Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy: When To Be Really Worried?

We all based our health in our urine too. We can say that a healthy pee is clear or light yellowish in color. But what if it’s not? If you see your urine foaming, milky or hazy, then you can say you have cloudy urine during pregnancy. It’s not an uncommon condition, but it could mean an underlying illness of the pregnant woman.

But a lot of times, the pee is just a factor of the pregnant lady’s hormonal changes. But that shouldn’t excuse you not to report this to your doctor. A cloudy urine means a lot of things that point to urinary tract infections, diabetes or heart disease.


Is It Normal To Have Cloudy Urine?


Yes and no. Pregnant women do experience cloudy urine because of hormone changes, medications, and diet. The former happens when your placenta is formed produce high levels of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This and other hormonal changes will have your pee a little bit hazier in its looks.

Medications and diet often correlate to a change in urine color, smell or appearance. So, take note of what you eat and check whether your urine was affected by something you have chowed down. For example, iron and multivitamin tablets sometimes give a neon yellow urine, while others made it slightly orange.​

However, if you’re unsure of what causes your urine appearance, set an appointment with your doctor. Better be safe than sorry, we tell you.

What Are The Common Reasons Of Having Cloudy Urine?​

​Cloudy urine during pregnancy can happen for a lot of reasons. Some of these reasons may be treated with a homemade solution while many times you need help from your doctor. We have given three possible explanations above as to why you have cloudy urine. Here are more lists and expanded details as to why they happen.


If you haven’t drunk enough water in one day, chances are, your pee will become darker and hazier. If you think your water intake is normal, try consulting with a doctor if you might have a disease which you are not aware of.​

Kidney Stones

kidney stones

Because of the pus in your pee, kidney stones create a cloudy urine. If your pee is not only cloudy but also emits a foul odor, then it’s high because of kidney stones.​

Urinary Tract Infection​

​It’s the most common reason why many pregnant women have cloudy urine during pregnancy. If it’s because of an infection, better have yourself check with your doctor, so that he or she can prescribe the best medicine for you.

High Protein Intake​

It’s quite typical of pregnant women to experience this during their third trimester where they need lots of protein and iron at this stage in preparation for labor. High protein intake causes cloudy urine. A high protein level in the body is also called as proteinuria.​

Sexually Transmitted Diseases​

Bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea, and syphilis are among the many kinds of STD’s women have been inflicted with. If you’ve noticed a rather unusual vaginal discharge, tell your doctor about it.​

It’s Morning​

Your first pee in the morning will look like a bit hazy and will smell because it stayed in your body for longer periods of time. Observe your usual urine routine and check whether your pee changed for the better or worst.​

There May Be Blood In Your Urine​


If there are little bits of blood in your urine, your pee will become hazy in appearance. Blood must be microscopic and not that many that it will color your pee to red. As far as we know, this happens when there is a uterus implantation in your walls. If this goes beyond your fifth month. Please discuss the incident with your ob-gyn.​

The number one thing to do when you have cloudy urine during pregnancy is not to panic. Instead, you have to clear your head and think of any possibilities why it happened. More so, cloudy urine is actually just a manifestation of an illness – not the disease itself. Therefore, if you can voice out as early as you can about your condition; the earlier you will be treated.

When To Be Apprehensive?​


If you’ve crossed out the possibility hCG, diet and medications, you can relay your worries to your doctors. If you have intense pain while urinating, see that as a sign that you’re sick with an underlying disease, and must take action immediately so not as to trouble your little munchkin inside of you.​

​Symptoms To Look Out When You Have Cloudy Urine

  • Pain in your lower back and abdomen
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful urination experience likened to burning
  • Smelly pee
  • Blood in the urine
  • Hard to stay in a single position without feeling excruciating discomfort
  • Serious cramps
  • Itching of your genital area
  • Fever and chills
  • Nausea with vomiting

In case you’re experiencing any of the above symptoms, be worried enough to have yourself checked by your doctor. If you let this pass by, it will affect the development of your child in your womb. You can start worrying once it’s really that worse. Cloudy urine during pregnancy is a factor of your health.

What Should You Do: Some Homemade Treatments​

Since cloudy urine meant different things until your doctor says so, we can’t really say the exact tips you should follow. But, as usual, keep yourself healthy. These are just the homemade tips we can share with you.​

Drink Enough Water

Water flushes out the toxins and keeps you hydrated during your pregnancy. It maintains a well-orderly system in your body. Therefore, we can not stress enough how important this one is for you to avoid unnecessary cloudy urine.

Cut Out Sugary And Salty Foods​

Too much sugar can cause diabetes which has the symptoms of cloudy urine. Too much salt will affect your kidney and its functions, on top of increasing your water retention and therefore would cause kidney stones.​

Change Diet

change diet

If you’re too worried about the hazy look of your pee, you can modify the food you usually eat. But talk this one out to your dietician. You still have to eat healthy for your child to grow. Keep a food diary and track down your eating habits.

You can try drinking apple cider vinegar​

Prepare a glass of water and add two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You can add honey if you wish. This is for you to remove toxins in your body including little kidney stones deposited in your kidney. It will help flush away the stones.​

Eat cranberry or drink its juice​

Cranberries are known to fight bacterial infections due to its high phytonutrients. It can help prevent urinary tract infections, kidney stones, anti-tumor effects, and colds. Cranberries are rich in antioxidants and have been known to cure many diseases.​

Take the prescribed medications​

Remember to swallow your pills and tablets at the agreed time, lest you want bacteria to grow stronger. Never take over-the-counter drugs if your physician didn’t say so.​

Prepare warm or cold compress​

If the pain is quite excruciating, make yourself a warming pad and apply it on the area where you felt burning or aching. It can help lessen painful cramps in your lower abdomen and back.​

Worry Less And Observe More​

Worry Less And Observe More​

These are our homemade treatments to prevent having cloudy urine during pregnancy. If worse comes to worst, contact your doctor immediately. Remember, don’t panic! Cloudy urine during pregnancy is normal on a certain case.​

What do you think? Have you experienced cloudy urine before? Let’s talk about it!​

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