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6 Helpful Tips When Shopping For New Nursing Outfits

Having a baby comes with several dos and don’ts. But new moms can always look forward to doing something fun once they’ve given birth: shopping. When you’re already nursing, you can update your wardrobe to add a few new breastfeeding tops and dresses.

If you’re ready to splurge on some new nursing outfits, here are some shopping tips worth remembering:​

15 Creative DIY Projects You Should Try During Pregnancy

Pregnancy hormones will have you crying for no reason one minute and laughing hysterically at how silly you think you look crying the next. In addition to all the crazy things pregnancy will have you feeling, thinking and doing, you will also find yourself nesting – if you haven’t already. You’re probably already familiar with it, but nesting is the urge to clean, organize, and decorate in preparation for the baby.

And, with decorating, comes DIY projects…

But, your feet hurt, your back hurts, and you can hardly stay awake for more than a few hours. So, you don’t want to set yourself up for anything too extreme. Before you go into an emotional frenzy though, keep reading…


7 Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss After Pregnancy

Delivering a human being into the world can’t be easy. A mother who has experienced it may not think much of the pain that it brings forth in comparison to the joy of having a child. However, we cannot oversee the things she has to sacrifice to make it happen.

One of them is their beautiful locks. Due to the various hormonal changes that the body goes through during pregnancy, the hair follicles will most likely go to resting phase post-birth. This action results to the falling of strands for several months. Therefore, after birth, many women demand to reduce unwanted fat without a surgical procedure, they often think of fat freezing with coolsculpting.

Can Alcohol Affect A Pregnancy Test? Sick And Tired Of Lies

You missed your period, and now you’re wondering if you’re pregnant as you check the timeframe of your last deed. But last night, it seemed like you binge on your alcohol drink and wonder if it would affect your baby or the results of your test kits. But seriously, can alcohol affect a pregnancy test?

Most women will ponder on this dilemma; however, alcohol will not affect a pregnancy test. Over-the-counter drugs, drinks, or antibiotics, can’t give you that false results either because they don’t have a direct correlation with the pregnancy hormone. Though alcohol does not affect your test, it can affect your baby’s development.


8 Quick Proven Homemade Pregnancy Test For Sure Results

Homemade pregnancy test are an excellent way to know if you're pregnant or not even when you're at an area where clinically proved professional maternity test kits are not accessible. Or perhaps you don't have any time to go out and have run out of money to buy test kits.

The tests may give you accurate result if you execute these tests correctly with your morning hour’s first urine sample. All the tests which use urine to check your maternity status are in fact based on human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) amount present in your urine.

When Can You Hear Baby’s HeartBeat With Stethoscope

If we can have all the hours of the day to listen to our hearts, what will happen if we can get to hear our baby’s heartbeat in our tummy? Most mothers thought it was addicting to listen to it.

Feeling a baby’s kick for the first time is magical while hearing his heartbeat is a joyous moment. And a bit alarming. It sounded like there’s a stampede going on! A baby’s heartbeat triggers an emotional response to the mother. Knowing that a life inside of her is growing can be exciting.