Drinking Coffee in Pregnancy is safe or not?

During pregnancy, there are lots of foods and drinks about which an expecting mother has to be cautious. The change in her diet and lifestyle is not only beneficial for herself but also the child in her womb.

Most of the times, people wonder that whether drinking coffee in pregnancy is safe or not? How many cups of coffee can they consume during pregnancy? Are there any side effects of overconsumption of the coffee?

Well! If you want to know the answers of all the above questions then, quickly read the below article where all your queries will get vanish!​

Is It Okay To Drink Coffee During Pregnancy?


Drinking coffee in the limited amount during pregnancy is acceptable for few moms. Some of them might have to reduce their intake if they are feeling anxiety, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, shakiness or excessive sweating during their pregnancy period. Thus, you should always listen to your body first before consuming the cup of coffee.

Some women who have to undergo glucose screening should not drink the coffee in the morning. It might affect your results of the test.

Can A Pregnant Woman Drink Decaf Coffee?

Generally, Decaf or decaffeinated coffee is considered quite safe to consume during pregnancy. However, the amount of caffeine in decaf coffee is considerably less in comparison to the regular coffee. There is 2 to 5 mg of caffeine in 8 ounces of the brewed decaf coffee which is quite safe during the pregnancy.

How Much Amount Of Coffee During Pregnancy Can You Consume?

Numerous Gynaecologists and Obstetricians suggest that consumption of coffee is not unsafe during pregnancy if expecting females limit their intake to 200 milligrams (mg) in one day. It means the consumption of 2 regular 100 ml cups of coffee. If your mug is larger then, should adjust the quantity.

Types of coffee


Average caffeine amount (mg)

Filtered coffee

250 ml or 1 cup or 8 ounces

179 mg

Instant coffee

250 ml or 1 cup or 8 ounces

76 mg

Brewed coffee

250 ml or 1 cup or 8 ounces

137 mg

Decaffeinated coffee

250 ml or 1 cup or 8 ounces

3-15 mg

The life of a woman gets change during the period of pregnancy. She not only has to think about her health but also about the health of her unborn baby. If they limit their intake of coffee then, it will not be harmful.

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee During Pregnancy

The below are few benefits of drinking coffee in limited amount during pregnancy:

  • Coffee comprises of caffeine that makes the pregnant woman active, cheerful and joyous. Expecting mothers are susceptible to depression, neural strain, faintness and lethargy that are related to the changes in their hormones. The intake of coffee benefits them to handle these health problems
  • Some pregnant women also suffer from the problem of low blood pressure at the time of pregnancy. So, if she starts her day with one cup of coffee then, it's easy to get rid of this health problem
  • Coffee also has the diuretic effect that cures the common problem of swelling in expecting women

Why Is It Dangerous To Have A Large Amount Of Coffee During Pregnancy?

pregnancy coffee

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Consuming excessive amount of coffee can upsurge the absorption of 2 constituents in the pregnant women body, i.e., polyphenols and caffeine. The caffeine takes too much time for breaking in the body of expecting mother that increases the chances of it getting to the unborn baby.

With the help of placenta caffeine easily get passed from expecting the mother to the developing baby inside the womb. The tissues inside a developing baby are still in the growing phase, and dispensation of caffeine by the body of the baby might get delayed that can result in severe consequences. The following are the side effects that happen due to overconsumption of coffee:

  • Miscarriage: Few types of research show that the high intake of coffee (over 2 cups) may result in miscarriage during the early phases of the prenatal period. Thus, it is better to avoid the high consumption of coffee during the first trimester of the pregnancy
  • Cardiovascular toxicity: Coffee has caffeine that can result in problems like arrhythmia, increase in the heart rate and heartbeat in an unborn baby
  • Growth HindranceIt: can lead to an adverse influence over the growing brain of the unborn baby that sequentially could impact the development
  • CarcinogenicOverconsumption of coffee can result in cancer inside the fetus
  • Anemia: It is a disorder in which there is a lack of hemoglobin or red cells inside the blood. Coffee might decrease the capability of iron absorption to the body from food and can lead to high risk at the time of pregnancy
  • Less weight of the baby: Moreover, certain researches have exposed that expecting women who have a high intake of caffeine (over 200 mg) might give birth to the babies who have lightweight babies in comparison to those who have a lower consumption of coffee (100 mg to 200 mg). The newborn babies with less weight also get susceptible to numerous health issues during the growing age.


To sum up, we want to say that the overconsumption of everything is bad in this world and the same rule applies in case of coffee consumption during pregnancy. If expecting mother consumes the coffee in limited amount then, it will not cause any side effect.

The consumption of coffee is also quite useful for an expecting mother if she is feeling lethargic, anxiety or low blood pressure. Don't drink more than 200 ml of coffee in a single day if you are pregnant. Moreover, you can also have advice from your doctor about your coffee intake as it's always better to be safe than apologetic later.​

We hope that you have enjoyed reading the above info. Don’t forget to share with us whether you drink coffee during your pregnancy or give it up. You can share your thoughts or experiences with us in the below comment box.

Have a Happy and enjoyable pregnancy!​

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