Useful Items to Send Your Child to College With

Sending one’s children off to college is quite a milestone in the life of a mom. You’ve taken care to raise your children for the best part of two decades, helping them learn and grow to the point at which they can lead independent, self-nourishing lives. It’s no wonder that this particular milestone feels significant and, as they say, like the chicks are finally taking flight from the nest.

To mark their successful application to college, and to ease their drift into responsibility, this article looks at those items you can send your child off with to make their life easier while at college.


Useful Items to Send Your Child to College With

New Laptop


The number one gift bestowed upon college newbies is the laptop. It’s the all-important device upon which students work, and it’s certainly the most important item that they could possibly bring along to university.

It’s likely that your child already has a laptop, but a new laptop - like a new slate - will be useful to college-age students who’re looking to make the most of their educational experience, using their new laptop to communicate with staff, read papers online, and compose their essays with ease.

Be sure to discuss what laptop specifications they will need for their degree. For instance, an English Literature student will not need a laptop that’s super powerful, but if your child is studying music, then they may need to run more taxing software.

A Printer



Speaking of class readings: it’s far easier to read from printed material than from computer screens. It’s also a good deal more practical to print out one’s university readings, seeing as this allows you to highlight and annotate sections of the text.

As such, it’s a pleasant and useful idea to send your child off to university with a cheap printer that’s capable of printing all of their course texts. These don’t cost a great deal these days, and you’ll be able to find cheap toner cartridges online so that your son or daughter is ready to hit print from the first day.

Kitchen Essentials

Woman Beautiful and Healthy

College is the first time that your child lives away from the fabulous home cooking that you’ve provided for them all these years. While you may have great faith in your child to eat as healthily and heartily once they make it to college, it’s rather likely that they’ll resort to a poor diet while they study.

Before they leave, teach them quick, cheap and easy meals they can make. Then, gift them with kitchen essentials so that they can cook properly while away. Buy your child the right cooking utensils and essential items so that they’re as encouraged as possible to cook for themselves while at college.

Educational Material

Finally, if you want to send your child off with the best-possible platform upon which they’ll be able to achieve impressive grades, you should look into buying them the educational materials they’ll need to become high achievers. Look at their course reading list and buy the books required for them.

You can also buy your son or daughter high-quality stationery so that they’re able to work smarter and more efficiently. Plenty of notepads, a backpack, pens, pencils and any course-specific equipment will be incredibly useful.​

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