These Are The Top 10 Health And Wellness Trends In 2019

2018 was the year in which we saw great, epic and revolutionary trends in health and wellness. For instance; taking keto smoothie recipes and supplements of marine collagen became the in-thing. Similarly, 2019 will be no different. Here is a list of our predictions of the top 10 health and wellness trends in 2019.

Fish Will Be Eaten in Preference to Meat


2018 was the year in which there was much content on social media as to the reasons why plant-based fish is great for your health as compared to beef, chicken, pork and mutton. Allegedly, fish has lower levels of cholesterol and higher levels of proteins when compared to meat. In 2019, there will be a great shift from meat consumption to fish consumption.

People Will Freely Talk About Money

It is well known that financial stress is a constant source of lifestyle diseases and mental health illnesses. In 2019, people will be more open on their finances; and financial advice and saving tips will be easily available.

Regeneration Will Be the In-Thing in Consumption of Meals

With the constant threat of global warming, in 2019, regeneration will be adopted both in agricultural practices and in consumption of agricultural products. As defined by ScienceDirect, regeneration is adding specific nutrients into the soil – which nutrients increase the rate of absorption of carbon dioxide of plants therefore reducing the levels of global warming. In 2019, agricultural products which are not natured with regenerative products will be done away with in favor of those that are natured through regeneration such as keto smoothie recipes.


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Ayurveda Will Become More Popular

Ayurveda, an ancient Asian practice of health and wellness, has been increasingly adopted in 2018 – and will become more popular in 2019. This has been castigated by celebrities such as Kate Hudson who continuously portray themselves as following the panchakarma diet; which is made up of supplements of marine collagen, keto smoothie recipes, herbs and oils.

Marine Collagen Supplements Will Make Their Way to Our Diet

2O19 will be the year in which people will know the importance of collagen – how it is the main protein that forms the connective tissue and strengthens the tendons, ligaments and bones; in addition to nourishing the skin. With this significant function of this protein; marine collagen supplements will make their way to our diet.

Fresh Farm Food Will Be the Norm

In 2019, very few people will buy groceries which are stale; and which have stayed in the market for far too long. The importance of fresh groceries cannot be gainsaid – and there will be a major shift in 2019 towards the consumption of fresh farm food.

Fruits Will Start to Be Eaten as Snacks

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With the constant warnings as to how burgers and French fries endanger our health, in 2019, fruits will start to be eaten as snacks. Instead of eating meat burgers at a picnic, people will prefer to eat strawberries instead.

Mental Health Will Be Taken More Seriously

In 2019, people will pay more attention to their mental health. This is due to the ever-growing threat of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore; people will take necessary precautions such as reduction of stress and having adequate sleep to safeguard their mental wellness.

The Circadian Rhythm Will Be Part of Our Daily Lives

In 2018, there was increasing information on the circadian rhythm and how it works. Simply put, the Circadian rhythm explains how two hormones – cortisol and melatonin work in our body system. As asserted by sleep foundation, these hormones control our sleep – wake cycle. In 2019, people will learn more on how to control the circadian rhythm and how to make the rhythm adapt to their daily schedules.

Wellness Will Make Its Way to Mainstream Stores

Wellness products such as keto smoothie recipes will be easily available in both mainstream and online stores. In fact, at the beginning of 2019, store giants such as Walmart and Target had been stocking their shelves with all manners of wellness herbs, oils, and supplements.

Well, these will be the top ten health and wellness trends in 2019. If you are interested in keeping yourself fit and healthy both in a body and in mind; then you should check out for these trends and adopt them if possible.​

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