15 Creative DIY Projects You Should Try During Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones will have you crying for no reason one minute and laughing hysterically at how silly you think you look crying the next. In addition to all the crazy things pregnancy will have you feeling, thinking and doing, you will also find yourself nesting – if you haven’t already. You’re probably already familiar with it, but nesting is the urge to clean, organize, and decorate in preparation for the baby.

And, with decorating, comes DIY projects…

But, your feet hurt, your back hurts, and you can hardly stay awake for more than a few hours. So, you don’t want to set yourself up for anything too extreme. Before you go into an emotional frenzy though, keep reading…

We have the perfect, creative DIY projects you should try during pregnancy. So, grab the decoration items for the project of your choice from the list below and let’s get crafting:

15 Creative DIY Projects You Should Try During Pregnancy

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1. Baby Blanket

Whether you sew, knit, or crochet – or if you would just like to get started – a small baby blanket is the perfect project for an expecting momma. This DIY project is both quick and easy.

Bonus: At the end, you will have an adorable, handmade blanket for your soon-to-arrive little one.​

2. Belly Butter

Carrying a child is a miracle. But, that growing baby can leave you with stretch marks that could leave you feeling insecure. Try making an all-natural DIY belly butter to keep that stretching skin smooth and well hydrated.​

3. Maternity Band

Still refuse to give up that favorite pair of jeans despite being six months pregnant? No worries – you can still wear them even when you can no longer button them thanks to this quick DIY project! Grab some stretchy fabric you like, a light gray or black is the perfect color, and create your very own maternity band to cover up those unbuttoned jeans.

4. Maternity Bow Belt

Whether you have maternity pictures coming up and are looking to accentuate your baby bump or just want to add a little flair. Use some fabric to create an adorable bow belt that will sit right above your baby bump, making your growing little one the center of attention.

5. Pregnancy Countdown Shirt

Are you looking for a cute way to keep everyone posted on when the baby will arrive? Grab a plain t-shirt and some iron-on numbers to create a pregnancy countdown shirt.

6. Pregnancy Tracker

How fun will it be to one day look back with your child and see what you were craving at each milestone and just how big you were with each new month of pregnancy?

Grab a chalkboard and create a pregnancy tracker with everything you want to share with people – how far along you are, the size of the baby, cravings, etc. This project is great for monthly progress photos!​

7. Maternity Skirt

One of the main concerns during pregnancy is being comfortable. Between an aching back and swollen feet, the last thing you want is to be squeezed into uncomfortable clothes. But, a maternity skirt is the perfect fashionable solution to comfort.

8. Pregnancy Announcement Coffee Mugs​

Did you just find out you are pregnant and are still waiting to share the news with your family? Personalized “grandma”, “grandpa”, “sister”, or “brother” coffee mugs are a great way to share the news.​

9. Sonogram Keepsake​

Sonograms of your little one are images you will want to keep forever and ever. Make a scrapbook or simply create a custom frame for your favorite one(s).​

10. Pregnancy Journal​

If you would like to keep track of more than just the few bullet points that will fit on a chalkboard, create a pregnancy journal to track your emotions, cravings, progress, fears, etc. One day, you can share with baby just what their first few months of life were like before entering the world.​

11. Thank You Packs​

Is your due date drawing near? You are probably already feeling a little bad for the nurses who will help you through labor, as things can get a little hectic. Why not give them the proper “thank you”? Make each nurse a goodie bag to give them pre-or post-labor!​

12. Nausea Pops​

​While pregnancy is a blissful moment, it also brings along body aches and morning sickness. But, create these life-saving, nausea pops to help battle the queasy feeling!

​13. Strawberry Body Scrub

One of the best ways to relax during pregnancy is to pamper yourself. Whip up a body scrub, such as one with strawberries, that is both safe for baby and relaxing for you.​

14. Halloween Costume​

If your pregnancy will be in full swing during Halloween, what better way to celebrate than with a mother-baby costume? A few ideas include making your belly look like a pumpkin or creating a skeleton shirt with a small skeleton sitting on your belly.​

15. Pregnancy Tea​

Another home remedy thought to soothe morning sickness and shorten labor. Find a healthy and safe pregnancy tea recipe and enjoy it while cuddled up watching a movie or taking a soothing bath after a long day.​

Have you found yourself doing some DIY projects during your nesting phase that only a pregnant woman would do? If we missed it, let us know your favorites!

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