them of their ailments. But how much tea is needed? Does it have harmful side effects? Should we prepare it with tea bags or tea leaves?

There are a lot of questions to be answered before brewing a cuppa for your child. I mean, hey, tea, is usually an adult’s drink, though chamomile is certainly different. Very different, indeed.

How Much Chamomile Tea Is Needed?

Chamomile tea for babies is great, but too much of it will cause complications. Follow the right dosage to get a swing of the benefits! Here’s the preparation:


Tea leaves preparation​

  • Take one teaspoon of chamomile leaves
  • Infuse with warm - not hot – water
  • Strain or separate the leaves from the water
  • Ideal measurement is two to three ounces of tea
  • You can spoon-feed or bottle-feed your child with the drink
  • Give the drink around 24 to 48 hours after the first one.

For tea bags

  • Infuse warm water with the tea bag
  • Have it stay for three minutes. Remove afterward to avoid excessive tannin
  • Give two to three ounces only either with the use of spoon or bottle
  • Wait for 24 to 48 hours before giving your child another drink

Too much chamomile tea for babies is also wrong. Just like any regular tea drinker, children might experience the following:


  • Upset stomach due to tea overload. Chamomile being an herbal tea is ideal taken after feeding – within 30 minutes or so
  • Little iron intake. Herbal teas do not absorb iron very well. That’s why you have to wait half an hour after eating to take them. An overdose of chamomile might lower iron levels which then causes anemia
  • Though chamomile is also used to treat allergies, there are rare cases in which babies are ALLERGIC TO CHAMOMILE
  • Too much tannin at that age might cause headaches. Tannins are those that give the tea a bitter flavor. That’s why when parents decided to brew chamomile tea for babies; it has to be warm and not scorching hot water.

All in all, chamomile is an ideal treatment for babies suffering from colic, restlessness, diarrhea, or pain. However, just be mindful of the right amount of dosage, and you’re sure to reap the benefits. Chamomile tea for babies is an excellent choice of curing your child, rather than using one of those over the counter drugs.​

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Mom And Mother Nature’s Love

Giving chamomile tea for babies in need is one of a mother’s way of showing her love to her kid. In the past, people actually did seek for a more natural and safe way of curing their baby. And I guess, that’s Mother Nature’s way of extending her help by giving the all-organic chamomile to be used for moms and babies.

It’s funny to think that people used to crave doctors’ medicines, but now, they want something “earthy.” And they found that in chamomile tea. What do you think? Have you tried giving your child some chamomile drink? Let us know!

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