What Do Babies Dream About: Are They Magical?

Have you ever watched your baby sleeping and saw him cooed, twitched or grunted while snoozing off to dreamland? Perhaps, you’re thinking that your little munchkin is dreaming. What do you think he’s fantasizing about, something magical, perhaps?

You might be influenced by the media that babies dream about rainbows, castles, fairies and horses, but the truth is – no one really knows for sure. Have you tried guessing what do babies dream about?

You see them fidget in your arms with their eyes fluttering like they saw another world. This brings us to this discussion of children and what they dream about.​


Maybe Or Maybe Not, He Doesn’t Know What A Dragon Is Either

Most scientists argued that babies don’t dream. However, another group of people says they do, but kids can’t voice out what they have dreamed about. Here’s the take:​

We all enter the rapid eye movement or REM phase in our lives. And babies too! We, as adults, have 20 percent of our sleep dedicated to REM, while babies spent a lot by a whopping 50 percent. That means, if they do dream, they must have imagined a lot and longer, right?​

Once again, no one knows. You can’t be expecting your baby is dreaming about trolls and dragons, because, babies do not have a grasp or a clear picture of what people or everyday things are. Trust me, at his age; he doesn’t even know what a dragon is.​

What do babies see in their sleep, then? Perhaps, something abstract. Shadowy or light figures you can say so. But what made them jiggle in your arms? Or grunt in their sleep? They must have seen something right? Ah, this mind-boggling, enigmatic thing of what do babies dream about is simply mysterious.​

They might have a more active REM phase, but, they don’t have the imagination to conjure an item or object they can dream about.​

At What Age Babies Can Recognize Their Dreams?​

Children might be curious as what they see every time they sleep. They would ask their mom and dads what do those little images they see when they’re snoozing. But, when will they recognize it? This certain phase in their life might happen when they are 3to 6 years old.​

And that’s when parents start talking to their children about dreams. It’s easier now to determine what dreams they are having because kids can now share and talk about it. Probably not as much when they reached 7 or 8 years old since children will have a hard time remembering what they dreamt about when snoozing to dreamland.​

When children are closer to being 10 years old, they have a clearer understanding of the word is and why they see it during sleep. Also, more items or features may pop up in their dreams which may signal a nightmare or otherwise.​

Since children have a clearer understanding of his world and dreams now, those imaginings he has in his mind might become more complicated when he grows up.​

Do Babies Have Nightmares?​

If they’re young, no one can tell for sure. They might be dreaming of senseless shapes, but it might have an emotional impact on them. Parenting reports that babies don’t have any fears until they turn 2 or 3 years old. So, until then, babies may or may not be dreaming something scary. Who knows what your child was grunting or crying in his sleep.​

Nightmares vs. night terrors

What’s the difference? Nightmares are those bad dreams with disturbing images like ghosts and monsters haunting you. Children never panic when they have nightmares, but they do have palpitations. However, night terror episodes are those dreams where children experience extreme anxiety and panic. They might cry, fidget and couldn’t calm down but afterward, kids will just have forgotten what the dream is all about.​

Can You Encourage A Good Night’s Sleep?​

It’s advisable that you help your kid to sleep well for the benefit of his being. Since you can’t tell what do babies dream about, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to change it. Just make them relax and happy throughout the day:​

  • Have them take a bath
  • Sing to your child
  • Read a book or a story to your child
  • Prepare a cozy bed for him
  • Play some great music for your child

Who knows? Your kids might have good dreams, and he’ll start dreaming of you too. Gradually he’ll have a grasp of the world around him enough to remember some detail and incorporate it in his dream. Even if he can’t catch up with the visuals, he has that comfy feeling of being loved, and that’ll make him happy.

So, What Do Babies Dream About?​

Not wizards, dragons or mermaids that’s for sure. I don’t think they even know what that it unless you shove a book into your kid’s nose and let him familiarize what it looks like. Well, sadly it’s not that magical as it is. But perhaps, quite mysterious. Who knows what’s inside their minds after all?​

What do you think? Does your baby dream when he’s only a couple of months old?​

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