7 Amusing Tricks to Get Those Baby Kicks

Pregnant? A mother’s first wonder is when she feels her baby move in her tummy as if the baby is saying “Hello!” And you can almost devote your time in dreaming and planning about what life will be like once you’ve become a mom and acknowledge that kick means the baby is healthy and happy.


Doctors say your baby has to move at least 10 times within two hours. So, if his movements become less frequent, it can be a sign of trouble.

You may be worried, but try to give yourself a little push and encourage your baby to stir again by equipping yourself with these amusing tricks on how to make your baby move.

  • Here are 7 tips for you​:

#1. Poke Your Baby


And see if he pokes back. Nudge a little and some more if he’s game with your sport. Press your hands or with your fingertips on the places where you usually feel her kicks and see if he responds to your touch just the same.

For now, that is your baby’s sole method of communicating with you. Now, try to poke other areas of your tummy and see if he can catch up. Ten points if you get dad to help you out.

#2. Give Your Baby A Cold Treatment


You’re not being “cold’ on your baby just because you jolted him with some cool drink. Most mommies swear to this tactic and now their babies are acting up a couple of hours.

Now, one mother said that she placed a pack of frozen peas on her stomach and her kiddo got moving. Either you give your baby the cold treatment, pun intended, by drinking something cool or placing it directly on your skin, you will see that it’ll work.

#3. Give Your Little Jellybean Some Sweets


Mothers with a sweet tooth will love gobbling up sugar while pregnant. Not only your cravings really pave way during motherhood, but sometimes, it’s necessary to wake up your baby. The sudden sweetness will spur your baby to fidget because of the blood sugar rushing into her.

There are two ways on how to make it fun.

  • First, is to poke your baby and if he pokes back, give him a sweet reward.
  • The other is to give a sweet cold drink that says “Nothing like two tricks combined together to stir the baby.”
  • Just remember to take it in moderation, though.

#4. Listen To Stevie Nicks Or Mozart

Music will arouse your baby's senses. Louder music like rock or pop will get baby's attention, thus, making him stir to the beat of the drums. However, soft music does the same too. Maybe it’s about the baby’s taste in music.

Now that you know, you might become one of the mothers who like guessing or influencing her child to which music she’d like to be influenced of.

  • Reference: List of Mozart Music

#5. Babble


Maybe if you can prattle on things that happened to you during the day, the baby will wake up as he definitely recognized your voice. Even if you’re stressed out. The bottom line is, talk to your baby

  • Coo to him, sing him a song or tell him a story.

If your baby recognized your voice, he will jump in when you feel tense and feel like opening up. Basically, he will respond to familiar noises, such as your voice or the lullaby you play often.

#6. Stop Moving


If you become a statuesque for a little while, your peanut would be wondering why. Your baby may have been rocked to sleep while you're moving around, in which case he may wake up when you stop.

Your everyday movement most often calms the baby to sleep, therefore, your baby sleeps all day and wakes up when you stop moving. To stir your baby, simply lie down for an hour and see if he stirs up.

#7. Bang Pots


Again, this has something to do with sounds. Loud sounds, especially, unexpected one will surprise the baby.

He will create a little stir and moves around again the whole day. They highly respond to vibrations surrounding them as your baby will pay close attention to them, especially the sharp ones.

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One mother videoed herself by trying to move her baby with a flashlight. The father aimed the flashlight at her belly button and a whopping response came from the baby.

Know when to call a doctor


If movement isn't felt within a couple of hours after trying these tricks on how to make your baby move, then call the doctor. You’ll be receiving care and they’ll monitor your baby's heartbeat and organize an ultrasound scan or other checks if needed.

If all is well, and the baby is healthy, still, you have to check and count how many moves he’s making in an hour or so. His kicks are important. After all, every baby has his own personal activities and nobody can say that there’s a correct one.

Remember, the world is always beside you.I hope this article is helpful to you, but if you can not find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to leave comments here. I will be happy to respond to your information.

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