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Maxi Climber Reviews: No Questions Asked

After giving birth, mothers would likely want to get back in shape and look good. Some would try it first with a girdle or corset, while others want to get it done right through exercise. Most women wanted to do yoga or Zumba after their child popped up, but there’s no harm in trying out strenuous activities like Jiu Jutsu. Anyway, one good equipment to buy for a great home workout is the fit machine Maxi Climber. There are plenty of reviews out there but it’s often geared towards fitness buffs. Giant Mommy provides maxi climber reviews for all mommies who want to be fit!

It is an exercise equipment that simulates mountain climbing. It blasts your fats and extra pounds by targeting all muscles in the body. You don’t have to be a gym enthusiast to use the equipment. The climber is also perfect for people who are not into exercise or are just beginning to. So, here’s our maxi climber reviews for the mothers out there.

Can You Take Melatonin While Pregnant? How To Sleep Better

While it’s true that mothers often found themselves sleepy during their first semester, they secretly suffer from insomnia. Not to mention that when you’re pregnant, you’ll have tons of backaches, leg cramps, constipation, and the urge to pee, enough to bother your zzz’s.

So, how to sleep better at night if can’t just get some good shut eyes? Some pregnant ladies take melatonin so that they can sleep better at night. But the problem is – can you take melatonin while pregnant? Would you consider the supplement safe?


Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy: When To Be Really Worried?

We all based our health in our urine too. We can say that a healthy pee is clear or light yellowish in color. But what if it’s not? If you see your urine foaming, milky or hazy, then you can say you have cloudy urine during pregnancy. It’s not an uncommon condition, but it could mean an underlying illness of the pregnant woman.

But a lot of times, the pee is just a factor of the pregnant lady’s hormonal changes. But that shouldn’t excuse you not to report this to your doctor. A cloudy urine means a lot of things that point to urinary tract infections, diabetes or heart disease.

Toothache While Pregnant: What You Need To Know

When you’re pregnant, your hormones change your body, and how you react even to the most regular daily routine, you can imagine. Toothache while pregnant is one of those changes as many women become sensitive and easily developed gingivitis.

As crazy as it might sounds, a toothache can cause harm to your child especially if the inflammation is left untreated. It is, therefore, important to take care of your oral health by practicing better dental care.


5 Of The Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap For Mothers

After giving birth to your child, you might want to go back to your initial shape. However, you have to tend to your child and daily work that you have no time to care for yourself. You fancy getting back your body back pre-pregnancy term and wanted to know if there’s a best postpartum girdle for your body.

Postpartum girdles are the easiest thing a mother can grab to reshape her body. Though it provides you a faster way of toning your body down to the shape you want, there are other mamas out there who would rather go for a natural method of slimming down. But it will take them probably months.