Mushrooms While Pregnant: Which Is Not Good?

Mushrooms are irresistible and can be added to any meal. People love mushrooms in their salads, soups, and pizzas. But one can’t help wonder if eating mushrooms while pregnant could be considered safe. In the event that you want to eat them know that there's no medical constraint that says you can't eat mushrooms.

Mushrooms are an excellent food choice for your baby because it is rich in protein, essential minerals, and vitamins. Pregnant women can eat mushrooms. The only problem is knowing which mushrooms are safe to eat.


Which Is Not Safe To Eat?

Tasty vegetable pizza

Button mushrooms are the common ones found in cooking. However, the debate to whether eating them raw or cooked has experts thinking about it all night long, don’t you know? Listed below is what you should take in mind when deciding to eat mushrooms.

Avoid Raw Mushrooms


This is not the time to be an adventurous eater. In fact, you have to be picky to eat what’s in front of you. If people say it’s alright to eat it raw, say “No,” and demand for it to be cooked.

Raw mushrooms would give out toxins and possibly poison you, thus, harming your baby. Not to mention that it also increases the likelihood of cancer.

Don’t Think About Eating Magic Mushrooms

Magic Mushroom

Don’t do drugs they say. Yes, it’s true. Taking magic mushrooms while pregnant will detriment your child’s development. It has the same effects to drugs because it is one. They may not cause you to hallucinate on things but rather, they distort them.

Be Wary Of Medicinal Mushrooms

About 50 percent of the population says that it’s safe to eat medicinal mushrooms while the remaining half says no.

Since, there are no studies backing up what’s the proper dosage or medical reaction when the mother has taken the shroom, so, when in doubt, just say no.

If you’re out eating with your significant other, don’t hesitate to ask the staff or waiter what mushrooms they are serving. Trust me, it’s easier to say “No” than being in bed battling poison or the thought it might harm your baby.

How To Choose Which Mushroom Is Safe To Eat And Which Are Toxic?


If you’re not sure, don’t pick up that fork. We cannot emphasize that enough. Once eaten, you can either get sick or critically ill. Even though you think it’s potentially safe, no one is completely certain to place your wellbeing in danger. To that particular stage, this isn't a definitive or authoritative guide to mushrooming.


1. Raw, Wild Mushroom In Your Plate

Most wild mushrooms are not easy to digest when uncooked. Either stewed or fried, rather, in the event, you do locate wild mushrooms that you trust, make sure to cook them well.

Why isn’t it safe?

  • It makes your stomach queasy that leads to vomiting and gastrointestinal issues
  • Releases toxins which is harmful for you and your child
  • Poisonous and can be lethal
  • Hard to digest and would cause fetal problems

2. Old Mushrooms Dishes In The Fridge

Why would you want to eat old mushrooms? While some have strong stomach for the meal worth two days old, don’t think you can eat old mushrooms while pregnant. You’re different. You need to it fresh mushrooms for you and your baby to be healthy.

Why isn’t it safe?

  • Since your hormone changes, your ability to handle such isn’t the same. It would make you sick.
  • Would have you vomiting or uneasy stomach

3. Don’t Buy Or Pick Parasol-shaped Mushrooms

Keep in mind that parasol-shaped mushrooms, or already looking like open umbrellas with milky rings and gills in its stalk are one of nature’s most deadly toxins. They can be commonly seen in most of your garden.

Why isn’t it safe?

  • It’s poisonous.
  • When eaten, it can be proved to be lethal.


1. The Typical Puffballs

Typical Puffballs

The mushroom puffball is a common safe-to-eat mushroom. However, you have to clean and cut them before knowing they’re actually puffballs and not parasols. They are especially great when fried or simply throw them in your soup or salad.

2. Famed Oyster Mushrooms

oyster mushrooms

Perhaps this is the most favorite one of all mushrooms. Frequently present in dishes, oyster mushrooms can be cultivated by yourself and are pretty easy to grow or to identify in the wilds.

Oysters are almost always white or ivory colored, soft to the touch, and usually are seen in bunches growing during warmer months, generally on trees.

3. Maitake Mushrooms

Maitake Mushrooms

You can easily identify these mushrooms are easy to be identified because of its ruffled skin. They clumped together which makes it look like they overlap each other. Maitake mushrooms are one of the healthiest shroom to eat.

What Are The Benefits Of Eating Mushrooms?

When you’re pregnant, your baby depends upon your diet for the nutrients he needs to be healthy and growing. That’s why getting the proper nutrition is crucial for his well-being. Filling your plate with mushroom-based foods is a good way of meeting yours and his nutrient needs.

Eating mushrooms while pregnant is healthy. You just have to know which ones are safe and take advantage of the following benefits:​

1. Mushrooms Are Rich In Vitamin B

Maybe this is truly the number one important benefit of mushrooms as they help prevent some health issues and boost body functions. Vitamin B has good news for your body.

  • They help regulate brain and digestive development
  • Mushrooms see to the functions of your heart, nerves, and muscles
  • As you are pregnant, it help in regulating your hormonal balance
  • Helps in building cells
  • Decrease birth defects in fetal development

2. Source Of Vitamin D

Adequate intake of Vitamin D can have loads of benefits for you and your baby. Mushrooms have like sunshine!

  • Maintains insulin and controls diabetes
  • Increase immune system as well as brain and nervous development of you growing baby
  • Healthy bones and teeth

3. Antioxidants

We know that there are mushrooms that give you toxins, but the right and safer ones to eat relieve your body of radical chemicals.

  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • Mushrooms boost your body protection from flu
  • It regulates your bowel movements
  • Keeps you from feeling tired and looking fatigued all day

4. Gives You Protein

They keep your body going and replace damaged cells brought by daily activities. Your child will need it especially when he’s growing and his body parts are developing.

  • Now that you are pregnant, your weight can be off-balance. Proteins help you control that.
  • Not to mention that you’ll be having some extreme mood swings, mushrooms can actually improve your mood.
  • Helps brain to function properly and increases the development of your child’s nervous system.
  • It gives you strong bones and a healthy muscle mass for you to ease in carrying your baby.
  • Builds energy levels and fatigue for you to continue living your life and carry on with daily tasks.

5. Let’s You Have Your Iron Dosage

How does the baby gets his nutrients? It’s from the mother’s bloodstream. For a healthy blood cells flowing to your body, you will need iron to supplement it. Mushrooms are a good source of iron.

  • Nurses your baby with nutrients
  • Mother needs more iron to take care of her baby
  • Infants need it more when they reach six months of age. They get it from breastfeeding.

Mushrooms Can Be Eaten With Caution Only

So, there you have it. Mushrooms are an excellent choice to eat especially when you’re pregnant. You just have to know which among their types are good for eating. The wrong types of mushrooms will give you a bad tummy and a bad time for your baby.

However, the safe-to-eat mushrooms are packed with healthy nutrients. If in case you doubt, don’t eat it, we advise you. Eating mushrooms while pregnant is a rather tricky manner, don’t you think so?

So, what do you think? What kind of mushroom-based meal you like to eat?

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Alex - July 13, 2020

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for the article. It’s a very useful bit of reading for a forager trying to conceive.
I have a question concerning parasols. They are listed as dangerously undesirable but my favourite mushroom is Macrolepiota Procera, a parasol. I’ve enjoyed it many a time and am curious to understand what makes it dangerous to pregnancy.
I’ve looked up several sources but found little to no data. Is there a component that is dangerous to pregnancy or are we taking about misidentifying dangers here?
Many thanks


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