Key Signs That Your Kids Need Glasses

Sometimes it can be difficult to find out that your kid has vision problems. However, undetected vision problems can make a huge impact on your kid’s life. This is why it is important for you to find out if your kid has vision problems or not, and plan a trip to the optometrist if you have any concerns about your child’s vision.


Here are some signs that will tell you if your kid needs to start wearing glasses.


The most obvious sign that will tell you if your kid has vision problems is squinting. Your child could be squinting because they might be trying to see something clearly or as a reaction to a bright light.

Squinting can reduce the amount of light entering the eye which allows someone to temporarily see something near or far more clearly. However, it could also be a sign that your kid is suffering from a vision problem. It could be that your child is either near-sighted or short-sighted, has blurry vision, or has light sensitive eyes. If you notice that your kid is squinting regularly, you should consult an eye specialist for vision correction treatment and consider purchasing glasses.

Covering One Eye

If your kid is using one eye to see something clearly, it could be a sign that there’s something wrong with their eyesight. It could be that one of their eyes might be blurry or out of alignment.

In some cases though, it could be that your kid is suffering from lazy eye or amblyopia. Amblyopia is a vision development disorder in which the vision in one eye is reduced because the brain and the eye are not working together properly. It could be that the brain is focusing on the other eye. This disorder is oftentimes hard to detect because the eye itself looks normal.

Uses Their Fingers As A Place Mark When Reading​

Kids and even adults have this particular behavior where they use their fingers to follow what they read. If this is a behavior that you usually see with your child, especially when they reading something, it’s a sign that they may have vision problem or disorder.

This behavior is often caused by amblyopia or astigmatism. Kids with amblyopia suffer from symptoms where letters and words seem to gather together, making them harder to read and follow.​

Watching Or Reading Very Closely​

If you have seen your child sitting very closely to the TV when watching, it could mean that there’s something wrong with their vision. The same can also be said if your kids are holding a book or a handheld device very close to their face when they are using them.

This could be a sign that your kid is nearsighted and therefore has problems seeing objects at a distance. You must immediately bring your kid to an eye specialist for consultation.

Leaving or ignoring vision problems like this, particularly with kids, is a very bad idea. These will only get worse over time and treatments are less likely to be effective when a vision problem has already gotten worse.

An eye specialist will probably recommend that your kid needs to start wearing glasses to correct their vision immediately after the consultation. You may also want to ask the eye doctor if there are any other treatments for your kid that will help to improve their vision.​

Frequent Headaches

If your child is having frequent headaches, it could be related to a particular vision disorder or condition. It is important to know the cause behind your kid’s frequent headaches. See a doctor immediately for consultation and diagnosis.

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Excessive Rubbing Of The Eyes

If your kid has been rubbing their eyes excessively, or if they complain about soreness in their eyes, it could be that they are suffering from eye fatigue. Your kids can also suffer from eye fatigue if they are constantly using a mobile device or playing video games excessively. If this is the case, glasses will be required when your child is involved in these activities.

Tilting The Head To One Side

Your kid could be tilting their head to one side just to adjust the angle of their vision as an attempt to make objects appear more clearly. It could be that your child’s eyes are misaligned or they could be suffering from amblyopia. An eye exam is needed for proper diagnosis.

Can’t Concentrate On School Work

Kids with poor eyesight often perform miserably with their school work. It could be that they are unable to focus on their school work because they can’t see the textbooks or the things written on chalkboards clearly. If your child has performed badly with their studies recently, ask them if there’s something wrong. Ask them if they have any problems with their eyesight so you can get consultation for it immediately.

If You Have A Family History Of Vision Problems At A Young Age

Vision problems are often passed down genetically. So, if you had vision problems when you were young, there’s a big chance that your kids will also have them. If the parents wear glasses, it’s likely that the kids will also require glasses as they continue to grow. In this case, you must make sure that you schedule eye appointments regularly for your kid. If possible, make the eye appointments begin when your child turns 1.

If you think one or all of these symptoms sound familiar, you should make an appointment for a thorough eye exam which in many cases can simply be done on a website. Proper eyesight is key to your child’s learning. Kids with poor eyesight often do a poor job with their studies because they have a hard time concentrating on their schoolwork. Depending on what your eye doctor says, you can order glasses for your child as a temporary solution for their vision disorder or condition, while discussing with your doctor any long-term solutions that will improve your child’s vision.

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