Green Poop While Pregnant: The Crazy Reasons Why Not To Panic

The one color associated with poop is brown. Sure, you get answers like dark brown to black, but when you see green poop, then that’s quite unusual. Should you be panicking? Our reflexes say we should, but having green poop while pregnant can mean normal to strange. Though it’s almost like a taboo to discuss about poo, it’s high time that we should. Because your health is on the line, that’s why.

Now that we’ve got you interested, you’d think that green poop is associated with your hormones. Unbalance they may be, green poop is something you’ve taken up in your lifestyle like diet and medications. Here’s what you need to know all about it and why you shouldn’t panic in all cases.


Why Is My Poop Color Green?


Our liver secretes a greenish liquid called bile in the intestines. It absorbs fat and fat-soluble in your food once it comes in contact. Food passing through the large intestines has been changed by the bile due to bacteria, turning poop to brown.

The reason why it’s green is that when food passes the intestines too fast for the bacteria to catch up or for the bile to be broken down, it has no time for them to change or come in contact with the food. Therefore, they fail to turn the feces to brown, and thus, turning poop to green.​

Diet and medications are often the reason why there’s a short time in bowel transit. In science, this condition is known as Rapid Transit or the decrease in Colonic Transit Time. When one is pregnant, rapid bowel movements are often experienced because of body changes and lifestyle. That’s why you may experience green poop while pregnant.

Is It Normal To Have Green Poop While Pregnant?

Actually, it is quite normal for pregnant ladies to have green poop while pregnant. Hundreds, nay, thousands of mothers all over the world have experienced green poop. Many first timers have probably panicked upon seeing it, but seriously, there’s no need to.

Though you shouldn’t go dreading about it, it’ll give you enough information about the food you are eating or the medications you take. We know it’s not nice to look at that green poop, but, you have to so that you can make adjustments in your daily intakes.

Five Reasons Why You Should Not Panic At All

See that green poop? Eww! It may be disgusting, but there’s nothing to be hysterical about. Here’s why you need to calm that pumping heartbeat of yours.

You ate GREEN leafy vegetables

Put a huge emphasis on the “green” word. Eating lots of green vegetables is great for your health, so, there’s no stopping to that. It will affect your stool though, due to the excess green pigments found in the veggies that you ate. If you limit your green vegetable intake, however, that would be bad. Don’t panic if you’ve been excreting green poop while pregnant if you’re eating green leafy vegetables.

You ate VIOLET vegetables and fruits

Natural colors in food can really affect the color of your poop. Yes, it’s violet. But when it comes in contact with the bile and all, it can turn to some kind of yellowish to greenish sort of poo. Grapes and eggplant are the typical veggies and fruits pregnant women take. But you should not stop it just for the discoloration of your stool.

You took iron supplements

If doctors prescribed you some prenatal vitamins to assist in making your baby grow strong and healthy, then chill down, woman! It is helping you, remember? For those ladies who are in need of iron, these supplements can turn your poop green when there’s unused excess iron in the body. So, when you excrete stool, it will look green.

Iron supplements boost the blood flow and enrich it in your body. You need more iron when you’re pregnant. So, no need to worry. It’s not harming you. Rather, it helps you. Oh, and sometimes it makes your pee turn bright yellow.

Doctors prescribed you with antibiotics

To boost your immunity, your doc may prescribe you to take some meds for the regulation of your health. Taking antibiotics is one of the reasons why you have green poop while pregnant. Never attempt to stop taking them unless your doctor says otherwise.


If you suffer constipation and suddenly turn to laxatives for aid, chances are, your stool will become green due to the decrease in colon transit. There will be little time for bile and bacteria to interact with your food and, therefore, will make your poop green than brown.

These everyday intakes are the main reasons why you have green poop while pregnant. When green stool happens, and you know why you did one of the things above, then relax. You worry too much, dear. Other reasons of having them can be found below.​

Other Reasons Why Poop Turned Green


While the list mentioned above is benign, here are other reasons that can have you excrete green poop while pregnant. Though these are illnesses and disorders, don’t panic! Instead, keep your head up and control your hysterics.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome can have your stool bleed. When that happens, blood and bile would mix and can turn your fecal matter to green
  • Celiac disease, for those who cannot digest gluten, chances are, it’ll affect the villi in you intestines that help in the proper process of bile and bacteria. Hence, your poopy will look green
  • Food poisoning always results to chronic gastrointestinal problems. Diarrhea, for one, will quickly eliminate wastes in the body. When that happens, the bile and bacteria don’t have any interaction with the mashed food. So, instead of having brown fecal matter, you have green poop while pregnant
  • Low in potassium may cause dehydration, diarrhea, and muscle cramps. Therefore, your body organs, especially the intestines, would suffer much without seeking medical attention. You can also pump up your potassium by eating bananas!

See what we mean? Though there’s no need to panic; you should not ignore these albeit malign issues. Contact your doctor and see what he or she can do about these problems if they persist.

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What Can You Do With About Having Green Poop?


If it’s benign, no need to call your doctor unless you’re utterly hysterical about it. Taking iron or eating green leafy vegetables signifies that you’re living a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, if your intestines are inflamed, then that’s the time where you can tap your doc to help you out with.

Having green poop while pregnant is never an issue because more often, it’s a mother’s lifestyle – aka, taking certain food and medicines. The best thing to do when you’re worried with having green poop is to have a stool examination and take doctor’s advice. From there, you can follow his or her orders.

Cover Your Health, Mommy!​

From time to time, you need to check whether you’re healthy or otherwise by looking at the color of your poop. It may be disgusting, but that’s one way of knowing that your inners are functioning properly.​

How about you? Do you check your poo now and then? Have you had any experiences of having green poop while pregnant? Do tell us below!

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