When To Stop Swaddling My Child? Things You Need To Know

The question most parents have is, “When to stop swaddling my baby?” Although wrapping your newborn in a soft, cushy blanket is a great way to help him sleep well, you can stop swaddling your child once you know the right time to stop swaddling. You understand your kid’s needs best of all!


Swaddling keeps your baby safe and secure. There are some newborns that need to be held at all times since they are still not comfortable with the feeling of separation. The tender hug and warmth of cloaking your kid may reflect that feeling of being held by you.

We can’t say when will be the perfect time to get rid of the comfort blanket. A lot of babies like being swaddled for months, while other children can become easily annoyed by their limited movement for just about two months or so.

But, in case you want to know how and when to stop swaddling your baby, just read on.​

5 Signs That Tell You To Stop Swaddling Your Child


The foremost factor to consider is safety including your baby’s movement. Swaddled babies ought not to sleep on their front, and once your baby is able to pop onto their front, you should think of getting rid of the swaddling, you need to be especially careful when they are not yet likely to roll back onto their spine.

1. ​Age of the baby

The average age of a child to squirm and break free from his blanket is around three to four months. Although, some may wriggle with annoyance already for having a restricted movement.

2. The baby is breaking free quite often

It’s normal to see your child fidget in his cocoon, but if he starts to loosen his blankets more often than you think he should, then, this is the time when to stop swaddling your kid.

3. When you can see that your child can control his Moro reflex

What’s a Moro reflex? It’s that jerky movement your child does when he is still three months or so. If you stop too soon, your baby will be jerking all day long which can also annoy or hurt him. The swaddle supports him to control his movements until he can resist them himself.

4. When baby knows how to toss and turn

If your child is still swaddled and can already fidget to his sides, you might want to say that this it time when to stop swaddling him. Why? If he faces down swaddled, on his tummy, the risk of having Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is possible.

5. When your baby is sweating, or is breathing heavily

Swaddling can make your baby overheat in irritation. Don’t you know it can lead to heat stroke? It’s a life-threatening condition.

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Don’t let your baby get swaddled all day long. You have to let him get used to the feeling of not being too cooped up in his cocoon.

Why Is It Important To Stop Swaddling Your Child?

There are risks involved when you prolong swaddling your child. It could be even lethal to your baby.

Reduce SIDS​

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported that there are 3,500 infant deaths each year. The cause is often considered as an accident as the baby got asphyxiated in bed. Swaddling, especially when your child is jerking around can make him roll over to his tummy, could lead to suffocation.

Loose baby blanket is a dangerous thing too​

Babies squirm a lot. If they have not controlled their Moro reflex yet, the swaddle can get into his face. It’s dangerous especially if it hinders his breathing.​

​Possible development of hip dysplasia

Hip dysplasia can occur when the swaddle is wrapped so bad to the baby. Especially when you prolong your swaddling. The condition is a result when the hip does not develop properly.​

Out of risk for heat illness​

Babies are more at risk for dehydration because their body is not like that of adults.

If you want to start teaching your child how to go on a night without his swaddle know how to do one below. Realizing when to stop swaddling your child is proven to be beneficial. But how to soothe your child at night so he can sleep in peace?​

Simple Ways To Stop Swaddling

You don’t need to call the doctor or do anything drastic to keep your baby wanting his swaddle. The key to a successful swaddle-coaching is to do it gradually.

  • Take off the swaddle gradually. You can unwrap your child’s swaddle in one arm, then the next. You can slowly take off the swaddle on his legs until you can fully remove the cloaking away from you child.
  • Make your child suck his pacifier.
  • Keep room temperature just about right.
  • Place your hand on your baby’s top.
  • Set baby’s regular sleep time.

The Bottom Line Is To Do It Gradually

It’s not easy transitioning your baby to a swaddle-free life. We know. Just take your time introducing your child to it and we’re sure he’s going to be okay not being confined to his cocoon. You may want to keep your baby all bundled up, safe and warm, but the truth is, a prolonged swaddling will do him more harm than good.

The risk of SIDS is high and dangerous enough for your child. We don’t know when to stop swaddling our babies, but we need to try it and see if they are indeed ready. Our little tyke took some time to get used to being without his swaddle. We just gradually remove his blanket from time to time.​

How about you? Did you have a hard time removing the swaddle from your child? How were you able to know when to stop swaddling your baby?​

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