Returning To Work After Baby

Returning to work after having a child is not always an easy transition. There is no right or wrong length of time; it comes down to your family’s needs and the choices you have made. When preparing to re-enter the workforce it is important to plan the transition to ensure you and baby feel confident & ready for the change.



A lot of women will return to work whilst they are still breastfeeding. Invest in a good breast pump, pumping bra and breast pump bag for easy transportation to and from work.


There are many breast pumps in the market place and it is important to do your research and to purchase one that suits your needs. Manuel breast pumps are ideal for women who want to express small quantities of breast milk. An electric breast pump is better for women who need to express larger amounts through the day, which will help keep the milk supply constant. It would be more time efficient to invest in an automatic to ensure your time at work is productive.

TIPS: Choose a small portable automatic breast pump that can be carried between locations with ease. The noise it makes and usability is also important to consider. You want the process to be clean and efficient and as less disruptive as possible for you and your work colleges. Perhaps discuss this your boss before you start should you choose to pump at work and your need to store milk at work. This will help to avoid any uncomfortable conversations later on.


changing pad

Having complete confidence in the care of your child is important. Some women are lucky enough to have family or close friends to rely on. This can help to make the transition easier as the child will often know the person, making for a smoother change.

For those who have to outsource childcare the process can be a little more traumatic for both the mum and baby. Do you research and speak to other families who have used the facility. Trust your gut instincts and ask plenty of questions.Trial the daycare facility you choose first before returning to work. This will help to establish a routine and will give both you and baby to get use to the change.

Be Organized

Getting yourself into a routine is extremely important.It is a good idea to start the morning and evening routine before you go back to work. This way both you and baby get a feel for the transition and you have time to iron out any issues and time restraints that may occur.A routine will help to make baby feel secure and will also help to avoid unnecessary stress.

Be Professional

If you are returning to a previous job. Call your boss and discuss the expectations before you start as they may have changed.Negotiate working hours, days you will attend (part time or full time) as needed. This way everyone is on the same page and no one feels hard done by.

TIP: In today’s day and age, job expectations and skill expectations can change very quickly. If you have been on maternity leave for an extended period of time it might be advisable to up skill yourself before returning back to work.

Dress to Impress

Invest in a newish wardrobe and dress to impress. You are starting a new phase in your life as a working mother. Looking and feeling good will help to project confidence and professionalism!

Be Punctual

Avoid being late and leaving early from work on going. There will however, be exceptions when you do need to attend to a sick child. Employers will be more understanding if you show commitment to your job day to day.

Pace Yourself

Pace yourself but make sure you get the job done. Should you feel like the workload is too much, discuss it with your employer early on to avoid any conflict or feelings of resentment.

Working mums are generally highly productive and get a lot done in their day. You are likely to surprise yourself as to how efficient you become.

Look After Yourself

Eat well and get plenty of sleep. Balancing family life and a job outside of the home is not easy and takes a lot of energy. You can feel both mentally and physically exhausted early on. Remember, it doesn’t last long as you and baby will establish a routine. Sure, there will be those more challenging days but try to take them in your stride.

Learn To Say No

Learning to say no will be your savior. There are only so many hours in the day. Take on, only what you are capable of managing. Everybody’s limitations are different and should be managed accordingly.

Me Time​

You will suddenly notice that your days will be incredibly full and that there is not much time left for you. Take an hour out in your day to look after yourself, or even 30 minutes. Take a bath, meditate, exercise, read a book, a beauty treatment or simply watch a favorite TV show. Taking time to stop and recharge is important to ensure you do not burn out.

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