The Best Teething Solutions For Babies

The teething stage of babyhood can be a nightmare. The fussiness, screaming, crying, and fever can make most mommies want to join in on the tantrums. Teething isn’t anything to scoff at though, it’s a truly painful experience. Remember times when you’ve accidentally bit into something sharp and it pierced your gum – that pain, sourness, and swelling is just a small taste of what baby goes through as those first few teeth erupt.

Since teething can last a year or more, you’re probably wondering how both of you will ever get through it. The good news is that many medical professionals have come together to provide effective solutions for reducing the pain and discomfort of teething. The following are some of the best teething solutions for babies.​

Massage, Teething Rings, and Medication

It’s best to start with non-medicinal options to see if they are effective. One of these options is messaging the pain away with a clean finger, a moistened gauze pad, or a wet washcloth to gently rub baby’s gums. Teething rings that aren’t filled with liquid are best and should be cool, not frozen.

Many medical professionals suggest that parents “provide a weight-appropriate dose of acetaminophen.” However, dosage depends on the baby’s weight and new parents can often get that wrong, and either overdose or underdose. This risk may be too much for most caregivers, so other natural remedies may be best to try, such as Baltic Amber necklaces.

Baltic Amber Necklaces for Teething

​Baltic Amber necklaces are a natural homeopathic teething remedy many parents swear by for their babies. These necklaces are made from amber beads. Amber has been traditionally used in the Far East and Europe for thousands of years to treat a variety of conditions. Amber can reduce inflammation, improve thyroid functioning, heal wounds, clear up colds, and most importantly, help babies through the teething process.

When amber necklaces for teething babies are worn against the skin, the natural warmth of the fossilized resin causes the treatment oil (Succinic Acid) to seep into the skin and enter the bloodstream. A constant flow of oil produces the greatest effect.​

Many critics of amber necklaces warn that amber necklaces pose a strangulation hazard. However, the necklaces do not need to be around the baby’s neck to be effective. They can be placed on the wrists and ankles, which eliminates the strangulation risk. Although, many parents have placed the necklace around their baby’s neck during the day (moving it to the wrists or ankles at night) without an issue.

Choking hazards are also a concern, but most babies do not notice the necklace on their body. Amber is naturally lightweight, and babies are so young that they usually don’t realize they have them available to chew or suck on them. Placing the necklace on the ankles can help mitigate the risk of choking if it is still a concern for parents.

If you’re considering Baltic Amber necklaces as a solution for your teething baby, Baltic Wonder offers authentic amber beaded necklaces sourced from Lithuania. This country is known for their high-quality amber, so you know you’ll be getting what you need to help soothe your baby’s teething problems effectively.​

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