Coconut Milk For Babies: It’s Proven To Be Great For Kids

It’s a universal fact that mama’s breast milk serves as the best nutritious sustenance for a child. However, you cannot force that one on babies who suffer from various allergic reactions due to its milky properties.

Heck, if your baby is lactose intolerant, what are you going to do? I know what and it’s pretty sad that I knew it too late: coconut milk for babies. When my first little tyke came upon this world, he couldn’t muster up drinking my milk and would vomit from time to time.

For a lactose intolerant baby (and who got it from his mom!), the whole family tried looking for ways on how to feed my son, with us all ending at giving my kid some baby puree food. And he was only a month old! It was scary because he might choke on his food. But he seemed to like it and even got around with eating it. In no more than a year, he was eating solids.


How To Know Whether Your Kid Is Lactose Intolerant?


It’s really rare to spot one of those children who couldn’t stand drinking milk – let alone breast milk from his or her mother. For babies, their first real food is mama’s own milk. How can they survive without it? My baby did survive, but it was hard on our part to find which food he’ll be eating. How to know your child is lactose intolerant?

  • Your baby has developed skin rashes
  • Feverish state
  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea and bloody stool
  • Vomiting

Some allergic reactions also have symptoms like difficulty in breathing, swollen body part, and more. If a child has problems digesting milk, he or she can opt for a soy-based formula as an alternative solution. But what about coconut milk for babies?

Is Coconut Milk Safe For Babies?


In a word – YES. But if you want all honesty speaking, it depends on the baby, mother, and doctor’s advice. There’s no substitute for breast milk, but coconut milk might be one IF your kid is a tad older now. There are other alternatives for babies under six months old in case they have lactose intolerant.

Coconut milk for babies is safe and makes a great substitute, but there’s particular way of giving it to them that won’t hurt their development. Talk to your pediatrician first if you can give your baby some coconut milk and how to give it to them.

Why Would Your Baby Drink Coconut Milk? A Personal Account

My story seems incredulous to most people, but it’s true. It’s not uncommon for children to be born lactose intolerant, but it does sound weird. I haven’t heard of coconut milk for babies until my son is all grown up. So, it’s a sad thing that I haven’t tried this one as a substitute for the baby puree.

Why it’s the best substitute

So, this article is something I hold close to my heart because I’m a lactose intolerant baby, and now, my child is one too. And here’s what I found if a baby drinks coconut milk:

  • It’s high in lauric acid which can also be found in breast milk. It’s a fatty acid that can assist in boosting your child’s immunity
  • Coconut milk has the nutrients to combat bacteria and viruses
  • Healthy alternative to allergic and lactose intolerant children
  • Fresh and all organic
  • It’s not made from dairy

Why it should be limited though

Some things to consider before letting your kid drink coconut milk:

  • Coconut milk for baby should be given once or twice a week because it’s high in saturated fat
  • Try letting your child drink in small dosages of coconut milk first
  • Your baby will feel full all of the suddenly and wouldn’t eat much of the specified food given to him or her
  • Coconut milk has less calcium, protein, and riboflavin that can impede his or her growth and development
  • Babies can only take coconut milk by the start of six months

Mama’s milk still should be the number one nutrition for a child. Normally, a baby has to be breastfed for the first 1,000 days of his life. But, in this case, it’s an entirely different matter for lactose intolerant babies. At best, a mother should have a year of feeding her child upon doctor’s advice. Afterward, they can have coconut milk once a week or twice at most.

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Dairy Alternatives To An Allergic Or Lactose Intolerant Baby

baby puree

Since coconut milk is not advisable for younger children; your baby can perhaps chug down some soya milk if he’s not allergic to it. However, in my case, we settled with baby puree food and added more water to it for our child to eat. No need to add salt or sweetening.

​There are two alternative options for you if your child has a problem with dairy: baby puree or soya milk. In case the doctor says anything else, it’s best to listen to his advice. To add more nutrients, you can either take both of them or alternate each in some days.

But, coconut milk for baby should at least start around when he’s six months old. To be safe, you can give it to him when he reaches his first birthday.

Coconut Milk Ideas To Try With Your Kid​

How to introduce coconut milk to your child? First, you have to place or mix it in his food subtly, until your child can stomach drinking pure coconut milk and its meat! Here are ways to integrate coconut milk to your baby's diet.

  • Pour little coconut milk to your baby’s puree diet. But you have to add more water to it
  • Thinking of giving your kid some mashed fruits like a banana? Incorporate it with coconut milk. Not only that it will enhance the flavor, but it will also add more nutrients to the food
  • For babies starting their finger food training, you can add coconut milk to a bowl of cereal and have babies eat the drenched flakes!
  • For much older babies, you can cook coconut milk with their rice food, vegetables, chicken and fish diet
  • You can add coconut milk to their shakes and smoothies too!

There are plenty of other food ideas where you can substitute dairy milk for coconut milk or simply add a teaspoon or two in your child’s meal. However, you have to talk it out first with your doctor.​

What About Other Coconut Products?​

If you’re thinking about giving coconut water to your baby, I say, no, not yet. Wait, until he’s older. Though it’s very nutritious and makes a great substitute for other commercial drinks, younger babies cannot stomach it yet.

If you’re thinking about nata de coco or jellied coconut, it’s possible to give it your baby if you grate or mash it up before serving it to him. Once again, just offer the food in small amounts. Meanwhile, coconut cream or dried coconut strips might be provided to older kids if they can handle cookies and other desserts now.

All in all, it’s advisable to buy or create your own natural coconut milk than purchasing it in commercial stores. Most of the time, the nutrients of the coconut have been dissolved. Additionally, commercialized coconut products are packed with sweeteners that aren’t good for your baby.​

This is the product i used to make coconut milk, it's so organic and fresh. You can find it on Amazon in here.


A Family Of Lactose Intolerant Babies

If your child is lactose intolerant, there’s still a pretty big chance that he will “tolerate” dairy products once he’s grown up. If your baby is a lot older, I suggest, and it depends on you if you follow it, to “diversify” your child’s food so that you’ll know which is right for him and he gets to know what he likes.

It’s great to serve baby purees, soya milk or coconut milk for babies, but I believe that a parent shouldn’t give one kind of food in a week’s time. Have different food options if your child is lactose intolerant. That’s what my mom did to me, and I for my child.​

What about you? Share your story below!

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